Winter 2014 FabFitFun Giveaway!

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Winter 2014 FabFitFun
Winter 2014 FabFitFun

Okay, so I lied. I have one more giveaway before Christmas! This isn’t going to end until next weekend though, so there’s no way you’ll get it in time for Christmas. Up for grabs is a Winter 2014 FabFitFun box! It includes:

~HALF UNITED Bullet Necklace (a $34 value)
~yourMinerals Eye Shimmer in Swedish Winter (White) and another shade (a $42 value)                                                            ~Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive (a $39 value)
~LATHER AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose ($18)
~COCO by Daniel Stone Candle ($42)
~Passport To Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum ($88)
~Zumba 60-min DVD and $25 apparel gift card ($55)
~$30 Fashion Project gift card  ($30)
~3-Month Membership to ($29.97)

Sponsored Items:
~Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake (thanks for the id Kristi!)
~Justin’s Class Almond Butter ($.63)
~Special K Snack Bars ($2.62)

If you just want to win one, all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below and you’ll be all set!  If you want to order this box, you can head over to FabFitFun use the coupon code “WINTER10” to save $10 off your first box, making it only $39.99!

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  1. Tamara

    I like the candle the most. What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  2. Beth

    Candle.. Duh! 🙂

  3. Julie


  4. Elizabeth

    Love the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

  5. Madelyn

    My favorite item is the candle!

  6. Liz

    The candle!

  7. Maura

    the candle.. or the peel!

  8. Candace

    The candle and hand cream

  9. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    I’m loving the candle but lots of other items in there I would love to try out.

  10. Kelsey

    The Daniel Stone candle is my favorite.

  11. Amanda Fojtik

    Would anyone want to trade my silver bullet necklace for their gold? I would love the gold one, thanks 🙂

    1. Rose D.

      I will! I won’t wear the gold.

  12. Jess Harrison

    Probably the AHA hand cream. Hands get forgotten in the fight against skin aging, and wrinkled hands are not great.

  13. Jen Partridge Kiley

    I’d like the candle!

  14. Rose D.

    It’s a tie between the candle and the hand cream.

  15. Stephanie

    The candle!

  16. nadya kotik

    the $30 gift card for sure!

  17. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d love to try the COCO by Daniel Stone Candle

  18. Niki T.

    The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel!

  19. Rachel

    The candle and Green Apple Peel

  20. Joanne

    I really love the $30 gift card.

  21. Ashley

    The hand creme looks awesome! But so does the zumba gift card 🙂

  22. Ake

    I know it’s hardly a major item, but the nut butter. I think those little packets are so handy, but too expensive compared to jars!

  23. Allison

    My favorite item is the Juice Beauty peel. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Alicia

    The candle!

  25. Amanda G


  26. Jasujo

    The candle! 🙂

  27. cheryltravels

    I like the candle.

  28. Bridget Ann Sabesan

    Eye cream

  29. Staci

    The hand cream in evening primrose.

  30. Jennifer

    My favorite is the candle

  31. Kaley Lambert

    I love that candle!

  32. Colleen Boudreau

    The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive.

  33. Nich

    IMy favorite item, wow a hard choice either the Juice Beauty or the candle. Thanks!

  34. Laurah Norton

    The eye serum!

  35. Lanie

    I’d like to try salted

  36. Jenn G

    I’d love to try the peel or the eye serum. I’m really on the fence about grabbing this box!

  37. Becka

    My favorite items are the eye serum and the Juice Beauty peel 🙂

  38. Wendy

    I had never heard of before and would love to try it

  39. Lizet Pants

    I am excited about the eye serum

  40. Elissa

    The candle

  41. terri s

    the candle and necklace.

  42. Maria

    The Serum

  43. Lindsay N

    thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  44. Nicole

    The candle is my favorite! 🙂

  45. Sher

    I have my eye on the eye serum 🙂

  46. eliz_h

    the peel

  47. Allison S

    The candle! My box was stolen from my porch and so I never got it 🙁 I would love to win one to replace it!

  48. katrina

    definitely the candle!!

  49. Helen

    The fashion gift certificate

  50. Sneaky Burrito

    Well, I love candles. But I need to start exercising again. So I’ll say the DVD.

  51. Julie

    I love Juice Beauty, so really want to try that peel!

  52. kelly s.

    The candle!!

  53. Kris Tin

    The salted tv membership looks amazing

  54. wendy

    I love the whole box, but I’m a Zumba fanatic- so the Zumba dvd and card!

  55. Jessica Alipio

    The apple peel

  56. Kathryn Cassard Johnson

    The candle or the hand cream!

  57. krbi

    The candle. Always!!

