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Two questions today…..

1. What is your favorite Christmas cookie? I always ask this one, but Christmas cookies are too yummy not to talk about every year ;). My favorites are for sure Kiss Cookies. I believe that some people also call them Peanut Butter Blossoms, but they will always be kiss cookies to me!

2. Are you gifting / asking for any subscription boxes for Christmas? If so, which ones? I picked a PopSugar subscription for my cousin, Koala Crate for WB, and the Men’s Limited Edition PopSugar Box for B. The coupon code pushed me over the edge. I will also be using a lot of extras and items I have been saving from boxes this past year as Christmas / Holiday gifts!

Now it’s your turn!

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  1. Erin O.

    I love chocolate crinkles and I won’t be gifting any subscription boxes.

  2. Chrissy

    I love sugar cookies. Simple and classic (and lots of frosting, om nom nom). 🙂

    I am not gifting anyone a subscription box but I am gifting a lot of sub box items to folks!

  3. Britney

    1. I love the regular butter cookies, I can eat an entire tin in one day if I let myself.

    2. No, but I am gifting some of the things I’ve received in my boxes. I giving the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial to my mom and the Balanced Guru Hair Oil to her best friend. I’m also making goodie bags (with all the makeup bags I have now) to put in all the girl’s stockings! 🙂

  4. Cristina

    I enjoy all cookies right now, epecially if it’s homemade. I’m pregnant (23 weeks) so I am taking advantage of this holiday season and eating. Usually I try to watch my weight 🙂
    I will not be gifting any subscription boxes, and am not asking for any. I am however gifting items that I have received in previous months subscription boxes as stocking stuffers to family and friends. There is just way too much for me to use, so I might as well gift it.

  5. mary m

    Sugar cookies 🙂

    Not really. I’ll keep the kids subscriptions up and let them know it’s one of their gifts 🙂

  6. Jamie

    I don’t even know if I like meringues, but I am super excited to make these Christmas tree meringues that I found on the pampered chef website!

  7. PA Anna

    1. I love chocolate crinkle cookies.

    2. I gifted BirchBox, PopSugar, GoodeBox, and there are items in the sub boxes that will be gifted to people too. Can I count the Nerd Block Grab Blocks? I’m gifted the classic to the older son and the junior to the younger son.

  8. Cymbre Martin

    We make chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter cookies that are wheat gluten free for my little sister! They are to die for, so soft!

    I’m not gifting subscription boxes, but I am gifting items from them. Popsugar accidentally sent me two November boxes, so I may gift one of them as a whole or swap with it.

  9. Je

    My favorite cookie are Chocolate Crinkles!
    I am getting a few for gifts – The Music Box for a friend and the Boodle Box my best friend’s daughters.

  10. Jaime

    I love kiss cookies.

    My girls both got kiwi/koala crate, and citrus lane. Gifting a lot of items from sub boxes. So far it’s been a hit.

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