2014 Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box ~ Complete Spoilers!!! 114

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Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box

Thanks to Shauna999 on MUT, we have complete spoilers for the Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box! Here’s what’s inside:

~Clare V Foldover Leather Clutch ($220)
~Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box ($40)
~Missoni Home by Apothia Candle ($88)
~Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame ($100)
~Maribelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin ($26)
~Chantecaille Brillant Gloss ($33) & Supreme Clis Mascara ($52)
~Lancer, The Method: Nourish ($125)

All totaled I came up with an (estimated) value of $684 on the Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box. Some prices could be off based on sizes , etc. but I think it’s really close.  What are your thoughts on it?  If you are interested in ordering, this box is $250 and is still available at PopSugar.  It will also be available at your local Neiman Marcus and at nm.com tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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114 thoughts on “2014 Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box ~ Complete Spoilers!!!

  • kelly

    Love that frame!! I know the clutch is the “big” item and it is lovely but I’d probably never really use. I do like the frame and also curious about the glass storage box 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

  • lia

    Like most PopSugar (or really any boxes), I like everything…. but if I walked into a store and spent $250 on these things for myself I’d be disappointed in myself. Ya know? If the bag were something you REALLY wanted and intended to buy anyway, then the box is a total score. If, like me, the bag is something you like but would never in a million years pay for, I feel like the whole thing is just more “stuff”. But then, I don’t really care about labels and figure I could get a similar faux-leather bag someplace else for like $20.

  • Amy

    I got the box. I think it is ok. Not a waste of money, but the clutch is just ok and I just can’t imagine what would make a candle worth $88. That said, I love the frame, box and cosmetics, and I can give the clutch and candle away as Xmas gifts.

  • Sarah

    I didn’t buy this box and I’m glad — because I don’t get why they’re including a clutch that looks insanely similar to the previous LE clutch (two LE boxes ago — wasn’t it the resort box?), another candle (regular box subscribers have received 2 over the past few months — don’t get me wrong, I love candles and I love the print on the holder), and another picture frame (when we just received one in October).

    • Sheila

      I did buy this box. I received the Navy clutch in the Resort. While this clutch is much nicer, it’s not.even the pattern I like. I just received my PSMH October box three days ago and got a candle and a frame. I hate, hate this box and am.very sad for what I could have bought with the money. And oh, another nude lip gloss

  • Britney

    With the clutch being the only think I kind of liked, I’m glad I skipped.
    And a candle worth $88 and a frame worth $100?? Not this girl… I would have rather they broke that $188 down into other items, but that’s just me.
    However, I hope all that ordered love their boxes!!

  • Erin S

    I wish they could have been a bit more inventive. I liked last years box because you don’t get plates, throws etc in any other subscription boxes really. These are all very nice variations on products we get all the time so that is a bit disappointing. I hope I like it more when I get it!

    • Jennifer Post author

      You are totally right. I have never gotten a throw or plates before and I think that is one of the reasons that made it so amazing last year.

  • Melissa

    I splurged on this box based on last year’s box and I am sooooo disappointed. I am trying to get excited about the clutch but the other stuff is just so underwhelming. I wish I hadn’t bought it. Just like Lia said, if I walked into a store and spent $250 on this stuff, I would be really disappointed in myself.

    • Melissa

      Ok, I am rallying on this box. I was sooooo disappointed when I saw the spoilers but now I’m imagining using my outrageously expensive face cream and mascara and I’m looking for some cute shoes to match my clutch for date night. I’m actually getting a little excited. Not sure I’ll ever order this again, though.

  • Sara

    Thanks for the spoilers. . . after the Clare V picture I was thinking that Popsugar was going to hit this one out of the park. I hovered over the ‘buy’ button more than a few times, but after the last few bummer SE boxes, something told me to hold back. And boy, I’m so glad I did! I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet.

    This box does not appear to be ‘substantial’ like last year’s box. I certainly hope that everyone who bought it is thrilled with what they got, but once again, it seems like Popsugar went the easy route and just threw stuff together.

