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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~This week is flying by!  We’ve had lots going on though, so maybe that’s why?  This weekend though, we have no plans.  None at all.  I am thrilled by this and hope to get a ton of stuff done.   Or even just a few things accomplished and have a lot of fun.

~Speaking of fun, yesterday was National Walk / Bike to School Day and we all walked (well WB rode in his stroller) while L rode his bike which he thought was OMGSOCOOL.  Did anyone else’s school do anything special for this?

So fun!
So fun!

~I still have quite a few boxes coming this week including Sample Society, Hamptons Lane, GLOSSYBOX (I am getting an early sneak peek), Bitebox, Honest Co. and My Community Box for sure.  PopSugar STILL hasn’t shipped yet, so my hopes of getting some spoilers on the October box this week are dashed!  Also, if you are having trouble with their new website or haven’t gotten a response to an e-mail you sent, you aren’t alone!  They must be getting slammed with questions on their new site because I have been hearing / reading about how no one quite understands their accounts (I’m not totally sure I get mine either).  Anyway, I hope it all gets sorted out and I SO hope the October box comes soon and I hope it’s fantastic!

~I watched Part 1 of the Andy Cohen interview with Teresa and Joe and I kind of feel like she still doesn’t believe she’ll really get sent to prison.  I don’t know how she thinks it’s going to happen, but I get that sense from her.  Also, did her attorneys really not tell her what pleading meant?  I am looking forward to Part 2 tonight (or tomorrow or whenever I can find it really).

~I know it’s still a ways away, but I am dying to see what Starbucks is planning for their Holiday Reusable Tumblers this year.  I could use some good coffee deals ASAP.  Last year they did one for coffee and one for expresso drinks that you bought and could take to Starbucks everyday in January for a FREE drink. They always do the coffee one and I seriously hope they do the expresso one again too.  Last year was the first year they did it and it was a DEAL.  And just a little tip, but you can *usually* score these mugs during the Target holiday clearance (I looked back and I paid $22.50 for my expresso tumbler and $9 for B’s coffee one and we got free drinks ALL month) if you have a Starbucks at your Target.  They are typically on the same markdown schedule as the clearance stuff ;).

Target Clearance
Starbucks Refillable Mugs

~Has anyone been to TJ Maxx / HomeGoods / Marshalls lately?  I was there this week and they have so much Jonathan Adler stuff – no picture frames yet though which is what I am after.  Lots of deals for the kids too.  L go through running pants for L like crazy.  I think he’s already ripped two pairs since school started!  Boys are rough.  Oh and Marshalls, I went to the one on the Strip in Las Vegas and it was, by far, the cleanest and most organized Marshalls I had ever been too.  I didn’t see any super amazing deals, but it was a great store.

Marshalls on the Strip
Marshalls on the Strip

~Any deal sites you are loving lately?  As usual I am loving Hip2Save (who doesn’t though), CostcoCouple (they post about Costco deals and new products being offered), SlickDeals and it’s not a website, but I am loving the idea of the Walmart Savings Catcher app.  You buy something at Walmart, scan your receipt and if it’s advertised for cheaper somewhere local, Walmart will send you an eGift Card for the difference. I may need to do some more of my shopping at Walmart because this is too smart!

That’s it from here! What are your weekend plans?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Lara

    Do you use Target’s Cartwheel app? Because that’s a great savings app!

    1. Jennifer

      I do!

  2. Kyra

    We walked to school too, well we drove part of the way to the meeting spot then walked. There were fire trucks, police officers, goody bags and all the kids wore caution tape. When we got to school there was bottled water, apples, bananas, poptarts, donuts and breakfast bars! It was fun!

    1. Jennifer

      That is so fun!!!! We live close enough where we could walk the entire way which was nice!

  3. You’re just taunting me with your Costco access now. I’m going to try the Walmart app! I didn’t really understand what it was, but I did get the savings catcher circular. I didn’t really have time to parse it! I went to HomeGoods but I had husband with me and he’s such a home decor downer. I cannot shop with him.

    1. Jennifer

      My husband isn’t a HomeGoods fan either. Although I did buy him a TJMaxx sweater the other day and he loved it.

  4. Tara m

    Did you get charged for popsugar this month? I don’t see a charge on my card and I never cancelled … Makes me nervous because now there is a wait list and I have to have the October box! 🙂

    1. Chrissy

      I haven’t been charged either and it’s making me a little twitchy.

    2. Jennifer


  5. Jayne

    I love the Savings Catcher app. It saves me from having to go to different stores just because they have a good sale on something that week. I haven’t been using it long but already have about $15 in savings.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s awesome! What is the min. balance to get a gift card?

      1. Jayne

        I don’t think there is a minimum. You get an ecard to use so I think you can get it at any time. There is a maximum amount of $599.99 in savings per year.

        The other thing I like is that it keeps your receipts electronically so you can get rid of the paper ones. They just use your phone to get the receipt when you do a return.

  6. Jessica

    I love WB’s hat! What a cutie!
    I might have to make the drive to Walmart just so I can use that app!

  7. Ashley C.

    I went into Target the other day, just to scope out what they had out for Halloween — so I can prepare for the clearance! Like you, I love Hip2Save and recently found TheHarrisTeeterDeals and have been saving a ton of money couponing thanks to them!

  8. PA Anna

    I was at Ross today and saw letter initial mason mugs. I also went to Marshalls and found Julep nailpolish on clearance for $3.00. I was in the HomeGoods store earlier this week to browse. My sister is hoping for the matching peacock teacup to go with her peacock teapot, but didn’t see one. I go through lots of pants with my six year old son.

  9. Jenny

    I’m slacking and not linking up today but since its after 10pm and I’m just getting a chance to read your post its been a busy day. LOL
    I haven’t downloaded the Walmart app yet but since I think I’ve been to Walmart once this whole year and that was last week at my mother’s house I’m not sure it will do much for me. I would have to pass at least 2 Targets to get to either of the Walmarts close to me and uhm yea that just isn’t going to happen 😉

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