My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Review – #MSA02

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My Subscription Addiction Quarterly
Cost: $50/quarter
Ships To: United States (Free) / International & Canada (Additional Shipping Fees Apply).
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My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02

It’s been another busy (and fun) mail day here which included the arrival of my My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box (#MSA02)!

If you aren’t familiar, Quarterly is a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting. Quarterly Co. offers subscription boxes (which are shipped on a quarterly basis) from well known curators which are filled with things they love.  This box is the My Subscription Addition box which was curated by Liz Cadman, who is the author of the popular subscription box blog called “My Subscription Addiction“.  I have been reading her blog for years and when this box was announced I knew I had to sign up for it!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
The Box

Quarterly typically ships via FedEx Smart Post, however, this box shipped via FedEx.  They had promised delivery by Christmas so they used a quicker shipping method which is awesome.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
First Look

I caved (it didn’t take much) and peeked at full spoilers on Instagram yesterday.  I wasn’t sure how many (if any) variations there were though, so opening it was still a surprise.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
The Letter

The My Subscription Addiction #MSA02 Quarterly Co. box included everything you need for a cozy day at home, a little holiday sparkle and one of Liz’s favorite skincare items. The information card / letter tells you a bit about all of the products along with why the curator selected them for the box.  With some of the celebrity curated boxes, it’s hard to tell if the celebs really participated, but with the Quarterly Co. boxes, the letters are so personalized that I never wonder that.  Here is what the box included:

~Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Throw in Red Whip Stitching ($65): I love the color of this blanker and will get a ton of use out of this during the winter – once I soften it up a bit!  Right now it’s a little, umm, crisp, but the letter says it gets softer every time you wash it.  It’s huge and will be perfect for lazy days on the couch!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Throw in Red Whip Stitching

~Fuzzy Slipper Socks ($9): I keep the house COLD in the winter, so fuzzy socks are a must have!  There were three variations on color on this one according to the letter, but I love the black I received.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
Fuzzy Slipper Socks

~Next Issue Exclusive Offer ($14.99): Next issue is a an App for your iPad, Windows 8 PCs and Tablets and Android devices) and allows you to read over 140 digital magazines every month.  Just for MSA subscribers they are offering the first month free ($14.99 value) and the next two months at 50% off.  I am hoping this will work on my iPhone because my kids have taken over both iPads that use to be mine ;).

~Bauble Bar Ice Circle Pendant ($32): I just mentioned the other day how I like getting smaller pieces of jewelry because we don’t get a ton of them.  This one is great and like the card says, is sparkly, yet subtle!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
Bauble Bar Ice Circle Pendant

~Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadow (Addiction & White Quartz) ($40): “Addiction” is an exclusive color for MSA subscribers! It’s an antique gold shade and really is like no other color I own.  Au Naturale’s makeup is organic, non-toxic, gluten-free, vegan, non-nano and Made in the USA!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadows

~Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hudration Night Cream ($12.99): I have never used any of the “Yes To” creams, but I do like their facial wipes and their shampoos a lot.  According to the card this works great for dry skin, but doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box #MSA02
Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hudration Night Cream

All totaled I came up with a value of $173.98 for the My Subscription Addiction #MSA02 Quarterly Co. box!  That is a great value for the $50 price tag and I am very happy!  I feel like Liz knows what we are all tired of getting in subscription boxes and works to include new, fresh items, but also includes products she actually uses which is great!

Did you get the My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co box?  What variations did you get and what did you think?  If you are interested in subscribing (the next box ships in March 2015) you can click here to get signed up.  One of the best things about Quarterly is that they will not bill you until it shipped, so you don’t have to pay for something two months before it ships!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Nancy Lorenz

    I didn’t get this box, but wish I had. I have been reading Yours and Lizs subscription Blogs for 1 1/2 years. Started both about the same time. You both are so awesome! I love this box and Liz did great. She know how curate an awesomely great box and it shows with this one. I’m proud of her. The blanket, socks and pendant are my favs, but the other items are wonderful too. Thank you Jennifer for reviewing this box and I’m going to have to go about seeing how to get on this subscription plan for the next quarter!

    1. theramblingjen

      Thanks for reading! And you can sign up over at Quarterly and you won’t get billed until the next box shipped!

  2. Stacey

    I got my shipping notice today and saw the spoilers earlier, so I already have e-mailed them and gotten my return label. I like the throw, but its a little too rustic for my decor.. The socks are just boring. The Yes To Carrots product is odd- I was expecting more luxury type items, and I have SO many moisturizers right now. The necklace is cute, but still a little boring- I think a baublebar gift card would have been more fun. The eye shadows are pretty, but I don’t like cream shadows because they crease SO badly on me. Doesn’t matter what brand! Anyway, I am staying subscribed because Liz hit it out of the park on the MSA01 box.. and at least by me not liking anything in the box it makes it easy to return. LOL

    1. theramblingjen

      Quarterly is fantastic with their returns!