  • Sheila

    I too bought this box based on last year’s amazing box. The throw, the plates, the palette, the necklace, were amazing. I just bought a meh clutch, a picture frame, a candle, a tacky glass box and some face cream for 250.00. Oh and more nude gloss.

  • Margaret

    I can’t believe you already have spoilers! I actually LOVE the candle! Overall, I like everything although I think the lip gloss, hot chocolate, and mascara are all overpriced. I wish the purse were something other than a clutch, but I’m glad I purchased. I would have been disappointed if I didn’t.

  • Jessica

    I’m skipping this one bc I wasn’t in love with last years. But if I had gotten this box with last years throw, I would have been thrilled! Loving everything but the clutch.

  • melissa g

    I am so on the fence about this one. I love the candle but at that $88 price, Id probably never use it and just have it out for display collecting dust. The face cream, I am most excited about. I received the eye cream in an SE Glossy box not too long ago and absolutely loved it. Both the box and frame are really cute and Im sure will be used along with the hot chocolate but it doesn’t wow me. The last thing in the world I need is another lip gloss and the mascara is meh. What I’m most blah about is the clutch. Its the big ticket item and Popsugar sent something very similar in the SE box (Im very surprised and disappointed in that).
    heres why Im on the fence about it – if I add up all of the items (counting the gloss and mascara as one) its only $30 an item and right now Ebates is offering 8% cash back at Neimans ($20 cas back). So if Ebates is still offering the 8% back tomorrow when it goes on sale at Neimans, I will most likely purchase it and gift the purse to someone for Christmas.

  • Sara

    Gutted with the spoilers. Just emailed them to try to cancel otherwise will get in touch with American Express… This is entirely a waste of my $250! 🙁

  • PA Anna

    I’m glad that I waited for the spoilers. The box doesn’t interest me. The items seem generic and common in sub boxes. I was interested in purchasing this based off on last years reviews of the NM box. That box seemed different than the typical sub.

    This box doesn’t spark the same interest. A lot of the items are the same type of items already in subscription boxes. I was looking for something different to gift or keep for myself.

    I do hope that the people who ordered the boxes enjoy them. The storage box looks interesting and it is always nice to have luxurious cosmetics.

    • Jennifer Post author

      The more I think about last years box, the more I love it! I still use my throw, my zebra dish is on my nightstand and we use our plates. It was a lot of unique items.

      • Beth

        I’m in the same boat. I use the throw everyday still and I still love it. The zebra dish is displayed. I wear the necklace and eyeshadow often!

  • Will

    This was our first time taking part in the Popsugar box. Sorry to see all the negative reviews. We don’t know what other brands or products will be in the box so it is hard to make any recommendations as a supplier. Our glass box has sold very well at Neiman Marcus, so we felt it would be a nice a addition to the Popsugar box. I appreciate all the posts and will use them for future product mix recommendations.
    Cheers, Will

    • Barbie

      Will, I actually think the things that are disappointing are the things that customers have received in the past. I have several clutches, a ton of lip gloss, several candles, always sweets, and another picture frame.

      Your box is the only item I really thought was pretty and something new.

    • Ali M

      I agree with the positive comments – the glass box is the only thing that’s interesting to me. On top of that it’s half the price of the Missoni candle – if I had ordered the box, it’s the only item that would still be around a few years later, or that I’d be curious about following up on where it came from.

    • Lauren

      Thanks for your comment, Will. I have ordered every single PopSugar MustHave Special Edition box since they began – including last year’s NM SE box which I loved. This year just isn’t cutting it for me – that clutch is very unappealing and please take a look at what they included in recent SE boxes and try not to repeat them, would be my best suggestion. The same people tend to buy the SE boxes and getting two ‘big ticket’ not so appealing clutches is a big downer and feels like a waste of money and a bit duplicitous on PopSugar’s part. I love Neiman’s but I can’t say I love them more after this box.

