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~We had a great weekend around here!  Friday night was the annual Halloween party at our local Rec Center, Saturday was sleeping in and watching the Spartans win and Sunday B made us all a fabulous breakfast, we played outside and went to Zoo Boo!  Oh and we had dinner at Vinsetta Garage last night.  It’s right by the Zoo and the wait wasn’t long (it’s crazy popular), so why not?  And it was fabulous.  Just a fun family weekend. Oh and we watched Dumb and Dumber last night. So dumb. But of course I laughed. How could you not?

The Weekend
The Weekend

~It’s shaping up to be quite a nice subscription box week around here. I swear, the boxes are way better spaced out this month than normal. Anyway, I should be getting bluum, BOXYCHARM, Escape Monthly, Little Pnuts, Mantry, PetBox, PopSugar (I haven’t gotten a shipping notification on it yet, but I tracked it in FedEx and it’s moving) and Socialbliss.

~Have you seen the new Greystone Tieks?  They are made from a “vegan interpretation of wool” and are just gorgeous.  Happily they are sold out in my size (and pretty much all the other sizes) and there are no current coupon codes, so I am not at all tempted to buy them.    But they are really cute.

New Tieks
New Tieks

~I am sure we have talked about this before, but I can’t find the post about it so I am asking again.  Do you go to bed at the same time as your spouse / significant other?  B and I don’t, but I feel like maybe we should?  We used to, kind of, but not really.  He’d fall asleep (because he has to get up earlier for work) and I’d enter contests or blog or whatever on my laptop in bed.  I eventually just ended up staying up later and later and would just stay in the office or living room until I went to bed.  But I liked that chit chat you know?  Anyway, fill me in on your bedtime situation!

~It was just announced last week that the Tee Lake Resort is one of the finalists in ABC’s “The Great Halloween Fright Fight” which is scheduled to air on October 28th on ABC.  The Tee Lake Resort is in the same town we go “up-north” to, so this is super exciting to us.  We’ve all visited their Halloween display and it is SO cool.  L has already been this year  actually.  Anyway, the town it’s in is super tiny (it’s got one blinking light) and I am just dying to see it on tv!  I hope they win!!!

image credit: Tee Lake Facebook
image credit: Tee Lake Facebook

~Is anyone else still watching Dancing with the Stars? Who are you routing for to win?  I am still Team Alfonso, but I do like Sadie from Duck Dynasty too.  Also, what do you think of the new fall shows?  I can’t say I have found any new ones to love.  What am I missing?

What’s up for your Monday? Any big plans this week?  And of course, what subscription boxes are you expecting?

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  1. Carrie Z

    You have to watch “marry me”. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  2. Kristin

    I am Team Janel and Val.

    I got my PopSugar box on Saturday with no tracking (the reference tracking never worked). It showed up out of the blue. I am just glad I got it before October was over. Oh and the pumpkin spice maltballs are WONDERFUL!

    1. Jennifer

      I think mine will be here wednesday!

  3. Kelsey

    WB’s little face in all of his costumes just crack me up!

    1. Jennifer

      He looks so annoyed doesn’t he? He was running to get to the candy stations though.

  4. PA Anna

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend! The boys are adorable in their costumes. It’s a quiet week. Cross Country is over, and the boys are getting ready for their TKD (tae kwon doe) tournament. I want to reorganize the kitchen.

    Nerd Block, Nerd Block Jr, Treatsie, Kloverbox (they were able to send me an Oct box), Darby Smart, and Bare Bliss Box.

    Goodebox LE might be coming by the end of the week. I have no clue what is going on with PopSugar. No responses to emails. Nothing with backdoor tracking even though they had money since October 1st.

    1. Jennifer

      I forgot about Nerd Block! I have that and Loot Crate on their way as well!

  5. Amy

    I’m glad you had a great weekend.

    I watch DWTS. My favorites are Sadie, Janell, & Bethany but I also love Leah & Alfonso.

    The new Fall shows I’ve been watching are Manhattan Love Story, Bad Judge, Marry Me, & The Mysteries of Laura. I absolutely love The Mysteries of Laura & Marry Me. Manhattan Love Story is pretty good and Bad Judge is okay. If Kate Walsh (from Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice) wasn’t in it, I probably wouldn’t watch it.

    Amy @

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t get into Bad Judge ;(. What channel is The Mysteries of Laura on?

