So What Wednesday

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I want every single person on the Voice to get past the blind auditions. I get sad for the people when no one turns around.
~I got my phone fixed on Monday and then promptly dropped it.
~I do not understand how there are not more wardrobe malfunctions on Dancing With the Stars.
~I think I have used my fine china set *maybe* once.  And that was just for B and I.  And those water goblets I had to have?  Umm, never.
~I think it’s super sweet that L makes sure to turn around and wave to me as he’s walking into school and makes sure I wave back before he goes in.
~I can’t even watch the last 2 innings of Tigers games.  It just makes me too nervous.
~I’m pretty sure this commercial almost made me cry.
~For whatever reason, I assume that all international flights go east.  Flat maps are seriously not a good thing.
~I don’t know which Frozen Princess is which.  WB does though.  No idea how, but he knows.
~I am still totally fascinated that WB can actually talk now.  He went from not a talker to a chatty cathy in seconds.
~I think Gwen Stefani is the coolest.
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  1. Alexa

    The Budweiser commercial got me too – sniff sniff 🙂 And my husband walked in while I was watching The Voice and asked what was so funny b/c I had such a stupid big grin on my face – I just think that show is so much fun – and I love the new coaches too!

  2. Kristi

    Oh man…I hadn’t seen that commercial. Now I’m sniffling at my desk at work!

  3. Jenny

    I don’t watch the Voice just no time. LOL
    I didn’t watch Monday DWTS but I watched last night and uhm yes how are there not anymore. I feel like the costumes are even smaller this year then in the past but I don’t watch regularly so maybe I’m missing out.
    I don’t often take or pick up N (he rides with a neighbor) but I picked him up yesterday and when he saw the car he got the biggest smile. It is so great that they are so happy to see us. Well at least for a few minutes until I ask about homework. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      Google and see if you can find Juliana’s outfit from last night……

      1. Jenny

        Oh I saw that and I saw the mess up on the flip over the shoulder thing. There was so much flesh colored mesh in that outfit but it still had a very skimpy bottom. I was like huh duh whata. Craziness

  4. Elizabeth

    I think we used our china once for Thanksgiving (maybe?) and we’ve never used the goblets and wine glasses. I was thinking recently that we need to start using this stuff or get rid of it. It takes up so much space!

  5. lia

    UGH! I was just discussing china with my fiance yesterday. 🙁 I don’t foresee us having a use for it anytime in the next, oh, decade or so but I totally want to be an old lady who busts out her fancy china for the holidays and the only time you can get a crapload of china is at your wedding! Nevermind that what I REALLY want is a nice everyday set, a fancy set, a super Christmassy set AND the Plymouth set from Pflatzgraff since we host his family for Thanksgiving. But obviously that is insane.

    1. Jennifer

      You will be needing a lot of cabinet space!!!

  6. Ashley C.

    Oh those blind auditions — the girl the other night that thought she was another Gwen Stefani? That one was actually a little painful to watch. But some of them? Yea, I feel a little bad. Its not like the judges can reject them and never face them afterward — having to explain it?! Salt in a wound, I’m sure!

  7. Lauren

    Before I even clicked the link to see what the commercial was I knew it was the dog one. It definitely got me too- I cried ugly tears!

    1. Jennifer

      I was seriously almost yelling at the computer “DONT DO THAT TO YOUR DOG. YOU CANT LEAVE HIM”. LOL. They nailed it.

  8. PA Anna

    I think my family is the only one that hasn’t see Frozen. My 6 year old is not interested. I use my china as everyday dishes because I think it is beautiful and like looking at it.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG you haven’t?

      And you are so smart to use your China so often! I should do that.

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