2014 Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box Review

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PopSugar Must Have Box
Cost: Monthly Box: $39.95/month. Neiman Marcus Must Have Box: $250. Holiday Must Have Boxes: $100.
Ships To: United States
Coupon Code: REFER5 to save $5 off your first box of a monthly subscription.
Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box

The Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box is here! I know there has been a TON of (not so good) talk about this box, but I tried my hardest to go into it with an open mind.

The PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly box full of hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food. They also offer special edition boxes on a seasonal basis and once a year before the holidays, they offer a Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box! Just like last year’s box, this one was $250 and promised to include the ultimate luxurious collection of gifts (curated by Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing and POPSUGAR Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar) to give and receive this season.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

The Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box is available through both PopSugar and Neiman Marcus (in store and online).  Shipping is free for both, however, the shipping method will vary depending on where you buy it from.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

Everything in this box was beautifully packaged.  All of the items were wrapped in black tissue paper and then enclosed with silver tissue paper.  I wasn’t worried about a single item in this box breaking because of how secure everything seemed to be packed in the box.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

Boxes include a large fold-out information card with product information and suggestions on how to use the included items.  Unlike their monthly boxes, they do not include price information for these items, but everything included is an item or a brand that Neiman Marcus carries.  Here is what was included in the 2014 Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box:

~Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box (Medium) ($40): This is the medium sized box (there are small, medium and large boxes in this design) and I think it’s the perfect size.  It could hold jewelry, watches or whatever you like.  I absolutely love this box and think it’s gorgeous.  Plus, it’s like nothing we have ever received before which is always nice.  This is headed directly for nightstand.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box

~Clare V Foldover Leather Clutch ($220): The leather on this bag is incredible.  I know some people are comparing it to the blue clutch we received in the Limited Edition Resort Box, but there is just no comparison.  At all. This is a soft buttery leather and is just gorgeous.  I think this bag in a deep red or a winter ivory would have been even more amazing and may not have drawn as many comparisons to the resort clutch we received.  But, I’m telling you though, this is nice bag.  Now, all that said, I don’t quite know what I am going to do with it since I am not a huge fan of clutches.  I just don’t find them overly practical for me.  But the bag itself is stunning.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Clarve V. Foldover Clutch

~Missoni Home by Apothia Candle ($88): PopSugar once sent us a very expensive diffuser in a monthly box and I wondered “who really needs a $90 diffuser”?  Turns out I did.  It was awesome.  And this candle is the same way.  It smells good and the container? Well I think that’s the best part.  I am going to take the suggestion someone had in my spoiler post on this box and use it as a makeup brush holder or a pencil holder when I am done burning it.  That way I can keep that pretty container and not have to toss it.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Missoni Home by Apothia Candle

~Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame ($100): I have started to realize that we have like no picture frames up in our house.  Not too sure why, but except for my gallery wall we’ve got no none.  I plan on putting this frame in our bedroom or my office.  It’s a substantial frame and it wasn’t something that was afraid I was going to break when I picked it up which is always good.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame

~Maribelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin ($13): This is exactly the type of item I would except to receive in a NM PopSugar Box!  The tin is beautiful and would make a great gift to go along with a fun mug for a holiday gift this year.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Mariebelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin

~Chantecaille Brillant Gloss (Love) ($33): I don’t dislike this gloss, but it’s also not my favorite.  I would have liked the color to be a little darker or a little lighter maybe.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Chantecaille Brillant Gloss (Love)

~Supreme Clis Mascara ($52): I am a bit scared to open this up and try it because I know that once I do, I will need to commit to using the entire tube in the next few months. $52 for a mascara is a lot for me so I want to make sure I use it all up.

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Chantecaille Supreme Cils Mascara

~Lancer, The Method: Nourish ($125): Do I look younger yet?  Because if I don’t, I will soon. LOL! This cream is described as having the “Fountain of Youth” and is supposed to increase your skin’s metabolism for a visibly renewed and youthful glow.  Bring it!

Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box
Lancer, The Method: Nourish

All totaled I came up with a value of $671 for the Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box.  Did I like it as much as last year’s box?  No.  That box (which you can check out here) had a lot of items that we don’t normally see in subscription boxes like a throw and plates and a zebra tray, so I think it made it more unique.  But am I sad I bought this box for $250 (especially when I could have gotten it for $200 through NM yesterday and today had I waited)?  No.  I didn’t know it would go on sale and still be available through Neiman Marcus when this site-wide promotion they are offering was going on! I mean heck, last years box sold out in like 12 hours.  How were we all supposed to know this would be available for weeks? And list, if you told me that Neiman Marcus was having a sale and I could get these items for 65% off retail prices (which is about what it works out to be), would I have bought some of them?  You better bet I would have! And I would have been thrilled.

Did you get your Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have box yet?  What did you think of it? If you are interested in ordering, you can do so through PopSugar or through Neiman Marcus.  If you order by the end of today, you can save $50 off your Neiman’s purchase with the coupon code “NOV50“, which would make the cost of the box only $200 (or $25/item).  If you order through Neiman Marcus, make sure you go through ebates for an additional 4% cash back! I actually took advantage of this deal myself yesterday and picked up another box to use for holiday gifts!