    • PA Anna

      Will – I do like the storage box and should had included that in my comment. I did on another blog that has your reply. I expected the Neiman Marcus box to differentiate itself from other special edition boxes. I loved the reviews from last year and eagerly waited for it to go on sale this year. I held off buying it because of PopSugar upgrade problems and then the clutch spoiler which did not interest me. Your box is the type of item I expected to see in the box. However, I did not expect to see common, although luxurious, items in it. We received a candle and a frame in our October box. A similar styled clutch was in a LE box earlier this year although once again this one is more luxurious. Gloss and mascara is common in the sub world although not of this quality. I want to receive different items in a box that is $250.00. It’s a shame because I fully expected to buy this box. I was hoping to see different, unique items not commonly included in subscription boxes.

      I do hope it does well in the stores which will have a broader audience. Best wishes.

      • Will

        Thanks Anna for the comments. We are working on a new box with them. I have read through everyone?s comments and will do my best to pass on this valuable information. I was excited to be part of this year?s box, sorry it was such a buzz kill. On a side note I had no idea there were blogs dedicated to all these mystery boxes. Pretty cool!

        • Deborah

          Will, I think some of the disappointment is the comparison with last year’s box which was fabulous. This year’s box contained some items that are common in many boxes (mascara, lip gloss etc.). Personally I love your glass box. At first I was going to regift it to my DIL and put a gift card inside, but the more I look at it…well I think she will get the clutch with a gift card tucked inside and I’ll keep the box! It is just lovely.

    • amanda

      I am so sorry that your item is in this box Will. You guys are obviously a decent company taking the time and energy to respond to the feedback. I just hope being associated with popsugar will not hurt your reputation too much.

  • melissa b

    I like all these items but $100 would feel like a better price. I would never ever pay $50 for mascara. That must be some really amazing mascara.

  • lauren

    this is kind of disappointing. I’m beyond under-whelmed. I mean I guess compared to last years box its not as valuable. and, unfortunately, I really can’t give anything out as a gift unless I left the price tag on. I guess I had high hopes…

  • JoEtta C.

    I think the glass box is nice, the candle is very cute, and I really like the clutch. As a mom though unless the clutch comes with a crossbody strap it wouldnt really work for me. Id probably have ordered if it had come with some kind of crossbody strap as I liked pretty much everything else and I like the colors of the clutch. My leather bag I carry all the time is cobalt anyways. Maybe someone will want to trade 🙂

    • Jennifer Post author

      I don’t know how it’s possible to carry a clutch when you have little kids with you. You’d have to save it for nights out only!

  • Amber Lang

    I love the box. The only item I am not crazy about is the clutch. The other items are great. I will use everything. I was hoping or jewelry or something to wear.

  • Lana

    I’m so disappointed for $250. Like others said, for $100 I’d be THRILLED. This is what SHOULD be in the $100 boxes. For $250…I’m severely let down. It’s more overpriced versions of items from every box. The glass box is the only thing I’m even remotely interested in.

    I was so excited after seeing the clutch. Now I really, really wish I had waited. Sigh.

      • Lana

        Haha, yep! I think what I mean is that the items in the box seem to be a bit over valued. To get a candle, picture frame, face cream, clutch, lip gloss, mascara, and hot chocolate in a $100 box (like the holiday LE) would make more sense to me. The glass box is the only thing that seems properly valued to me 🙂 I don’t know, might just be me!

  • anonymous

    I’m only saying this because I have seen it posted here and elsewhere. Remember that your credit card company is a guaranteed form of payment. I know that you may feel duped but the guidelines that they must abide by are strict and state they may abide by s merchant’s terms and conditions I.e. cancellation requests. Just a little heads up. Of course if you don’t receive something you paid for that is definitely a disputable offense.

    • Lana

      Good point, anonymous 🙂 I did e-mail popsugar with complaints, but I definitely wouldn’t refute the charge. I did know the deal going into it…I’m just disappointed now!

      • Sara

        Amex will let you return any product within 90 days for any reason whatsoever, including that you don’t like it, call them. It’s important to put this forward bc so many ppl really splurged with their hard-earned $250 and it definitely feels awful to see the spoilers.