      1. Stacey

        They are, but you know I ended up keeping it? haha I opened it and thought the throw would be a perfect Christmas gift for my parents. And I liked the necklace more than I thought I would from picture. I am going to gift the eye shadows and either try or trade the night cream. And I just can’t say no to fuzzy socks (even though they are pink). I’m such a sucker!

  3. Charell

    My box is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I’m pretty happy with it. I subscribed because of the blanket, but I’m sure I’ll use the white eyeshadow and the necklace too. I do wish that this box felt a little more artisan. The items in MSA01 were all very unique and were from smaller brands that were new to me. This box feels a little more mainstream, particularly with the socks and face cream that both seem like drugstore products. But, at the end of the day, I love the blanket, so I’m keeping the box.

    1. theramblingjen

      I would agree that the first box had more lesser known brands which made it really fun. You don’t see a lot of the brands that she picked for her first box in subscription boxes.

  4. Hannah

    My box is supposed to come tomorrow, but I was really hoping it would show up early today. I can’t wait to have it in my hands. I think she did a great job with both of her boxes so far & I already can’t wait for the Spring box!

  5. PA Anna

    I added and dropped this box 3 times. I dropped it the day before billing because my sister will be here for Christmas. I picked up the Rosario Dawson sub as a gift to her because she had to drop it. I already gave her gifts that she opened and have nothing under the tree for her. Originally she .wasn’t going to be at my house.

    Anyways, the big part of the reason I kept adding and dropping the box is because the spoilers did not work for me. I think it is a great winter box although I was a little surprised to see Yes to Carrots Moisturizer. I think the blanket and fuzzy socks will work nice together. I can’t wait for the spring box!

    1. theramblingjen

      What did you think about the Rosario D. box? I saw the pictures and it seems like so many mixed feelings on it. Some LOVE it and some HATE HATE HATE it.

  6. Sarah

    This was my first Quarterly and MSA box — I really enjoyed it. My socks were baby pink; I would have preferred black, but they’re comfortable! I’ve had a lot of these type of socks and, is it just me, but these are less “tight” than others? I really like that. It makes them more comfortable to me. I wonder if you will ever get to do a Quarterly box?? I hope so. 🙂

    1. theramblingjen

      I don’t know! I guess they’d have to ask me first before I have to think about that! I’d probably be too scared!

  7. Tony

    I would love to see you put together a men’s box. There are few choices as a guy for sub boxes (I get Birchbox Man and Bespoke Post). You could probably put together a great box for guys.

    1. theramblingjen

      I would love to see a Men’s type PopSugar subscription!

  8. sabrinafair84

    I like the box overall just for the socks, blanket, and necklace. My box is supposed to come Friday and I hope I get the black socks! The pink ones look kinda ugly to me, lol. I will probably end up swapping the cream. I may end up swapping the eyeshadows too since I have so many palettes right now. I agree that the first box was amazing but this one is good too! I bought 3 more of those chai candles after she put up the Black Friday codes… my fiancee really likes them too! I think it would be nice for her to maybe put in some Bespoke Post type items… those are good value and so nice.

    1. theramblingjen

      What socks did you get?? I think the pink ones may just have been too lightly colored. Hot pink would have been a win!

  9. ChristineInWI

    First box was great, this box just isn’t for me, maybe by me returning it someone else will have the opportunity to enjoy it that would appreciate it more. I like subscription boxes to give me at least a taste of something I wouldn’t have thought to buy for myself because of price or just a product I didn’t know of. The first box had Tatcha – I only knew them for the blotting papers that came in Sample Society – so to get a product I never ever heard of – a powder foaming cleanser exfoliater in a luxurious package was amazing and definitely not something I would have spent $65 of my own money on unless I’d at least sampled it. I never would spend the money on the candle either – so just those 2 items alone made the box for me when it came to MSA01. I use the scarf every day – but in the end found out they sell it on Amazon and Walmart for $20 – still like it but not as fancy/exclusive/special as I originally thought. Maybe when mine gets here I’ll feel different seeing it all – also not sure why I didn’t get mine sooner than you guys – I live in Wisconsin 60 miles from where it shipped – seems like it would reach me first. I think I’ll likely return this box but stay subscribed in case the Spring box looks good I wouldn’t want to ‘fight’ for a spot off the wait list. I’m glad my FFF came today and was more of what I was expecting for a winter box. I also understand that not everyone has a ‘winter’ like we do in Wisconsin so these boxes have to be varied enough to not lose subscribers in TX, CA, FL, etc. who have little use for these things.

