October 2014 Stitch Set Review + Discount

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Stitch Set
Cost: $40/month
Ships To: International (An additional $6 for shipments outside of US)
Coupon Code: E-Mail Stitch Set after you have subscribed and they will take 20% off your first order.
October 2014 Stitch Set
October 2014 Stitch Set

Stitch Set, who kindly sent me this package for review, is a monthly subscription service which delivers everything you need to complete a fun knitting project to your door every month. This includes the pattern, yarn, needles, and any accessories (buttons, clasps, etc). In addition, you’ll find custom made instructions (with photos) for all techniques needed to complete the project. Stitch Set is design for beginning knitters, but works for knitters of all skill levels.

October 2014 Stitch Set
The Package

Stitch Set ships via USPS First Class Mail in a fun purple padded envelope!

October 2014 Stitch Set
First Look

I do not knit, but I totally want to learn (just like I want to learn how to sew – I am still working on that one too).  I was going to attempt this project before I did the review, but let’s be real, I probably wouldn’t have had this post up until February if I attempted that.

October 2014 Stitch Set
Knitting Instructions

Each Stitch Set includes a detailed booklet full of knitting instructions.  The idea is that if you have never knitted before, you will be able to learn via these instructions.  I think they should consider doing a series of YouTube videos as well.  I think those would come in very handy!  Sometimes you just need to SEE someone to get the feel for it.

October 2014 Stitch Set
Practice   Yarn

Along with the Knitting Instructions, packages also include Practice Yarn.  This way you don’t have to practice with your project yarn!

The Project: Travel Mary Jane Slippers

October 2014 Stitch Set
Project Instructions
October 2014 Stitch Set
Project Materials

The October 2014 Stitch Set project was “Travel Mary Jane Slippers” and included everything you needed to complete it.  I think the reason I wanted to work on this immediately was because I love slippers SO much.  The yarn is super soft and I think these would be fantastic to throw in your bag for traveling!

October 2014 Stitch Set
November Project

The November Stitch Set project is an adorable pair of Boot Cuffs!  However, if this project isn’t for you, they are allowing you to select from ANY of their previous kits which you can find here. How awesome is that?  You can sign up like normal on their website and then shoot an e-mail to Stitch Set (christine@stitchset.com) by November 5th and she’ll get your selection sent to you!

What do you think of Stitch Set?  If you want to learn more or place an order, click here!  New customers can save 20% off their first order as well! After you place an order, you can send them an e-mail and they will apply the discount!

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Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Brandy

    Wow, being an avid knitter this seems completely overpriced for what you are getting!
    Patterns usually retail for around $6 like that on ravelry and that yarn is only worth $5 itself. There are plenty of free and amazing videos on YouTube that teach all the skills!
    The kit looks like it would be worth ~$20 maybe.

    1. Jennifer

      Can you point me in the direction of a good YouTube video? One specifically for beginners?? Thank you!!

      1. Rebecca F.

        I’m not the original commenter (hope this is ok!) but my favorite knitting instructor on youtube is Very Pink Knits. She does really nice close-up shots of what she’s doing so you can see how it’s done, and she has tons of beginner videos, too. If you go to the “playlists” section on her channel, she has a knitting basics playlist that is a good place to start.

      2. Christine

        There is a blog entry “For the Love of Knitting” on the Stitch Set website that directs to a few different youtube videos for some beginner techniques.
        I’ll admit the videos are not completely obvious unless you read the blog, but I’m more than happy to work through any issues someone might be having with a kit by either email or phone.

    2. Heidi

      I was thinking the same thing as Brandy. Not a good deal in my area, but I think it’s a cute idea, or a cute gift for a knitter.

  2. Sneaky Burrito

    You can also try loom knitting. It’s easier if you can’t get the hang of needle knitting.

  3. Lily

    I disagree that this box isn’t worth it. You weren’t counting the cost of the needles or button, etc. Clover needles usually cost over $10 in their own. That being said. I probably wouldn’t buy this for myself – mainly because I knit to have control over what I get (color, texture, etc). But I think this would be a great present for a knitter since everything is included. I think that for the quality they included (Lion’s brand yarn isn’t artisan quality but it’s pretty good yarn) I’m impressed

  4. PA Anna

    This box interests me because everything is included along with email and phone support. I never knitted before and have no clue or time to research knitting. The convenience factor is a big plus for me. I’m keeping this in the back of my mind because the winters are long. It would be nice to challenge myself to learn a new skill.

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