  • Ali M

    OK, I am glad I didn’t buy it. Mostly because I only like one of the three missoni candle options.. and I’d probably smack myself if I spent that much for a candle… and because I can sew, and I can go to a leather store here in Seattle and make an EVENMOREAWESOME clutch for $20, since I’m not about name brands.

    Thank you so much for the spoilers, and I’m glad for the people who will appreciate knowing what is in it and be happy about it too!

  • Lauren

    I’m so disappointed in myself for buying this box. I could have bought some truly awesome things from etsy or my Christmas Pinterest board instead. That clutch is heinous. *kicks self*

  • Roxanne

    Dodged a bullet here! Wow! So glad I didn’t order this box and thanks for sharing the spoilers today. I was thinking I’d have to go to NM tomorrow to sneak a peek but you saved me the trip.

  • Kate

    Well I have no one but myself to blame — I knew $250 was a huge risk. If we got a box like last NM SE (which of course I *didn’t* get!), I would have been thrilled. I waned a luxury item for the home, like that throw. Never did I think we would get another bag, and worse yet, a clutch. I’m so disappointed. I keep trying not to think that I could have bought 5 regular Pop Sugar boxes for the price of this one. It is what it is but I have instructed friends and family to shoot me if I ever say I am buying a special edition Pop Sugar box again!

  • Shawn

    I too am underwelmed. After buying the last 4 LE boxes as soon as they were for sale, I decided to wait for spoilers and I’m glad that I did. I was sincerely hoping for more unique luxury items, not repeats of the last few months in more luxe forms. Love that glass box, and I will purchase that and feel like I didn’t miss out a bit.

  • Maria A.

    If there would have been variations on the beautiful clutch…maybe. But the big item does not say Holiday to me. Everything else is really nice. So for those who got it I hope you truly enjoy it!!

  • Shelly

    I agree. Last years box was the most amazing thing I had purchased and am a little bummed about this one. I would never go into a store and purchase these items at face value but knowing that each thing will cost me $31.25 I’m ok with that.

  • lisa

    Awesome box. ordered a second on the Neiman site with ebates and the 10 percent off welcome code. My mom is going to love this box. Everything is really usable and really pretty . The mascara is the only thing I really don’t care for.

  • Sandy

    PopSugar has gone horribly down hill and the only way it will change is with people not falling these boxes anymore. The Resort box was one of my most embarrassing purchases I have made. Stop buying these horrible PS boxes. I can only hope PopSugar read all these bad reviews.

  • carol

    So glad I didn’t get this. A candle, picture frame and glass box? Really? I’ve seen boxes just like that in Target, yeah not a designer name but still looks the same. I buy candles at BBW or Yankee candle and would never spend 88 on something that will be gone in a week. A clutch? well again I can buy that anywhere and since it doesn’t look like any special design I could again find it anywhere.

    More frames? Wow for the price of this they could have given a lot more. I’m so glad I passed on it. I’ll stick with Nina Garcia ( even though I’m mad its late )

  • Faria A.

    I’m surprised that so many people were dissapointed!

    This was my first time buying an LE BOX from Pop Sugar. I actually caved and bought this after the sneak peak email with the picture of the clutch. I agree with some others on here that they could have been abit creative – at least , as creative as they were last year (sad that I missed out on that one). I actually think the frame is useless and think it could have been better spent on something that was more unique. But one thing out of so many that I’m not really happy with is not an issue for me .

    That’s what you kind of have to come to terms with when purchasing these boxes. I think it’s impossible for them to please evertone. It’s a risk you have to be ok with…I was skeptical myself until I saw the bag. I guess I lucked out!

    And while I agree that I probably would never have paid $250 for all this in a store, that’s kind of the point right? I feel like all of the things in Pop Sugar boxes are stuff I would never purchase on my own. I personally think that’s why they’re so much fun!

    Especially because I don’t shop at Neiman Marcus on a regular basis, it’s nice to get luxury products at a more affordable rate. Again, another reason why I continue to get the boxes.

    Even when I’m not really into a certain month’s box.. I still find a way to use everything or gift it…its not a complete waste and feels like I’m getting my money’s worth.