  58. Jill


  59. Sylvia

    The Juice Beauty green apple peel is my favorite–love all their products! (I’m pretty psyched about the candle, too.)

  60. ChristineInWI

    The eye cream – I love getting ridiculously insanely priced products I’d never buy with my own money and out of the whole box that is what I’d want the most and spend my money on the least.

  61. Gina Germane Gallagher

    I’m most excited about the candle.

  62. Julie Crabb

    The apple peel! My skin could use a little ‘healthy cellular turnover”.

  63. Katherine

    The candle!

  64. miranda

    the candle sounds awesome

  65. Jennifer Hodgen

    The eye cream – something I would never spend the money on but would love to try!

  66. Amber Faerber Chapman

    Hard as I like so many of the items but I think the candle

  67. Debra Klein Brownstein

    The candle!

  68. Laura

    My favorite was the zumba DVD and gift card! Can’t wait for my zumba towels and head bands to come!

  69. Kim

    FabFitFun always has great boxes!

  70. Rachel Faulkner

    I’d love that candle!

  71. Ashley

    The Juice Beauty peel!

  72. Jennifer s

    Fabfitfun is the best

  73. Sara Wagner

    I love the candle!

  74. Laura

    The candle!

  75. Percylyn

    The eye cream

  76. Diana Vuong

    My favorite would be the hand creme and the Zumba 60 minute DVD and the $25 apparel gift card!

  77. chelsea


  78. Nancy

    The Hand Cream! My hands get so dry and I just love this! Thanks again Jennifer of your awesome giveaways!!!

  79. Erin

    I am most excited by the coconut oil candle!

  80. Tracee

    Definitely the CoCo candle

  81. Kate Kailer

    I love the candle! I want more of them.

  82. Kelly G

    The candle!!!!

  83. Lorin Montgomery

    The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel is my fav item.

  84. Karen

    The candle or the Juice Beauty peel.

  85. Hannah

    I can never say no to a candle

  86. Marilyn

    I love a beautiful candle it so relaxes me.

  87. cindy


  88. Ashley

    I want that candle!

  89. Lindsay


  90. Elise McVeigh

    It all sounds great! The candle looks wonderful and the eye serum sounds lovely 🙂

  91. Stacey

    The candle!

  92. Brenda Disimone

    the candle

  93. Alice H

    The hand cream. My hands are so dry and they look like I’m 90 years old!

  94. Kelsey

    Juice beauty!

  95. Helen

    The Fashion Project gift card looks new and exciting.

  96. Melanie

    The candle!

  97. Kate

    Candle! 🙂

  98. Christina G

    My favorite is the COCO by Daniel Stone Candle – it’s so elegant looking!

  99. Christine Fortes

    The candle

  100. Judy Louie

    The candle is my favorite.

  101. bisexual narwhal

    I love the candle! The scent is so fresh and creamy.

  102. Ashley Cabell

    Daniel Stone candle.

  103. Kristy


  104. Crystal

    I really want to try that Juice Beauty Peel! 🙂

  105. Erin

    The candle!

  106. Izzy Dasti

    The candle!, It’s amazing

  107. Sarah B

    I would love to try the eye cream!

  108. Shawn

    The gift codes are awesome—you can actually chose something without having to add a ton of money to the purchase. The whole box looks fun!

  109. Alicia N

    COCO by Daniel Stone candle is my favorite item in this box!

  110. Christeen Miller

    The juice beauty peel.

  111. Catherine Schmidt

    I want the candle!

  112. valerie sobus

    it’s seriously really hard to say, it’s an INCREDIBLE little package you’ve put together 😉 but i’m going to say it’s a tie between the eye shadow and the zumba dvd! (i’ve never had extra money for a zumba class but always been interested!)

  113. alejandra

    the gift card is my favorite but I also liked the dvd and the special K bar

  114. g lake

    Love the Co Co Candle

  115. Allison

    I didn’t get this box, but probably the candle. I always need more candles 🙂

  116. SuzeeLauren

    The candle, hands down! You can use it as lotion or massage oil too 🙂

  117. Lia LT

    I’m a sucker for a good candle!

  118. Kate

    I’m loving the necklace, and could always use another candle! I’d love to try the peel too, I’ve heard great things about juice beauty

  119. Mandy P

    i”m excited for the goji berry eye serum! I would love to get another box. I subscribed because I figured I would be able to gift most of the box but I love almost all of it!

  120. illy junus

    I would love to try the juice beauty products and the eye serum

  121. Judy

    The eyeshadow and candle!

  122. Deb Jackson

    I like the candle.

  123. Mary Jenkins

    I want to get my grubby little hands on that Coco candle! It would be lovely beside my bath tub!

  124. Rust

    I’d love to try the Passport To Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum!

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