November 2014 Wantable Intimates Review

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Wantable Intimates
Cost: $36/month.
Ships To: United States (Free), Canada ($6), United Kingdom ($7) & Australia ($10).
Coupon Code: N/A
November 2014 Wantable Intimates
November 2014 Wantable Intimates

Wantable Intimates, who kindly sent me this box to review, is $36/month and sends you 4-5 3-4 premium essentials, hand-picked to perfectly match your preferences.  Items may include flirty panties, sporty tanks, essential camis, cozy socks, stylish tights, and comfy soft bras.

If you aren’t happy with your Wantable box, you are welcome to return it for a FULL refund.  Only a handful of subscription boxes allow this and it’s totally amazing.  No risk involved with this one!

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
The Box

Wantable ships via DHL Global Mail.  My box only took 3-4 days to arrive which I didn’t think was too bad. Then again, they are only one state away from me.

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
First Look

My November Wantable Intimates came in a larger box than normal which had me excited.  And then when I opened the box and saw everything I was even happier!  It all looked great.

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
My Preferences

I mention it every time, but you can totally customize your Wantable box.  You fill out a questionnaire telling them what you Love, Like and Dislike.  You’ll get more of the things you Love, some of the things you Like and none of the things you Dislike.  It also asks about color preferences and that sort of thing. And I am super happy to report that they have switched out their questionnaire and now separate out loungewear from lingerie! It drove me crazy that these were in the same category so this is a welcome change.

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
The Information Sheet

The November 2014 Wantable Intimates box is all about cozying up and included the following items:

~Rene Rofe Lace Trimmed Tank ($18): I am a big fan of layering a tank under a t-shirt or whatever and this will work perfect.  The color is great and I will get a ton of use out of it.

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
Rene Rofe Lace Trimmed Tank

~MUK LUCKS Knee High Socks ($15): I know I got a pair of socks similar to these from Wantable in a previous box, but I am happy for more.  Send me all the MUK LUKS!  I love them!

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
MUK LUKS Knee Socks

~Real Underwear Microfleece PJ Set ($48):  So at first I thought these were all mint, with just polka dot on the inside.  Oh no, the pants are all mint and white polka dot.  That makes me love this set 100x more than I did to begin with.  It’s soft and cozy and perfect.  I couldn’t be happier.

November 2014 Wantable Intimates
Real Underwear Microfleece PJ Set

All totaled I came up with a value of $81 for my November 2014 Wantable Intimates box.  And I loved it.  Everything in it was totally perfect for me and I am going to wear these pants tonight after a freezing cold night of trick or treating!

Do you subscribe to Wantable?  If so, what’d you get in your box this month?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. PA Anna

    That is a nice box! My box hasn’t shipped yet. I’m hoping for the PJ set.

  2. Jenny

    Oh my love this box and I agree Muk Luks rock!!!

  3. melissa

    I want those PJs but I can’t find them online anywhere. :'(

  4. Jill

    My box is coming today–I hope I get those PJs!!! And I love that they separated loungewear and lingerie, too.

  5. Elizabeth

    Now Wantsble is advertising 3-4 premium items, not 4-5 anymore 🙁 I still love it, but the quantity has definitely gone down these past few months. My package yesteray was a short and tank set and one pair of panties. So they’re even counting pj sets as two items, which is disappointing.

  6. Sasha

    Wow your box shipped fast. I put the order in for my November box on Oct 25 but it hasn’t even shipped yet. I just hope that means they are picking out extra cute stuff for me 🙂
    Also you got a great box though I am amazed they fit a fleece set into that tiny box they send out. Actually I am amazed every month that they fit so much in that tiny box, but that makes the surprise more magical no?

  7. Alyssa

    My box was a little disappointing I only had 2 items. Both were red pajama sets, I got a red version of pj’s like the mint you got. The other set was weird and had a long sleeve shirt with shorts which seems strange to be sending out shorts when it’s already getting cold out.

  8. Krista

    I got the Muk luks fleece leggings!! Plus I got a 2 piece pj set and a nightie. It’s a little cold for the camisole nightgown thing but I love the style of it so I’ll be hanging on to it!

    I love wantable intimates!

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds like a great box!

  9. Amber Lang

    No one gets as nice a box as you get. I always get 3 pieces . Usually tights even though I say I dislike them. I think it is wrong for them to send you such a nice box and others nothing even remotely like what you get. I called them about this and cancelled. Its a scam to only send the nice stuff to bloggers

    1. Jennifer

      It seems to all depend on the month with mine! Sometimes they are fantastic and sometimes just so-so.

      How long have you been subscribing? I think they just recently changed to 3-4 (it used to be 4-5) so if you have only been getting 3 for months and months that’s an issue for sure!

  10. Loren

    So I’ve been looking for these pjs as a gift… the only thing is, if you Google Real Underwear you get a website that literally only seeks underwear. Any suggestions?

    1. Loren

      *sells underwear. I’m on my phone, hard to see the whole post.

  11. Stephanie York

    This was my first box and I was a tad disappointed. I received the same pj set which I love and a pair of short, mukluksocks. That was all. My retail value is listed at $56. $48 for the pj’s and $8 for the socks. Not the greatest value IMO. I would have been perfectly satisfied if they just thrown in some basic panties or a tank or something. I’ll give it another month or two.

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