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~Good morning! Christmas is one week from today and I am about to lose my mind. LOL! So much left to do still. Those Christmas cards? Uhh, yeah, they never happened. New Year’s Cards it is. On the bright side, my Reddit Secret Santa gift is headed out today and I finished up all of the goodie bags for L’s classmates at a reasonable time last night which is rare for me.  It’s usually 2am before I am done with that.

This is what happens to all the Target Clearance items.
This is what happens to all the Target Clearance items.

~I’ve still got a few boxes coming before the holiday including Barkbox, For the FaithfulFrenchBox,  Little Lace Box,  PetBox, Phone Case of the MonthPopSugar Holiday for Him and UrthBox.  I think Little Lace Box and FrenchBox are coming today, so yeah, I will be stalking the mailman ;).

~Did you see the “What Happened When I Lived According to Pinterest for a Week” article on Facebook?  So funny.  I was cracking up when she mentioned all the layers she was wearing to recreate the outfits!  Ha!

Loved this!
Loved this!

~And speaking of Pinterest, I am going to do all three of these projects within the next few days.  First of all, nail polish Christmas ornaments?  WHAT?  Why didn’t I think of this magic?  It’s not like I don’t have a few bottles to spare.  I’m so on this.  I know these sharpie paint pen mugs are all over Pinterest so I think it’s time I try one of my own.  I’m going to go to the dollar store and get some cheap mugs and getting crafting!  And this EOS Reindeer Gift?  Get out of town.  All those 90% off EOS Summer Fruit lip balms I have sitting in my closet?  Perfection.  I wanted to get the secretaries at L’s school something little and this is it!


~Did anyone watch the first episode of the new season of The Real World Skeletons?  I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I am curious to hear what it was like.  And I read an article last night that mentioned that the Real World franchise is 22 years old.  And yeah, I remember watching the first episode of the NY season with Heather, Norman, Julie, Eric, Andre and Kevin when it first aired.  That makes me…..old.  LOL!

~My friend Stacey over at Five Minute Style, who I have known FOREVER, made me the cutest box for Christmas.  She labeled it “The Little London Box” (she lives in the UK) and filled it with a bunch of cute little London goodies.  She even decorated the box itself with pictures of the city. Eeek!  I love it.  Having friends overseas is the best!  I send her the Target stuff she can’t get over there and she keeps me stocked with all the amazing things we can’t get here.  Thank you so much Stacey!  You rock!

Thank you Stacey!
Thank you Stacey!

That’s all from here!  What do you have going on today / this weekend?  I’ve got some shopping to finish up, presents to wrap, L’s got a birthday party to attend and probably a million other things I am forgetting!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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    1. theramblingjen

      Did you watch? How was it? I was a total Eric fan! I thought he was the hottest guy ever.

      1. Kristin

        To be honest, I totally forgot about it. I got caught up in a movie and time escaped me. I am sure I will find it online or on ondemand.

  1. Traci Ann

    First um, 90% off EOS? Where? And I actually loved the pinterest article, I am making the mugs either today or tomorrow! I agreed with her on a lot. I am really pale so I have issues with certain things, and lets face it, I just don’t spend a lot of time on hair and makeup. I also can’t braid to save my life. Now if my boxes will arrive and I can figure out what to get for a 3yo boy and an 11yo girl.

    1. theramblingjen

      Last summer at Target they had the blueberry and summer fruit in the Summer clearance that gets marked down to 90% off! I don’t think anyone really knew they were clearance (they aren’t marked) so there were tons left and I stocked up!

      1. Traci Ann

        I wish I had known, I never really look at their clearance too much anymore because half the time it is only 10% off MSRP, and they usually sell it on sale anyway.

        1. theramblingjen

          At Target’s clearance? They have the best after holiday clearance. You don’t really know what’s on clearance unless you “know” because it’s not marked. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt.

      2. laura r

        I got a target clearance pro-tip from my brother, who took a second job at target because teaching our future doesn’t pay enough. I asked him about dumpster diving and he said they don’t throw stuff away because they have zero clearance, where they’ll just have the stuff that’s been on clearance forever ring up free.

        1. theramblingjen

          At my local Targets the seasonal stuff gets marked down to 90% where it stays for a few days. And then whatever is left is boxed up and donated or sold to the goodwill or someplace along those lines. If you happen to find one of the items in the store, it will ring up “INF” or “Item Not Found” and they will either sell it to you at a discount of refuse to sell it to you at all. I have never had anything ring up free though. In my dreams maybe ;).

  2. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    I just had to read the Pinterest post. She is so right in so many things. I love some of the looks but I live in NC so if I wore all those clothes I would die of heat stroke. LOL I so rarely even pull out the sweaters let alone layer it with other items. 🙂 I love those mugs and I keep seeing them. The boys and I may need to try them next week.

    1. theramblingjen

      Let me know if you do the mugs. I need to get the stuff but I really want to do them!

  3. Jaime

    Little lace and french box area amazeballs! I die. You’ll love them.

    1. theramblingjen

      Loved them both!

  4. laura r

    What’s in the goodie bags? They look awesome!

    I don’t even look at pinterest because it’s too overwhelming. But that article was great!

    I should get some cleaning tips there though. My boyfriend’s parents will be here Sunday and our master bedroom… well, let’s just say my closet has exploded and has slowly been taking over my whole house. I need to take care of that today. Also, his parents and my parents have never met, despite us being together 9+ years… so I’m freaking out. Added to that, I have until the 23rd to submit all my paperwork for nursing school and I’m having seriously cold feet. So all I want to do is sleep, lol.

    1. theramblingjen

      How long are they staying with you?????? Are you stressed?

      The boy bags have a activity pack with coloring pages, stickers, a few crayons, etc. and then a little batman figurine. The girls ones have the same coloring pack and a Hello kitty pouch with either nail polishes or lip glosses.

