November 2014 Little Lace Box Review + Coupon Code 40

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Little Lace Box
Cost: $39.99/month
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: Use code “Rambling10” to save $10 off your first box.
November 2014 Little Lace Box

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Little Lace Box
, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a subscription service that delivers hand-curated, nearly impossible-to-find designer products directly to your doorstep every month. Boxes will be brimming with high-end, brand name beauty, lifestyle, and home product samples to treat yourself to and dazzle your friends during your next night out.

November 2014 Little Lace Box

The Box

Little Lace Box ships via USPS Priority Mail.  This month’s box seemed to ship a bit earlier in the month than normal which was likely because of the holiday next week.

November 2014 Little Lace Box

First Look

I was beyond excited to check out this month’s box.  They had indicated that it was going to be the most valuable Little Lace Box to date and also had mentioned that it would be shipping in an oversized box which had me intrigued!

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Second First Look

As you can see this box was packed full!  There were so many goodies in here I didn’t even know where to start.  And like they do with every box, there was a hand-written note included.  I love that!

November 2014 Little Lace Box

The Information Card

The November 2014 Little Lace Box theme was “The Night Before Christmas”.  They advertise the theme in advance so you know if it’s something you are interested in or not which is awesome.  Here is what the amazing November Little Lace Box included:

~Lemon Angora Fluff Mukluks ($49.99): Yes, yes, yes.  A million times yes!  I love these.  And I already want the other colors they have in their shop.  They are totally 100% perfect for a night like tonight.  It’s cold and snowy out and I have the fireplace on.  And like the LLB girls, I could totally see myself wearing these out of the house by accident.  So cozy.

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Angora Fluff Muk Luk

~Hillhouse Naturals Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Candle ($28.70):  According to the information card, this candle has a 100 hour burn time which is insanity. They also said that you should burn the candle one hour for every inch in diameter to ensure a perfect burn, which in this case works out to 4.5 hours per night.  Thank goodness they did the math for me on this one because I was not excited about breaking out my ruler and my calculator.  This candle smells amazing and is already in my guest bathroom!

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Hillhouse Naturals Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Candle

~Holiday Matches from North Pole Match Manufacturing ($2.99): Well of course you need Santa matches to light your new candle!  The box on this is adorable and I’ll totally use these.

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Holiday Matches

~Keeton Infinity Scarf ($29.99): I got a somewhat similar scarf from Stitch Fix last month which I loved, so it’s no surprise I love this one too.  It’s huge and cozy and yeah, I’ll be wearing this in the drop-off line in the morning at school ;).

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Keeton Infinity Scarf

~Red Dear Santa Pillow ($16.99): There were four variations of this pillow sent out, but I love this one! It’s kind of perfect for L, who has started on his Christmas list and already has an insane amount of items on it.  It’d probably just be easier if he showed Santa this.

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Red Dear Santa Pillow

~Pre De Provence Luxe Lavender Bath Salts ($11.69): Little Lace Box suggests using this on Christmas Eve to take a nice long soak and forget about all the holiday shopping / wrapping presents, etc. I may actually to try make that my goal on Christmas Eve this year. It’s always so nuts that I would love a calm bath after we go to our Christmas Eve Event!

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Pre De Provence Luxe Lavender Bath Salts

~Pre De Provence Luxe Lavender Body Butter ($15.99): And after your bath, you can use this fabulous body butter! The odds of me being able to save it that long are slim though because it does smell really good.

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Pre De Provence Luxe Lavender Body Butter

~Bonus Item: Timber Green Woods Snowflake Ornament ($14.95): I believe that everyone got a bonus item, but I am not 100% sure if they were all the same this month (they were not last month). I am thrilled with the ornament and will be hanging it on my tree this year!

November 2014 Little Lace Box

Bonus Item: Timber Green Woods Snowflake Ornament

All totaled I came up with a value of $171.29 for the November 2014 Little Lace Box which is pure insanity since this box is only $39.99/month!  And that doesn’t even include shipping which would be an additional $10+ since they use Priority Mail!  I am beyond impressed by this box and I kid you not, they may end up replacing PopSugar as my favorite subscription box!

Also included in the box was a little information on the December Little Lace Box.  The theme is “A Fresh New Start” and focuses on products just for YOU (not your home).  They were careful to point out that it’s not a fitness or self-help box, but rather is based on a belief that there are certain items that a person can receive that make them feel better about themselves.  After getting this box I am even more excited to see what’s in the December box!  They also noted that they understand that December is a difficult month because of all the gifts we purchase for others, so if you want to skip the December Little Lace Box, just shoot them an e-mail before the 30th of November and let them know.

What do you think of Little Lace Box?  If you are interested in ordering (wouldn’t this box make an incredible holiday gift) or just want to learn more, click here and don’t forget to use the coupon code “Rambling10” to save $10 off your first box.  The November box is sold out, but you can still get the December one!  ETA: You can also use the coupon code “Winter15” through 12.15.14, to save 15% off your entire purchase in their online boutique (does not include subscription purchases).