And don’t forget that PopSugar also released their Special Edition Holiday Must Have Boxes For Her and For Him yesterday.  These boxes are $100/each and you can expect to received it in mid-December!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. HeatherP

    Last year’s was so amazing they should have replicated the exact box for this year too. I want it! and i dont feel bad not getting this years box. not even for what ever discount, it was not for me. I’m too afraid to get the LE box now too. I want to but I have not loved any of the boxes last few months.

  2. HeatherP

    Ugh every time i see last years NM LE box i weep a little. I so want that box!

  3. Melissa

    I was so disappointed when I saw the spoilers, but when I opened this box and saw the quality of the items, I was super happy I got it. The frame and the box and the candle are gorgeous. The face cream is divine and smells soooo good. The lip gloss feels luxurious on my lips and the hot chocolate is… indescribable. It’s thick and sweet and sooooo good. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is the mascara. I keep having trouble with it clumping. Not sure what I would have done with only four plates from last year’s box, to be honest.

    1. Melissa

      And as for the clutch, well, I told my husband I need some new sexy shoes to match for date night. Now I’m giggling maniacally as I peruse the options on Zappos. Bwahahaha!

      1. Hilda

        Melissa, I felt the same way. Once I got the box and saw the quality, my disappointment diminished. We really got very nice stuff for $250. I’m happy I got the box.

  4. Maria A.

    Au contraire mon ami…after seeing your review, I ordered one!! LOL I was so sure I wasn’t going to…but how can anyone go wrong with a discount that makes each of these items $25. I myself felt I wanted to see a more Holiday looking bag, but hey this one is actually versatile and even if I decide to gift it to a special friend, what a amazing gift for such a great price! All the other items are not only beautiful, and would love to keep for myself, but as well they will make great gifts this Holiday or along the way. Thank you for this great review!! 😉

    1. Maria A.

      After seeing it was going to be more than 25 per item, and the fact that I’m one who needs to know who I’m gifting made me reconsider… 😉

  5. Allison

    I don’t think the price for the hot chocolate is right. The box is 10oz, and the price listed (and link) is for the 20oz container. I feel like they went wrong on the makeup/skincare items–I won’t use them because the ingredients don’t work for me and I unfortunately don’t feel like they’re very giftable… the mascara and gloss are sort of boring, and I can’t really give anyone a moisturizer as a gift. Do you think I can sell the lancer? Would anyone buy it? If they had replaced all three of those items with a nice palette like they included last year (which I also wouldn’t have used, but would at least have made a better gift), I would find this box to be more valuable.

    1. Jennifer

      You are totally right. I just changed that.

      I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to sell it! See what they are going for on ebay. At the very least you should be able to trade it for something you do love!

  6. Lily

    This review was great. I really appreciated how you addressed some of the speculations. I wanted to note – I have a sample of the Lancer from Glossybox BG a while back. And it actually works. I usually have slight unevenness on my skin but it’s not acne or anything like that. The Lancer makes it smooth even with one use. It’s pretty amazing

  7. Sonya

    This box looks great! I think a lot of other ladies will feel differently once they get the box in hand. I really want to feel that leather bag. It would be a great pop of color for any outfit.

  8. Stacie

    Let me know if you want to sell that clutch… I have shoes that match perfectly!
    The items in here are great! I personally couldn’t bring myself to spend $250 on a box of mystery items, but they certainly did give value for the money.

  9. Neha

    I have a question- what do you do with items that you try but don’t like? For example, if you test a tiny bit of lipgloss, or nail polish or something like that? Throw them out? See if a family member or friend wants it (with a disclaimer that it’s been tested, obviously)? Also, what about items like the clutch, which you won’t use? Thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      None of my girlfriends mind they get a tested nail polish! I usually will swipe the lipgloss or whatever on my hand first to test it. And that’s not a big deal to my friends either. I have some that come over and shop in my stash before they go to the store!

      If it’s a totally new item, like the clutch or one of the many eyeliners I get, I might try and trade it for something that I love / will get a ton of use out of. My Subscription Addiction has a swap site that rocks. And there are Facebook groups for it as well!

  10. Jennifer

    Every time I see mention of that Alora diffuser I run to see if I can justify buying another. It happens to be on sale today at beauty.com for 20% off, and I loved mine soooo much, but it is hard for me to spend so much for my house to smell pretty.

  11. Nichelle

    Jenn, great review and great photos of the items so clear, makes me want the NM box! LOL

  12. Mrs. L

    I have to admit, I’m glad I didn’t order. The box isn’t bad, it’s just not something I’d go nuts over (and for the price, I’d want to go nuts!). I think the clutch bag for me is the big thing as I agree it’s too similar to the previous one. The problem also is that I don’t use clutches. Plus…I spend $250 on some pretty nice purses that can run circles around that clutch! But yeah, not my cup of tea.

  13. Lauren

    Got my box.. I am wondering does your Kindle have like a weird team down the front that looks like it’s almost like scratched or does it look seamless all the way around

    1. Jennifer

      I am guessing you mean candle? Anyways, I didn’t notice anything weird??

  14. Judy

    Love the glass box! The clutch also looks gorgeous but I don’t use clutches often enough to justify the price. I wish the box could have been in the holiday limited edition with the throw and the cleanser from the fall box. Would have been perfect!

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