December 2014 Birchbox Sneak Peek!

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Birchbox released their first December 2014 Sneak Peek video last night! The December Sample Choice Selections are:

~Manna Kadar Lip Locked in Lucky
~Vasanti Kajal Extreme Intense Eye Pencil in Rose Gold
~Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hour Mascara
~W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Stick

Birchbox Aces and Early Access members will receive an email to select their items on November 25th and everyone else will get an e-mail on November 26th! All Birchbox Aces will automatically get early access to sample choice, but everyone else can also “skip the line” and get Early Access too. All you need to do is enter at least one friend’s email address on your Birchbox refer-a-friend page between 11/1/14 and 11/23/14.


December Birchbox Plus
December Birchbox Plus

The Birchbox Plus options this month are:

~Capwell + Co. Mint Moonstone & Crystal, Hematite & Crystal or Amethyst Stone Cluster Necklace: $25/each (a $48/each value)
~MAKE Luminous Lip Gloss in Dragonfruit: $21  (a $25 value)

The Birchbox Plus selection window is open NOW through 11-26-14, or while supplies last!  There is also a wide variety of Birchbox Plus items available from previous month’s,so make sure to check those out!


They haven’t announced the Birchbox Book Club pick yet, but hopefully that’s coming soon.  I will post an update when I hear what it is and another update if / when it’s a Gift With Purchase in the Bonus Shop!


If you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can use the coupon code “BUZZFEED14” to get the Buzzfeed Life + Birchbox Happy Holiday Hacks box as your first box.  You can check out my review of that box here.  Your subscription will start with November, but you’ll get the December sample choice selections right along with everyone else!

What sample are you going for this month?  I am thinking of going for the W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick and am also hoping for a fun Guest Editor Box for my second account!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. HeatherP

    Ahhhh one of those months I want most of the options!!! nice. I love my Vasanti from the mermaid box. So I’m super excited about this one!! I almost want to order it now anyway and have a spare smaller size.

  2. PA Anna

    None of the samples interest me this time. I wish I could tolerate eye makeup because the eye pencil looks fun. I almost ordered one of the necklaces and remembered the plumbing bill. I know it doesn’t charge until December, but bthe doors costing extra, plumbing bill, and my older son joining the tae kwon doe leadership program all adds up.

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe the guest editor box will rock!

  3. Sneaky Burrito

    I’m unsure on the samples this time. I can see pluses and minuses to each.

    *eyeliner: I know this brand is easy to apply but may not be the best for my oily eyelids (a good primer — if I can find the right one — would fix that)

    *lip product: color is not bad, would want to know if this is more of a gloss or a stain (don’t care for gloss all that much)

    *highlighter: like the brand, but may be too dark for my skin tone

    *mascara: don’t really need more of this

    Will probably stay away from the highlighter. May try the eyeliner on my Aces account and the lip product on the other? Don’t know for sure, though. Maybe I will really like the curated box, too.

    1. Jennifer

      I am hoping for a great curated box and then I think I am going to get the highlighter!

  4. Jayne

    Think I’ll pass on picking a selection again this month. Nothing appeals to me (plus, I’m getting the mascara in my box this month…if it ever shows up!).

    I hope BB gets the PYS thing worked out. I know there has been problems with people picking and not getting their sample while others who didn’t pick got one of the samples. Lots of frustration.

    1. Jennifer

      They box they sent me this month actually didn’t have my sample it in, but it was sent along with it. I think some others had that happen too. They do sell out quick though sometimes! But you can always e-mail them and they will manually make your selection for you.

  5. Michelle

    This is the first month that I want ALL of the sample choice options! I wish we could just pick “all” and be set for the month.

    The highlighter has amazing reviews, but I’m so so so pale that I think this one would be too dark for me.

    I’m going to have a hard time choosing this time!

    1. Jennifer

      I think I want the highlighter! We’ll see though!

  6. ashley g

    I’m thinking the rose gold eye liner, I don’t have a color like that and frankly I am sucker for rose gold everything. Honestly though, I am hoping for a great guest editor box.

    1. Jennifer

      I am super excited to see the guest editor box!

  7. Allison

    I tried to subscribe to the Buzzfeed box for my second (inactive) account and it wants to charge me $5 in shipping. On the subscription box. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Also, the promo code is BUZZFEED14

    1. Jennifer

      That is so odd. Did you try again later? Otherwise I would e-mail them. They are super fast to responding.

  8. Zillah

    The sample choice lip gloss is a lot darker online, compared to what they were showing in the video.

  9. Loren

    So, do you know when the sample choices are actually available? I’m worried about missing the window! I definitely want the Vasanti!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know the exact time, but like I said in the post, “Birchbox Aces and Early Access members will receive an email to select their items on November 25th and everyone else will get an e-mail on November 26th!”.

      They usually do it in the morning though! And if it’s sold out, just e-mail Birchbox and they will hook you up with your choice!

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