Fabletics Accessories Giveaway!

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Fabletics Prize Pack
Fabletics Prize Pack

I was on the Fabletics site this afternoon and was really liking some of new accessories so I figured I would give some away!  I am going to pick 3 winners who will each win all of the following items:

~The Stainless Sipper ($8.75)
~The Cosmetic Bag Set ($10.35)
~The Everyday Tote ($39.95)
~The Fleece Tech Glove ($15.95)

All you need to do is click enter below.  There are lots of other entry options as well if you want more entries too!  Good luck!

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  1. Andrea

    Well you know I’ve tried them lol. This month I got the pink Davis Jacket and am just loving it. The asymmetrical zipper is amazing. I really love all their stuff though.

  2. Chrissy

    I would love to try Fabletics but they don’t come in plus sizes! 🙁 I hope they change that but maybe I can win some accessories until then!

    1. Jennifer

      They actually offer XL (14-16) and XXL (18-20) in a lot of their stuff now!

      1. Chrissy

        Yeeeeah, that won’t fit my boobs, lol. Even if they added 22-24 it would be awesome. I’ve been every size and it does really help to have cute workout clothes!

  3. Sonya

    I have never tried, I am hesitant to based on pricing and sizing but I am always looking!

  4. Jenny

    I haven’t tried it yet but I love reading the reviews each month. Maybe I will have to try it out next year when I switch up my subs.

  5. Talaura

    I love all of these things! Thanks!

  6. Nicole

    I haven’t but I have tried JustFab and FabKids

  7. Shawn

    I just love the lima capri pants!

  8. Jill G

    I’ve tried them. I really like their work-out capris. They are so comfy and well made. I have a pair I’ve washed a ton but they still look good.

  9. Holly

    My first order arrived monday and I am in love with the Lima Capris!

  10. Kaley

    I haven’t tried fabletics but I am dying too

  11. Jordan M

    I have not tried Fabletics, but the accessories look gorgeous!

  12. Lanie

    I have not tried it, but could use new workout clothes.

  13. Crystal

    I haven’t had the chance to try Fabletics but I have tried Ellie which is about the same? I think? Considering I spend 5 nights a week in the gym, I should probably jump on ordering something. Either way, I would LOVE that tote!

  14. Kelsey

    Oddly enough, their headbands!

  15. Stacie

    I subscribe! I’ve only actually ordered once, but I definitely plan to again, probably in the spring. My favorite is a pair of mint colored capris I got from Fabletics. They’re like sweatpants, but lighter. LOVE THEM!

  16. Tuesday C.

    I haven’t yet tried Fabletics but this would be a great way to check it out! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  17. Lindsay R

    I haven’t tried them YET. Every month I am on the verge and I convince myself not to!

  18. Stephaie

    YEs once ! expensive but loved the sports bra and the leggings !

  19. Elizabeth A

    I swapped for a pair of shorts & they are my favorites. The quality is great!!

  20. Tessa

    I love their leggings/workout tights. I have 3 pair!

  21. Kyra

    I tried it once so far and got a pair of shorts, shirt and sports bra. I loved all of it and actually got several compliments!

  22. lauren

    that stuff looks pretty good, I’ll have to check them out!

  23. Christeen

    I have tried Fabletics and I like their pants. Very comfortable to wear.

  24. Noelle B.

    I’ve tried Fabletics and love the ideas of most of the products but I don’t own anything because the sizing is just not right for shorter women.

  25. Chelsey

    I have several outfits from them but my absolute favorite thing is a hoodie I got a few months ago, I just love it to pieces!

  26. Martie

    I’m a huge fan- in fact they are my “go to” clothes throughout all seasons! Love!

  27. Ray

    I’ve tried fabletics. I love their Salar leggings! Unfortunately a lot of their tanks aren’t options for me, because I have very specific sports bra needs (which also makes many of the outfits not work).

  28. Rachel

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s one of the subs on my wish list. All of the outfits look really cute.

  29. Joanne

    I haven’t tried it but I really like the bag.

  30. Rose D.

    Their compression leggings are the best things ever.

  31. sara

    I love fabletics buy unfortunately can’t afford it every month.

  32. Shelby Stewart

    I love their leggings!! 🙂

  33. Karen

    I haven’t tried it, but their leggings look nice.

