November 2014 Citrus Lane Review (2.5 Year-Old Boy) + Coupon Code

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Citrus Lane
Cost: $29/month
Ships To: United States and APO, FPO, and DPO addresses.
Coupon Code: Use code “SAVEHALF” to get 50% off your first box.
November 2014 Citrus Lane
November 2014 Citrus Lane

Yay! WB’s November 2014 Citrus Lane box is here! I actually have two Citrus Lane subscriptions – one for WB who is 2.5 years old and another box which is randomly aged at 4.5 years (it’s L’s age minus two years). They had such a good offer a while back that I jumped on the chance to grab another subscription. This review is for WB’s box.

If you aren’t familiar, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies from 0 to 5 years old which contains four or more products selected especially for the age and stage of your child. Citrus Lane is $29/month, but they always have great coupon codes that let you try them out very inexpensively! And if you order an annual subscription the price drops down to $19/month (and is even less when they do a coupon code on top of that which they may do on Black Friday??).  I always opt for the longer subscription with them because it’s a way better deal.

November 2014 Citrus Lane
The Box

Citrus Lane ships via FedEx Smart Post and took about a week to arrive to me.  My other box has yet to make it to me, but I believe that one shipped a day or two later than this one did.

November 2014 Citrus Lane
First Look

Based on the spoilers for this month, I knew some of the items that I may receive, but I didn’t pay too much attention to which age group was getting which box.  I liked what I saw in this first look a lot though!

November 2014 Citrus Lane
The Information Card

The November 2014 Citrus Lane box included some Citrus Lane favorites to encourage creative play and development.  Here is what was inside:

~Veggie Play Set from Plan Toys (~$12): This set was made just for Citrus Lane, so I had to guess at the price on it.  I LOVE Plan Toys and I really love their fruit and veggie play sets.  I have a few already, but there are some veggies in here that we don’t have yet.  They are always a bit hit and WB likes cutting them and putting them back together.

November 2014 Citrus Lane
Veggie Play Set from Plan Toys

~12 and 24 Piece Puzzle Set from Barefoot Books ($14.99): This was also sent in a past Citrus Lane box.  I looked it up and it was in the 40 month-old box in August 2013.  L can do it no problem, but WB needs a little help still.  I will end up trading this or gifting it since we do already have it.

November 2014 Citrus Lane
12 and 24 Piece Puzzle Set from Barefoot Books

~Brilliant Beeswax Crayons in Storage Case from Faber-Castell ($5.49): These are great for both L and for WB!  There’s just something about a fresh new set of crayons.

November 2014 Citrus Lane
Brilliant Beeswax Crayons in Storage Case from Faber-Castell

~Babyganics Cold Relief Chest Rub ($8.49): This was the “Mystery Item” this month.  I believe there were three choices to pick from, with this being one of them.  I think the other ones for this age group were a snack mix and bandaids.  I opted for the Surprise Me! option because I didn’t have a preference.  However, I am actually happy I got this one since it’s a new product for me.  I really hope we don’t have to use it (because I don’t want anyone to be sick), but at least I will have it if we need it.

November 2014 Citrus Lane
Babyganics Cold Relief Chest Rub

All totaled I came up with a value of $40.97 for the November 2014 Citrus Lane Box!  I was quite happy with my box this month and even though I will be gifting or trading the puzzle, I still think it was totally worth it!  I am now excited to see what comes in my other box in a few days!

Did you get a Citrus Lane this month?  What age did you get and what came in your box?  If you are interested in subscribing, click here and use coupon code “SAVEHALF” to get 50% off your first box!  You will be enrolled in a monthly subscription (which you can always cancel if you are not happy), but it’s an amazing way to try them out!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Katie

    We got the same box – I was sooo happy with it! Our 3 yo box is coming tomorrow. My son already has too much stuff so I give him 1 item from one of the boxes then I hoard the rest for stocking stuffers and gifts for cousins and friends. This will be the best stocking I’ve done yet thanks to CL!

    1. Jennifer

      That’s a great idea!

  2. Jennifer Hughes

    We received the exact same box (A just turned 2 last month). I was so happy to receive those veggies after seeing a similar toy in another one of your boxes. You are lucky to have two because my kiddos are fighting over it. I also need to compliment your photos, I need to take a class or something. lol

    1. Jennifer

      I just use my iPhone and then lighten them up in iPhoto if they are too dark!

  3. Crystal

    Oh, I like this box better than the one we received. My 3YO daughter received a similar puzzle (but it’s 36 pieces and definitely requires some mommy assistance), a set of watercolor crayons, a small watercolor pad of paper and the cold chest rub (I specifically chose that one but just read the ingredients and need to trade or gift it since it has soy in it and my 1YO daughter is severely allergic to soy. Darn!) I would have been so much happier with the wooden food toys – those look like a great little stocking stuffer!

    1. Sara

      We receive the same box you did for our three-year-old son. It was so disappointing! We only paid $20 for our box, but I still feel that we could have done so much better on our own for that amount. Am seriously considering canceling over it.

    2. Melissa B

      Crystal I agree with you. For my 2 1/2 year old I received the same box you described but I would’ve much rather had the box Jennifer got with the wooden toys. I usually love citrus lane but this was my least favorite box ever. My daughter just doesn’t get how to do puzzles and gets really mad and throws the pieces.

  4. Genevieve

    Hoping I get the same box (E turns 2 this month) and hopefully the rub too since I forgot to pick anything. We get crazy colds around here and it would be a nice thing to try.

    1. Jennifer

      I want to try it so bad, but I don’t want anyone to actually get sick. LOL!

  5. Jen

    I picked the baby girl box this month since I have three baby girls to buy for this year! In the box was the lady bug that plays Twinkle, Twinkle, a board book, a bib, and a baby oatmeal package.

    1. Jennifer

      That ladybug sounds great!

  6. Cristina

    We got this exact box as well. My son who is 2 years old LOVED the plan toys veggies. He just loves “cutting” them. I thought the puzzle was a bit too old for him but we opened up the 12 piece one and he started putting a few pieces together and was able to do it just fine with some help from me. He loves puzzles. He also loves the chest rub. He has a cold right now and asks me to apply some every night, it’s really cute actually. lol

    1. Jennifer

      My 2 year old is SO serious about the puzzle and somehow can make all the pieces fit without really completing the puzzle. It’s quite funny to watch.

  7. Chelsea

    I got the box for 2 year old girl…we had the veggies (which are AWESOME), a wooden Melissa & Doug princess puzzle (which my daughter played with immediately), a board book and Annie’s snacks. Oh and a coupon for Tiny Prints. Overall, I was really impressed and LOVED it. I am almost ALWAYS impressed with Citrus Lane.

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds like a good box! You cannot go wrong with those veggies!

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