    1. theramblingjen

      what did you end up doing with the box?

      And I agree, if I lived in FL or AZ or something I wouldn’t be as excited with throws and fuzzy socks and scarves as I am living in Michigan! What part of WI are you in? My husband grew up there!

      1. ChristineInWI

        I swapped it for December’s PSMH. The blanket gave me flashbacks to my Army days which were not luxurious! The fluffy pink socks were nice but not enough to keep the box.

        I can’t say enough how much I loved FFF this Quarter and that is really what I was hoping MSA02 would be.

        I work in Madison and live South of there in Rock County a town called Milton. Tiny town but known for the first poured grout building in the US which was also part of the Underground Railroad.

  10. Heatherp

    I think this necklace and the popsugar necklace go together nicely. I do not have any gold, its never been a preference, so this makes me excited.

    1. theramblingjen

      Great idea!

  11. Dany

    Sooo… when are we going to get the first Ramblings of a Suburban Mom sub box? 😉 Seriously though that would be great!

    1. theramblingjen

      It’d be fun, but I would be so scared that people would tell me it sucked!

  12. Kate

    I would definitely buy a Ramblings of a Suburban Mom box!! 🙂 This one looks nice though, never heard of it before today.

    1. theramblingjen

      LOL! It’d have nail polish and hand cream in like every box!

  13. Danielle

    I am so excited for my box! According to the tracking info it was delivered today, so I can’t wait to get home to open it. I peeked at spoilers on Instagram, too–in fact, I used your photo! I know a lot of people were disappointed with this box but I think it’s wonderful. The value is still well over the $50 price point, and I love cozy things like the blanket and the socks.

  14. amy

    This box isn’t for me. The first one was just ok. This one went down hill. I like high end stuff or on trend stuff. This is a kmart/ Walmart type box to me.

  15. Ali

    A lot of people are complaining about the value or how it is a low end box, However if you go to Saks with $50 your going to buy socks. Thats it. Her boxes are functional and I like that. I also bought the NM PS box and I can say for what I spend on that even though they were high end items the value wasn’t there to me since I will only use two things that had a value of $100 compared to the $250 I paid. The $50 I paid for this box is well worth it, I think the best way to value a box is by taking the items knocking off 20% and if its above what you would use in the box its a good deal.

  16. Sara Bales

    This is a great box and I will use and love everything in it. I’m not sure why people are complaining about it, the throw is really nice and that alone pays for the cost of the box. There’s a nice combination of makeup, skincare, and lifestyle items. . very well rounded! I’ve been subbing to NextIssue for months now and it’s the best money I spend all month. It actually saves me money, because I don’t impulse buy magazines at the store and I always have new magazines to read. Oh, and it’s nice not to have magazines cluttering the place up.

    1. theramblingjen

      I need NextIssue in my life! It sounds so great!

  17. Ricki Marking-Camuto

    I really liked this box and think she did great with winter items. I needed a new blanket for the living room, so that alone made the box worth it. I love the Addiction color of the eyeshadow, which is a brand totally new to me, so that is awesome. I have never tried Yes to Carrots and am almost out of night cream, so that was pretty cool. The necklace is not my style, but I know I will find myself wearing it more than I think. The socks, though, I could have done without. I got the pink, which is not me, and I already have a ton of this type of sock. If they were a print or something, I would not be so on the fence about them. Overall, though, great box!

  18. Lindsay

    I like the variety of items in the box but will probably gift most of them ( which is what I was hoping to do anyways). However, my box had neither eyeshadow in it. I just emailed them so we will see what happens with that.

    1. theramblingjen

      I think they have pretty good customer service, but let me know what they say!

  19. Layne

    A little disappointed with the Yes to Carrots.Years ago, I tried almost every brand of all natural skincare from Whole Foods and Target. This is, hands down, the worst one. I avoid it now at all costs.
    I guess I would have liked to discover something new instead of get a cheap moisturizer that I can buy at Walmart.

  20. Erin Braun

    I’ve really liked both MSA boxes and I was a total skeptic about subscribing. I feel like they have great variety and quality. I never expect to like every item in a box. I think the curation is extremely well thought out and shows a tremendous amount of care. That being said, I wish I’d got the black socks instead of pink! I still like them though and I live in California. I get cold once the temperature is below 70. I prefer this box 100 times more than Nina Garcia’s.

  21. xinzi

    I would have loved to receive this #MSA02 box! Liz curated it well. So many uses for that type of sturdy wool blanket (emergency car blanket, picnics, on the floor, for decor…). The necklace looks adorable and, IMO, is more versatile than a flashy statement piece. Love that Liz is moving towards eco-friendly/cruelty-free items. Can’t wait for #MSA03!

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