      1. laura r

        His dad is retired and his mom is a teacher.. so 2 weeks! They arrived yesterday and fortunately, I managed to get my house up to their standards.

        I was really stressed yesterday but then we all had wine and that solved that. My boyfriend works from home today but I’ll have to figure out stuff to do with them Tuesday and Wednesday. Then he has the 25th-1st off so I’ll have to entertain them the 2nd and then I think they’ll head back home that weekend. So really only 3 days where I’ll be with them alone all day. They’re really nice but I always forget how nice they are and stress out about whether or not they’re going to judge me, lol.

  5. Elizabeth

    The goodie bags look great!!!

    The Pinterest article is a riot. I look for ideas but don’t try to copy anything exactly anymore unless it’s a printable 🙂

    And I am definitely going to use the reindeer EOS for some little gifts we need. Thanks for sharing!

    1. theramblingjen


      I hope the reindeer are a hit! A parent in L’s class used suckers instead of EOS which was really cute too!

  6. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    loved the first season of the “Real World” …only watched for about 7 season but the first was always my favorite. Will be watching Oprah’s “Where Are They Now” on Sunday to see Julie, Norman, & Heather go back to the loft….so excited… Wish it was the entire cast..

    1. theramblingjen

      Did you watch tonight?? What’s everyone up to?

      1. Kimm Jones Furlotte

        I did! The loft of course has been remodeled inside but still fun to
        watch them all walk through the door again along with the clip of them
        walking through 22 years ago. Julie is married with 2 kids, Heather B
        hosts a radio show on Sirius radio, Andre is still a musician and on
        tour with his band, Kevin is involved in politics, Becky is still
        involved with music (they really didn’t say much about her), Norman is
        involved in film making, Eric just became a dad in Sept ..he and his
        wife live in Hawaii and are spiritual healers now!! Would love to see
        them do something big for the 25th anniversary and lock them all in the
        house again for at least a weekend! LOL 😉

  7. Jorja Loughmiller

    I decided at the last-minute to do Christmas cards this year. We got married in July and I figured I would later regret not doing cards with our wedding photos. I used for the first time because they offered free envelope addressing and if you paid for postage (same price as stamps you’d buy yourself), they would stamp and mail for you. I ordered on Thursday and they hit my friends & family mailboxes on Monday! The quality is great and so worth the price. (I got about 40 cards for $60, including the postage.)

    1. theramblingjen

      That is amazing! I need to remember that place for next year! That sounds amazing and hassle free! And not crazy expensive at all!

  8. Lauren

    I’m right there with you on the Christmas cards… where did this month go?? Oh right, watching reality shows lol! I watched the new Real World last night, and holy cow it is a train wreck! I have not watched any of the seasons for probably the past 5 years or so, because I’ve been a loyal Challenge fan (speaking of, they aired the preview for the one that premieres next month, Battle of the Exes II – I’ll be ready with tissues for Diem!). But I totally got sucked into the idea of the whole skeleton thing for this season. The drama started the first night they were there of course and they are only just getting started…

    1. theramblingjen

      Ahhh, I need to start watching that season!

      Between Knight and Diem, I am going to be a mess with the Battle of the Exes.

  9. PA Anna

    I remember one year when my older son was in kindergarten. It was the type of class where everyone invited the whole class to the birthday party. I had amazing grab bags that year because of 90% off Christmas clearance. I lucked out that the guy brought out cases of Christmas legos and a bunch of other items. Now I live in an area where they pack it up for GoodWill instead of going down to 90% off. Memories 🙂

    I made similar ornaments using paint. A cat climb up the Christmas tree, knocked it down, and walked through it. I spent time today cleaning up my floor and cat. I never thought about using nailpolish.

    LLB came yesterday along with Fancy Nicky Hilton. I promptly cancelled Fancy Nicky Hilton. BarkBox arrived today. French Box will be arriving tomorrow along with Quarterly Design Sponge! I love my LLB.

    1. theramblingjen

      What was in the Nicky Hilton Fancy??? I canceled after last month!

      That is so sad about the Target clearance. That’s how I make all my goodie bags!

  10. Sara Cee

    I’m going to finish my Christmas cards tomorrow – well, that’s the goal, anyway, so that I can send them off on Saturday. While making them is a little bit of work, the part that I always obsess the most over is the actual writing bc of having to write ‘nicely’ and not making any mistakes -_- Also, my sister and I agreed on doing ‘Happy Middle of January’ cards 😉
    You should definitely do Christmas cards with your dogs. They’re so cute and who wouldn’t like a card with dogs? ‘We wish you a furry Christmas 2015’.

    In other news, my 5-year-old niece wants a Rainbow Loom for Christmas – yay, I can already picture my sister entering a world of pain^^
    Are there any items on your boys wish lists that you’re not too crazy about? Is L still hoping for an RV?

    1. theramblingjen

      OMG I am cracking up. He was so serious about that RV last year. He still wants one, but he’s saving his money for it. I told him that Santa just can’t bring big cars and stuff.

      L did want an iWatch this year,but I think I talked him out of asking Santa for that. They aren’t even on sale yet so how would Santa even know how to make that? And then there is the obvious, why does a 6 year old even need an iWatch? They don’t!

      Happy Middle of January cards sounds like the most perfect thing ever.

      And those rainbow looms are way more difficult than I ever imagined. L asked for one last year. I had to find a YouTube video of some 12 year-old girl making a bracelet before I figured it out.

  11. Tabitha

    That Pinterest article is awesome!

    I totally have that EOS reindeer printable pinned too. There are also ones with Santa, a snowman, and a gingerbread man on Pinterest.

    1. theramblingjen

      I need to find those!

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