      1. Amy

        NBC ; Wednesday’s at 8

  6. Kristin

    I am staying in my pj’s today – took the night off – watching the DVR backlog
    My feet hurt really bad and can’t get my cortisone shots until Thursday.
    I’m expecting my large Golden Tote Thursday and my Topbox should be here today.

    1. Jennifer

      Hopefully that makes you feel a little better!

  7. Cymbre Martin

    Hello! I know you are a huge fan of reality tv, and I was wondering if you watched MTV’s the Challenge?? I just got into it for a Survivor sequel fix. My hubby and I go to bed at the same time unless one of us is at an event etc

    1. Jennifer

      Oh yes, of course! I love that show!

  8. Alicia N

    How do you track Popsugar without a shipping notification?? I’m trying to stay spoiler free and its killing me not getting this box yet!!

    1. Jennifer

      I used my subscription number and tracked by reference on FedEx.

      1. Alicia N

        Okay dang mines still not showing anything! Ughhh

        1. Jennifer

          Mine works on and off. It’s so screwed up this month!

  9. Beth Rang

    I’m cheering for Alonso too, but I really like both of the girls Bethany and Sadie. Bethany gets the dances down, but I don’t think she dances as wholeheartedly as Sadie. Sadie has better lines because of her long limbs, but at the same time I think they give her trouble too because she’s still growing into them. For instance, she fell during one of the opening numbers, poor girl! Sometimes she comes off as gawky to me too, but heavens, for someone who hasn’t danced, she’s amazing. I like Lea too, so I’m hoping for Alonso and 2 of those three ladies in the finals.

    As for Janel, she _can_ dance, but since she’s been taking dance since she was 6 (and has been on Broadway already), I haven’t been impressed, and perhaps I’m being unfair. But I’d rather watch Bethany and Sadie than her even though they lack her training, and technique. Part of that I think is because Mark and Derek have been choreographing sweet age appropriate material for their partners, while Val’s been pushing the sexy side with Janel.

    I read someone claim that Alonso is annoying because he’s acting as if he has it in the bag already. Do you think he is? I wasn’t picking up those vibes from him. My theory is that if he felt he had it in the bag, he wouldn’t have done the Carleton already. I think he would have saved it for the freestyle dance.

    1. Jennifer

      I agree that Sadie gives it her all. She seems to have fun with it. And I totally agree that Mark and Derek have been doing a good job with the age stuff. They are young and don’t really need to be getting all freaky on tv!

      I don’t think he thinks he has it in the bag. I think he’s just a hard worker and is excited to be on there!

  10. Heidi

    Okay, I’m wondering why vegans need their own “interpretation of wool.” Do they refuse to use ANY animal products, even those from farms where the animals are merely seasonally sheered of their fleece? I’m a knitter and “vegan interpretation of wool” means acrylic to me.

    1. Rachel

      some hardcore vegans are opposed to using any animal product, so wool would be out as well (so would things like honey, even if it doesn’t disturb the bees)

      I would think acrylic as well. Some of it feels “wool-like”, and less itchy for those with wool sensitivities

      1. Heidi

        Thanks, Rachel!! I had no idea.

  11. Rachel

    those shoes are super cute!

    as for the bedtimes: I do go to bed with my partner. She goes to sleep before I do, but we lay in bed and chat and snuggle until we both get drowsy. Then she goes to sleep and I watch netflix on my nook until I fall asleep.

    I found that the consistent bedtime really helps me overall. Even if I don’t go to sleep at the same time, just laying in bed with the lights off and listening to a TV show instead of being up and around the house will help combat insomnia for me. If left to my own devices, I would be up all night and not functional the next day. I generally go to bed now around 9:30/10 and get up around 6. I’m not naturally a morning person, but life dictates that I keep a relatively consistent schedule :-/

    1. Jennifer

      I should try and do the same. Even if I don’t fall asleep, at least I would be in that sleep zone.

  12. Jenny

    Fall TV you know just my favorite subject 😉 Our favorite We show that both M and I watch has got to be Scorpion. My favorite show is the Flash so far. Have you watched Awkward yet? I caught up and I’m still addicted but sad that next season will be its last 🙁

    M and I so don’t go to bed at the same time. He is gone a lot of nights working so that is some of it and then naturally I’m an earlier to bed and earlier to rise then him. If it is a normal night he does try to come up with me and will watch tv or something upstairs but we don’t really chat then since once I’m in bed I roll over and I’m out. LOL he says he can be mid sentence and if I roll over he might as well stop since I’m done. We do tend to get ready together in the morning so we do some chatting then since the boys aren’t up with us yet and I enjoy that just us time without our little helpers.

