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Bon Appétit Box
Cost: $59/box
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: Use coupon code “RAMBLINGSMOM10” for 10% off your purchases.
Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Bon Appétit Box, who kindly sent me this box to review, sends you the best gourmet foods from France, delivered right to your door. Each Bon Appétit Box is painstakingly curated by avid gourmands, Zoé & Bertrand, and consists of only the finest French artisan goodies. Within your Bon Appétit Box, you will find 7-8 scrumptious gourmet items perfect for sharing, or exploring different combinations and tastes.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

The Box

Bon Appétit Box ships via FedEx within 48 hours of ordering.  If you opt for a two-month subscription you are able to select which two boxes you would like to receive.  If you opt for a 4-month subscription you can opt to receive one of each box (there are 4 types) or you can opt to receive four of the same boxes, or whatever combination of boxes you wish.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

The Bon Appétit Box

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

First Look

Everything is packaged beautifully and the box itself was very sturdy and is ready to gift!  The items are fragile, but everything arrived in perfect condition.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

General Information Card

I received the Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box which included the following items:

~Tapenade aux Olives Noires: If you can’t guess by the name, this is a black olive tapenade spread and is made with finely crushed gourmet French black olives. I am not much of a fan of olives, so I will be passing this on to someone who is.  I am thinking of maybe gifting a few of the items in this box this to my old high-school French teacher.  I know they do lessons about French foods and this is perfect!

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Tapenade aux Olives Noires

~Artichoke Pesto: This is a gourmet pesto spread made primarily with chopped artichokes.   It doesn’t look overly appealing, but I tried it and it’s good!  It’s meant to be served chilled which I think makes it even better.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Artichoke Pesto

~Tapenade aux Olives Vertes: Now this is a green olive spread make with crushed green olives and “Provencal” flavors.  I am not a fan of green olives either, so I will be passing this on too.  Am I the only one who doesn’t like olives?  I think I must be?

Tapenade aux Olives Vertes

Tapenade aux Olives Vertes

~Croquets de Provence: I guess these have olives in them, but I did like these!  They are described as wafers and also have almonds in them. I just thought they were crunchy little treats.  And if you like olives, would be great with the olive spread as well.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Croquets de Provence

~Ewe Cheese Sticks: Delicious!  You could use these with one of the spreads, but I like them alone.  I wouldn’t be sad if they made these in bigger boxes ;).

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Ewe Cheese Sticks

~Eggplant & Red Pepper Bruschetta: I love brushetta!  Nothing is as good as fresh, but this is pretty darn good.  This should also be enjoyed chilled which is a great contrast if you put it on warm toast.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Eggplant & Red Pepper Bruschetta

~Petit Toasts by Les 3 Petits Cochons: I know that this is supposed to be used for the spreads in this box, but my little guy keeps eating them and calling them little breads.  Which is exactly what they are.  Except crispy.

Bon Appétit Paris Apéritif Box

Petit Toasts by Les 3 Petits Cochons

I couldn’t find a lot of these items online, so I couldn’t do a price breakdown on this box.  It has seven items in it which breaks down to a price about $8 per item.

What do you think of Bon Appétit Box? If you are interested in subscribing head on over to their site and use the coupon code “RAMBLINGSMOM10” to save 10% off your purchases!

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Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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