  34. Carrie

    The Capris is where it’s at!!

  35. Leana

    I haven’t but want to.

  36. Ashley M

    Haven’t tried them yet, but definitely think I could find a few favs! Thank you for a chance to win!

  37. allison

    I haven’t tried them yet, but could use some new workout clothes! Love what they offer.

  38. Beth

    I’ve been thinking about trying them for a while, but to justify the cost, I feel like I would have to give up one of my other subscriptions. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about them.

  39. Laurie even

    I like the Hamilton sweatpants for lounging around. 🙂

  40. Lori

    I haven’t tried them yet!

  41. Candace

    Lima Capri

  42. Katherine

    I’ve gotten one outfit so far and I LOVE the shorts!! So flattering and comfortable. I actually don’t work out, but I wear them around the house, lol. 😡

  43. Liz

    I haven’t, but I would love to!

  44. Gina G

    I currently subscribe – my fave items are their cropped printed pants.

  45. Maura

    Yes! Love the black leggings I recently received.

  46. Alicia

    Fabletics stuff is super cute! I’ve never tried any of their stuff but have considered ordering stuff! Maybe soon 🙂

  47. Caroline

    I love the oula tank! It’s so comfortable for working out!

  48. Amy Anderson

    I’ve never tried Fabletics but want to!

  49. cindy

    yoga or track pants..love your ..trunk..go spartans

  50. Ruby Yoshi

    I have the sipper and love it

  51. Ricki

    I’ve been subscribing from the very beginning, and I think my favorite product is the Suva Run Short II, but I am totally in love with the Charge outfit I received this month.

  52. ashlee

    i love the lima capri. They truly have great quality stuff

  53. Zaure

    Love all the things. They are so stylish.

  54. Caroline Perry

    Last month wasmy first delivery and I loved everything but realllly love the sevan sports bra! Its comfy and fashionable with the strap detail.

  55. Alecia

    I haven’t, but I love the bag!

  56. Loren

    I have not, but I love the looks of that bag!!

  57. Melanie

    I haven’t tried them but I’ve had my eye on this bag since they released it!

  58. Valerie

    I like their leggings.

  59. Kim S.

    I have not tried this yet.

  60. Laura R

    I haven’t tried them yet. They sent me a really good coupon, like $17 for an outfit or something but I didn’t order in time so I’m hoping they send another. Did you see Yogi surprise reduced their price to $35?

  61. kim

    I always look at their stuff but worry about getting the wrong size…

  62. Audrey

    Never tried them but hope to in the next year or so!

  63. Sarah d

    Been thinking about subscribing but haven’t yet

  64. Angela

    Haven’t tried them yet?

  65. Kristi

    Love Fabletics! And I totally dig that tote bag!

  66. Lauren

    Not yet, but I’d like too!

  67. Mary

    Oh wow they are getting some super cute stuff now! I should rejoin.

  68. Nicole

    I’ve never tried them but I did send a box as a gift once!!

  69. Pilar

    I haven?t tried fabletics yet, but would love too!

  70. Aoife K

    I’m a college student that can barely afford top ramen, but I have always wanted to try Fabletics!

  71. Tara

    I like everything I’ve tried, but I just got some salar leggings and they are great.

  72. katrina b

    the capris are super comfortable

  73. Sher

    They’ve only just begun to ship to Canada, but I love the Salar Baby Boot pants I purchased.

  74. Kristin

    I have a pair of pants from them and love them. They’re finally in Canada and Shipping is only $6.95

  75. Jill

    I haven’t but their stuff is so cute!

  76. terri s

    I haven’t tried but would love that everyday bag. thanks for the awesome giveaway as usual.

  77. Britton

    I’ve checked out their website but never ordered from them before. They look like they have some nice clothes, though!

  78. Ashley

    I currently subscribe and love the camacan capris!

  79. Diana Garza

    Yes! I love Fabletics! Their Lima and Salar capris are my FAV!

  80. Amy

    I **almost** signed up and so did my 19 year old but I chickened out at the last minute. I googled them and too many horror stories about customer service and quality of products although on here I have only seen good ones. My 19 year old works out a lot at college and really wanted this subscription but I knew that I would be paying for it and she’d never remember to cancel if she didn’t like something.

