November 2014 Five Four Club Review + Coupon Code

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Five Four Club
Cost: $60/month
Ships To: United States & Canada.  Add $7 for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and $25 to Canada.
Coupon Code: Use code “AFBONUS” to get a free gift valued at $30+ in your first box.
November 2014 Five Four Club
November 2014 Five Four Club

Five Four Club is an exclusive monthly men’s clothing subscription service. Each month you will receive an apparel package worth $120+ selected for you based on your style preferences.

November 2014 Five Four Club
The Package

Five Four Club ships via FedEx and took under a week to arrive to me.  It always ships in a padded envelope and so far I haven’t had any issues with shipping or delivery.

November 2014 Five Four Club
First Look

I thought the first look was great! I hadn’t gotten a chance to peek at their latest pieces so I had no idea what we’d be receiving.

November 2014 Five Four Club
The Packing Slip

Five Four Club doesn’t contain an information card, but they do include a packing slip with prices and names of items.  Here is what we received in our November package:

~Harland – Jacket ($88): I thought B was going to tell me he hated this (I wasn’t the biggest fan when I first saw it), but to my surprise, he liked it.  It actually looks pretty good on him too.  There is a logo in the bottom corner (which of course you can’t see in this picture) that he wishes wasn’t there, but he can get passed that.

November 2014 Five Four Club
Harland – Jacket

~Hayden – Scarf ($25): Love this scarf!  It’s super soft and the colors will work with pretty much anything.

November 2014 Five Four Club
Hayden – Scarf

~Watson – Socks ($12): These are awesome.  I don’t think either B or I would be sad if they sent sock every month.  B wears a different crazy pair of socks everything thanks to subscription boxes.

November 2014 Five Four Club
Watson – Socks

All totaled our November Five Four Club package had a value of $125.  And once again it was another great month.  Had B not liked that jacket it wouldn’t have been that fantastic, but since he did, it was a great month.

What do you think of Five Four Club?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget that you can use the code “AFBONUS” to get a free gift valued at $30+ in your first box!

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  1. Lindsay Redekop

    What style is B’s profile? I ordered the last two months for my husband Ken (and review at ) and he has t-shirt and jeans selected. He would love this whole package, especially the scarf!

  2. Justin

    First off, thanks for your reviews. I’ve tried out two subscriptions after a Google search and your website comes up (Mantry and Five Four.) I am slightly curious whether or not you guys get an extra item thrown in that others don’t receive. Your reviews always seem to have one more low dollar item that I don’t receive with my monthly package. I question the dollar value on what they state but when its all said and done it is decent clothes. My only qualm, and probably the only reason I am thinking about cancelling, is that my monthly package has been arriving 3-4 weeks after being billed for it. If that package showed up every month within a week of having already paying for it, I wouldn’t even think twice.

    1. Jennifer

      Hi Justin!

      I just went and looked and my boxes have had a value of between $120 – $148 since June when we started subscribing. It’s usually around $130. How do yours compare? I don’t know about that dollar value they use either. I am happy with two dress shirts for $60, but for $120, I don’t know about that!

      I know we have gotten a t-shirt / dopp kit once. And then socks this month. We just subscribe like everyone else so I don’t think we get any special bonus!

      1. Justin

        Thanks for the quick reply! I think the socks, dopp kit, and t-shirt are the only extra items I’ve seen you post about that I didn’t get. The dollar amount I see on the packing slip every month is about the same. I’m 6’4″ so the button up shirts come up a little bit short but I always get compliments when I where them. Honestly, the only hang up I have is that they do not have the logistics to ship the clothes in a timely matter. I am willing to spend $60 a month as a single guy for new clothes (the only thing I like about a shopping mall is the place that serves pizza in the food court), but waiting 3-4 weeks kind of takes away that instant gratification.

        Great work on the website! I’m sure you hear it all the time but your reviews are very helpful.

        1. Jennifer

          Thank you for the kind words!

          I hear you about the waiting, but I think it’s fairly common with a lot of these subscription type boxes!

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