    I love WB costume. C keeps saying he wants to be Jack Skellington so M was on a mission. I was just going to steer him towards something we had but that didn’t work for M but he wrote that he found one today. We need to try it on tonight incase it doesn’t work but he should be cute.

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t watched Awkward!

      I don’t even know who Jack Skellington is. I’ll google! WB was wearing L’s old hamburger one. It was from Old Navy. They used to have the best costumes.

  13. Julie

    I’m obsessed with tieks and dying for the greystone ones (and the burgundy ones too!). I’ve also worn my chestnut & black ones to death and so when I put all 4 in my shopping cart the total was $700. Um, I need a coupon code before ordering those haha. Last year they did one around the holidays so I’m hoping for that again this year.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! That for sure needs a coupon code!!!

  14. Ashley C.

    Those Tieks are gorgeous!!
    I really didn’t find too many NEW fall shows to get sucked into, luckily most of my shows are still around {mostly cop/rescue dramas} — but I have enjoyed both Jane the Virgin and How to Get Away With Murder. I am seriously HOOKED on that last one!

  15. Katie

    As paramedics, my girlfriend and I are both shift workers. So this means that we don’t get to sleep in the same bed every night. However, the nights we are home, we do go to bed at the same time. Even though we usually don’t go to sleep for an hour or two, the time together to talk or watch a show together is really important to our relationship.

  16. lia

    My B and I have similar schedules as you- he gets up earlier for work, I generally stay up pretty late and then get up for my shower when he leaves. However, for a few weeks we have his niece staying with us two nights a week since she started school nearby but her apartment hasn’t opened up yet. She needs to be out of the house by 6:30, so I’ve been going to bed earlier just so she can sleep (we don’t have a guest room so she’s on the couch). It’s definitely nicer to wind down together. The only problem is I’m wired for 6 1/2 hours sleep, so I’ve been waking up at a quarter to five and not able to go back to sleep! We’ll figure something out, I’m sure, but I definitely prefer going to bed at the same time.

    As for shows- I’m LOVING From A to Z. I was a big How I Met Your Mother fan and it feels kind of like a sequel to that along with some 500 Day of Summer influence. Manhattan Love Story is interesting so far too, if a little cheesy. For drama- I’m really into How To Get Away With Murder. They do mini-flash-forwards to what I imagine is the end of the season, so you’re slowly learning how that night unfolds while most of the episode is laying the background for it. Really interesting. Too bad Shonda Rimes can only seem to have ONE good show at a time. Scandal is still hanging in but Grey’s is awful this season. I can’t imagine it being picked up, so I think Shonda is putting all her eggs in Murder’s basket.

  17. Tiffany

    Definitely to bed together….EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT…unless one of us is out of town for work. It is out alone time, our snuggle time, our talk time. We connect well during this time. Even if M doesn’t fall asleep when I do, I get up super early for work and he gets to sleep a couple hours more, he holds me and watches TV. I don’t know what I would do without that time each night.

  18. Jessica A

    For fall shows, I am loving FOREVER – the do flash backs to NYC during different time periods; A TO Z- the way they set it up is sweet and fun, SELFIE – really thought I wouldn’t like this but it is a great depiction of the techies vs traditionalist (sadly it reminds me of my high school students vs those of in out 30’s who think we know today’s technology) AND MYSTERIES OF LAURA- great spin of the modern woman.

    My partner and I sleep at different times, I miss when we would go to bed together…our schedules are very different.

    1. Jennifer

      I will check those out!

  19. Kim Kjerulf

    How does one go about getting a coupon code for Tieks? I haven’t bought a pair yet, but I really, really want a pair. Maybe with a coupon, I would take the plunge.

    1. Jennifer

      Well that’s a good question! They had one a few months back through Levo League for $50 off that was sent to subscribers of their newsletters. I hear they do one around Black Friday too!

  20. Stephanie L. McGuire

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, lol! So my Popsugar box won’t be here until the end of next week, epic fail on their part. Love the boys halloween pictures, too cute! Did you end up making L’s costume afterall? Delaney is going to be a pumpkin for halloween, I know boring, lol, but it was $8 brand new at the thrift store! I originally bought a cupcake costume for $8 at BRU after Halloween last year but we are saving that for her first birthday party in November. We are having a cupcake themed birthday party, le sigh, my little Muffin is turning one in just over a month, it went way to fast!

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