  81. Hannah

    I have a pair of grey tight running/workout pants from them that I love, but I really have been wanting to try some of their accessories & yoga items.

  82. Soon Perez

    I have not tried Fabletics yet but I am considering it.

  83. Nicole Whelan

    Only tried them once, but I love the pants I got – high quality, thicker fabric, sturdy, fitted, wonderful!

  84. Katrina

    I’ve only gotten a couple of outfits from them (so far) and the Nadi leggings are pretty much the best ever. I use them more in place of real pants than I do for working out though. 😉

  85. Kathy

    I’ve ordered for my daughter, but not for myself. I’d love to try some of their pants.

  86. miranda

    I haven’t tried them out yet

  87. Kelly S.

    I haven’t tried it yet!

  88. Natalie R

    I have not tried them yet, but this would be a great way to see if I would like to make an order. Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Crystal

    Have only tried once but I love the capris I got. They’re soft and very supportive on the tummy area.

  90. Shiree Shaffer

    I have not tried them yet! But now that I know they make items for my size I just may have to.

  91. maevis

    i have yet to try them but i keep seeing their ads and its VERY tempting

  92. wendym

    I have come SO close to ordering from them- but with my curvy shape it’s just better to try things on first. However, people rave about them- so maybe one day?

  93. Melissa J

    I’ve been dying to try them, just haven’t yet bc I’m a new sub box fiend, working my way thru them slowly 🙂

  94. Kate

    I haven’t tried, mainly because I am tall and funny about sizing – usually have to buy long or tall sizing. Cute giveaway stuff though, thanks! Hope I win! 🙂

  95. Shana

    I have not tried it yet

  96. gary

    I haven’t tried them yet

  97. Erica

    I have tried Fabletics! I love their sports bras, actually! Very soft and not-irritating.

  98. Leigh Anne Borders

    I honestly have never heard of them until now. I would love to give them a try!

  99. Crystal

    I still haven’t tried Fabletics, but this is an awesome giveaway!

  100. Jennifer

    Never tried Fabletics but they have such cute stuff!

  101. Izzy

    I did try them & got 2 outfits from them. I have a pair of camo yoga pants that are my absolute fav!

  102. Debi B.

    I have never tried it, but their items are really neat.
    I love the Tote
    Thanks for the chance

  103. Jen

    I have not tried Fabletics but I am a JustFab member! Love shoes and handbags from them!

  104. Jenn L

    I haven’t tried yet. I signed up, but all the things I liked were out of stock in my size. Maybe I’ll try after the new year. New fitness stuff is always fun with resolutions. 🙂

  105. Jacquelyn Noell

    Everything I have ordered from them I love. Their capris are my favorite even if I have to size up, and the couple of sports bras I have ordered are perfect. =]

  106. Kelsea Etson

    I havent tried it yet, but everything looks amazing!

  107. Alicia Norvell

    I love everything I’ve tried from them but their tops are my favorite like the Nowalk tank and True tank!

  108. Michelle R

    I’ve never tried it but love seeing your reviews of it!

  109. Jill

    I haven’t tried them yet but am definitely tempted!

  110. Erin

    Just started this box. So far so good. Can’t wait to see what November has. Love the bag.

  111. Enrica

    I have yet to try Fabletics. I am so on the fence!

  112. aleece

    Love that bag!

  113. Nikki

    I haven’t tried them yet, but I have been stalking the site for a few months now 🙂

  114. Sara

    I have tried them and really like their yoga pants!

  115. Amy Ballou

    I haven’t tried it yet, but would love to try their yoga pants.

  116. Stacey

    Yes, I have. I feel like I must be in between sizes with them or something- the shirt was too big, and the bottoms were too small.
    I do love the Sevan sports bra though! I would order more of those.

  117. Donna George

    I haven’t tried them yet, but it looks interesting

  118. Jennifer Zack

    Love that they have a short length bootcut workout pant. Best workout pants EVER!!! Especially flattering to the big bootied ladies

  119. Kami Allen

    I haven’t tried Fabletics yet but very good review..thanks 🙂

  120. JacLyn

    Not yet! 🙂

  121. Tracy Jablonski

    YEAAA I won!! Thank you so much!!!

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