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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40 thoughts on “November 2014 Little Lace Box Review + Coupon Code

  • Sara

    Ok, I agree, this is the best box ever. It just blows the rest out of the water. Now, I do love the holidays and this totally plays to that, but the items are just so well curated – cozy and warm. I got the scarf variation, it is a huge double- sided green plaid/black and white herringbone fleece’ and I love it. Same bonus item for me. I am telling myself I need to gift some of these items but I want to keep them all for myself!

  • Jules

    Have to wonder if they considered customers who don’t celebrate Christmas. Granted, most of the items are lovely and all-purpose, but the theme and a Santa pillow kind of miss the mark on inclusiveness.

    • HH

      November is my first box (I’m still waiting to receive it), and I don’t celebrate Christmas. Someone from their side contacted me about it and they curated a non-Christmas box for me. I can’t wait to get it. LLB has AMAZING customer service.

      • Paige

        That’s awesome, and doesn’t surprise me at all (Excited to see what you get in your Christmas-free box–post pics!) I had a minor glitch on their website, and their customer service person wrote to me within three minutes, fixing the problem and offering to gift wrap my order for free. Their customer service is IMPECCABLE. Very excited to watch this company grow, and always happy to support them.

        • HH

          A few minutes after I placed my order, I got a call from someone in their fulfillment center who wanted to make sure that I knew that October was sold out and that I would be getting a November box and that the November theme was Christmas. I knew about the sold out box but not the theme (I didn’t understand the clue because I’m not familiar with “The Night Before Christmas” past the first few lines). He said that he guessed from my name (which is Arabic, first and last) that I was Muslim, which I am. He offered to contact the owners about curating a separate box for me and a few hours later Brianna of LLB emailed me and said they would be thrilled to make a separate box for me. I had only been a customer for a few hours at that point, but the proactive and customer-centered attitudes of everyone really made an impression.

      • Callie

        I subscribed after reading the review, but after reading this there is no way I wouldn’t have. Awesome customer service. And yes, please post what you got!

        • HH

          I got my box today! I got the scarf, candle, mukluks, bath salts, and body butter of the regular box along with the pumpkin mask from a previous box as my listed items. Bonus items were black soap, Whoopie body wash, and an Enummi skin care sample pack, all of which, I believe, have been included in other boxes. I am so pleased right now!

  • Meaghan

    I got the same box that you did, except my slippers are ivory colored. I adore everything and feel like my best friend could have picked this stuff out for me. I admit that the same thought Jules had crossed my mind, as well, but the value is still amazing without the pillow and so I think it is still the best box ever. I haven’t felt like this about Popsugar since the original Brokedown gray scarf, way back when…

    • Jennifer Post author

      The ivory slippers are gorgeous!

      I think if you saw the spoiler last month you could have e-mailed them and told them you didn’t celebrate Christmas and they would have included something else like they did for someone who commented on here that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

  • Lindsay

    Love this box so much!! I signed up when novembers box was sold out and was bummed about that but some how still ended up getting it. Love my giant reversible scarf and these slipper socks.I got the ivory color but kinda want the pink too.

  • Terri

    I signed up for this box and gleefully cancelled PSMH. This box just feels so much more personal and authentic. I think Popsugar doesn’t give a flying f**k about their customers only the $ that the customers give them.

  • Paige

    I have been getting this box since September, and they just keep getting better and better. I have no idea how they pulled off this box for $40, but I love it all. I got a reindeer dish towel as a bonus item instead of the ornament. It’s adorable (and perfect for me since I won’t have a tree this year, but still want a little holiday spirit in my place).

    • Jennifer Post author

      Oh, I bet that reindeer towel is fabulous! I pretty much want every single thing they have in their shop. Those girls have excellent taste.

  • Krista

    I’m usually super nervous about subscribing to new sub boxes (umm blue velveteen, luna for you, lip monthly to name a few..) but this is amazing!! It’s almost too good to be true which scares me!!

    And how can this new company come up with this amazing box for $40 but PSMH, which is a huge million+ dollar company can’t put together decent boxes lately?!?

    So this November box IS sold out now?

    • Jennifer Post author

      It is amazing! They have been around for a few months now though, so I wouldn’t be too nervous!

      But if I am ever worried about a new box, I make sure to subscribe with a credit card, not a debit card or paypal, so that I have some protection if something happens!

  • Rebecca

    Is the December box out of stock already? This is the message I got when I tried checking out. Sorry, we do not have enough “Monthly Little Lace Box Subscription” in stock to fulfill your order right now. Please try again in 10080 minutes or edit your cart and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • Kate

    Wow, now this is a great box! Of course the one I want to subscribe to is sold out. I’m always a day late and a dollar short lol. Look forward to seeing next month as this one looks really promising and I’m looking for something to replace Pop Sugar.

  • Patricia

    Wowzers! This box is awesome! I don’t know about you but I felt like a kid at Christmas, it was like a never ending box of fun surprises. I have to say I love the items they put in the boxes but I love the way they treat their customers more. Such impeccable customer service. They said somewhere something along the lines of that the original idea was to get as many subscribers as they could but now they think in order to keep using up and coming designers and maintaining the level of service and products in a timely fashion that might not be the best direction for this company. What an amazing thing! It is so obvious how proud they are of their business and how much effort and love they put into. Bravo LLB!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I read that too! Maybe it was on MUT? I like that a lot!!! Keep your current customers happy and only do what you can handle! Yuzen does that too I believe.