PopSugar Neiman Marcus Must Have Box ~ SPOILERS!

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PopSugar Neiman Marcus Must Have Box Spoilers!
PopSugar Neiman Marcus Must Have Box Spoilers!

Eeek! We have our first spoiler for the Neiman Marcus + PopSugar Must Have Box! All boxes will include a Clare V Foldover Leather Clutch, which is a $220 value!

What do you think of the first spoiler? What else are you hoping for in this box? The Neiman Marcus + PopSugar Must Have Box is $250 and ships mid-November!
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. rachael

    It was super hard not to get this box, but I’m glad that I held out and didn’t order it. This clutch reminds me too much of the one we got in the resort box. It seems like they are repeating items allot in the different boxes. Also for 220 that is a huge percent of the projected retail value of the box.

  2. Stacey

    I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It looks nice, but am I really going to use it? and like Rachael said, $220 is a big chunk of the value. :/ I was hoping for more items like last year’s box. I hope to see more home items, and not necessarily accessory stuff like this.

    1. Jennifer

      I would love to see more home items too!

  3. Hilda

    I’m actually excited about it. I could use it on date nights with my hubby since my usual every day bag has now turned into a diaper/toddler storage bag. I’m glad I went for the box. I wonder if there are variations to the color.

  4. emiie

    I find clutches inconvenient. I rather prefer something with handles. I’m glad I waited.

    1. Sneaky Burrito

      I agree. The times when I’d want a small bag are for things like holiday parties. But there, you’re holding a drink and maybe going through a buffet, and then you run out of hands.

  5. Gina Ortiz

    At this point I’m waiting to see if there are any other great reveals to convince me to get this box. I have the same issue with clutches, I need a handle or wristlet.

  6. Sheila

    I’m not a clutch fan, too easy to put down and lose when you are out. Also if it is cobalt, I’m afraid that it will be “out” after a year or so. Was hoping for more home related items. But, i’ve already ordered….

    1. karen palmer

      Not a clutch person but know lots of them. Regift or eBay! (Currently selling from $80’s to upwards of $180.)

      This is my first box of any kind (for myself). I decided to go large. 😉 What I don’t want will wind up with someone who does. That’s half the fun for me!

      I wish I’d purchased the last one. Loved the Jonathan Adler dish, beautiful plates and throw.

  7. Lana

    I love the clutch, I’m excited! I use clutches all the time, and you really can’t beat a nice leather one. I’m also still learning that colors are “yearly” between this thread and MSA. I’ve been wearing cobalt blue for years…maybe I’m out of style 😉

  8. Lauren

    I hope this isn’t the best in the box :/ it is a very high value so this lease what $450???!! :/

    1. Lana

      The box has a $650+ value, so there’s plenty more things if you don’t like the clutch!

      1. Roxanne

        Here’s the thing, they said there would be eight items and here’s one item worth 1/3 of the box’s value. So maybe there’s one more allegedly high value item, but then the others would have to be pretty low value to balance it all out.

        1. Lana

          I guess it depends what you mean by high value 🙂 I looked at the Neiman Marcus box from last year again, and even though the throw was $200, the rest of the box was still great, high value items – just not $200 each. I still would have loved that box without the throw!

        2. Roxanne

          That’s a fair point. In the interest of full disclosure, I was disappointed by last year’s box and ended up trading about half of the items. I was holding out on this one for spoilers and I think I’m going to keep on holding until someone posts full spoilers when it’s purchased in store next week.

  9. Bethany

    I was so excited to order after missing out on last years box – but now I’m wishing I had waited! Definitely not a clutch fan and disappointed that it looks like the one from the resort box. I was hoping for home items…unfortunately it looks just like a “repeat” item. SO hoping for color variations!

  10. Maria A.

    Humm there are other 2 Clare V clutches on the NM site for $220. I wonder if the there would be variations??

  11. Amanda G

    Is it sad I wanted a blanket? I know that’s what it was last year, but I really wanted a beautiful throw, lol.

  12. Lindsay Redekop

    I don’t think I’ve used a clutch since I was 21 and at a nightclub with my friends (and while I’m being perfectly honest, that was quite a few years ago!!)

    I want this box just to see what I get but is a good chunk of my pay check worth it?

  13. PA Anna

    I’m not a clutch person. I like having my hands free and worry that I would put a clutch down and forget about it. I’m glad that I didn’t order the box. I may change my mind when people post spoilers from buying it at NM.

  14. Crystal

    I use a clutch once a week for dates with my hubs (with 2 kids 3 and under we need a weekly escape!!), so as long as it’s well crafted it is something that I will use. BUT I’m over the slouchy shapeless fold-over clutches, I feel like they look sloppy and there is no interior pocket. Where am I supposed to put my DL and my cards? When I use a clutch I don’t use a wallet I just throw in the essentials and go on my way. I also think it’s grossly overpriced, but that’s just my opinion. If I’m spending this much on a clutch it’s going to be a statement making piece like a fun Kate Spade clutch or something that is very obviously designer.

    I’m disappointed that this is the high ticket item. I was hoping for really fun champagne flutes (NYE, anyone?) since last year’s box seemed curated around the home.

    I also wonder if NM curated these boxes or if PopSugar did.

    1. Liza

      Neiman Marcus is the one who curated the items for the box. They will also be selling it on their website beginning Nov 5th. There are 8 items in all totalling at well over $650+. I agree on the clutch, but am hoping Neiman Marcu will let me exchange it for something else? We will see! Hopefully the other items are as nice as last years box.

  15. Mrs. L

    This reminds me of the clutch I got in another Popsugar box? Hmmm…didn’t entice me to get this years box (the NM ones are the only ones I’ve never purchased). I also had to wait to order until my account was fixed which was yesterday.

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