January 2015 Date in a Crate Review

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Date in a Crate
Cost: $39.99/month
Ships To: United States & Canada ($49.99 CAD)
Coupon Code: “RESOLUTION2015” to save 10% off your first box.
January 2014 Date in a Crate
January 2014 Date in a Crate

Date in a Crate, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a subscription box service that helps improve relationships. Each month, we send out a unique, seasonally themed box filled with date ideas and items including gourmet snacks and a red box code, a monthly newsletter on how to improve your relationship, and other surprise items.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
The Box

Date in a Crate ships via USPS during the second week of the month. Your first box will ship the month following the month in which you signed up. For example if you subscribe between 1/1/15 and 1/31/15, your first box will arrive by the 10th of February.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
First Look
January 2014 Date in a Crate
Second First Look

Date in a Crate is a very new box which meant I had no idea what to expect. The packaging and presentation were both great and I thought the actual box itself was adorable.

January 2015 Date in a Crate
The Information Card

The January 2015 Date in a Crate Newsletter was about Resolutions. The date idea this month was to find a recipe that sounds good to both of you and to spend the night making dinner together! The box included the following items to help with the date and after:

~Sagestruck Herbary Pilli Pilli in Olive Oil ($3): B will totally use this in whatever recipe we settle on making.  I will help him by keeping his glass filled with wine and making sure the dishes are all clean.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
Sagestruck Herbary

~Memories for Life Wooden Spoon ($4): Totally cute and, of course, you need a wooden spoon to cook with!  I think these would be really neat wedding / shower favors.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
Memories for Life Wooden Spoon

~Orange Chevron Towel (~$5): Well,  it’s pretty clear that I like this.  LOL!  I am hanging it on the stove in my kitchen and we’ll get a ton of use out of it.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
Orange Chevron Towel

~Redbox Coupon Code ($2): I didn’t take a picture of it, but the box included a unique code for a Redbox rental.  So after you make dinner, you can sit down for a movie night.

~Cinnamon Roll Peanut Brittle (~$5): I couldn’t find a price on this one, so I had to estimate.  I don’t love peanut brittle, but I did love that this was a new to me brand and a snack we don’t get a ton of (like say popcorn).

January 2014 Date in a Crate
Cinnamon Roll Peanut Brittle

~Imperial Nuts Antioxidant Blend ($5.50): This is another snack that I wouldn’t have expected to received in here, but again is a welcome one.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
Imperial Nuts Antioxidant Blend

~Tips / Ideas: The box also included a magnet which featured your “Recipe for Resolution”.  These are ideas on ways to spend more time together this year and, while simple ideas, are good ones.

January 2014 Date in a Crate
Tips / Ideas

All totaled I came up with a value of $24.50 for the January 2015 Date in a Crate.  I really wanted to be wowed and love this box, but I am disappointed that the value wasn’t higher.  The box is $39.99/month and I would expected the value to be much closer to that.  I am going to watch this one the next few months and hopefully we’ll see a boost in values!

What do yo u think of Date in a Crate?  If you are interested in signing up, you can head over to their site and use the coupon code “RESOLUTION2015” to save 10% off your first box.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. raisin

    Looks like a snack box

    1. theramblingjen

      I know. It needed more…something. Maybe cute aprons? A little game to play or questions to be discussed while cooking? Something!

      1. raisin

        Right! Maybe they should do themed boxes and this one could have provided ingredients to make a meal for two, maybe even just for a decadent dessert. The recipe cards could have been for a nice meal the couple could have cooked together. Include some candles for a candlelit dinner and maybe a drink mix. Since they had a coupon for Redbox, this could have been the perfect box for a date night in.

  2. PA Anna

    I’m disappointed. My husband would be very unhappy if I purchased this box. I was hoping for a little more. I’ll keep reading reviews and see where it ends up.

  3. MarylandJill

    Yeah, not sure that my husband would be too happy with this. He seems happy with Fantasy Box though 😉

    1. theramblingjen

      How could he not be? LOL!

      1. PA Anna

        My husband loves the Fantasy box too 🙂

  4. Melissa

    Wow. My husband said, “They think a wooden spoon, a hand towel and some nuts will make our relationship better?? A WOODEN SPOON???” LOL. Sorry, but whoever curated this was a little out there!

    1. theramblingjen


    2. Catherine

      Ya’ll should checkout Date Crates! http://datecrates.co/ I’ve heard lots of positive reviews and you can pick your date theme:)

  5. Kelsey A.

    hmm…a little disappointed. I’m glad it was a complimentary one for you, I would’ve been pretty unhappy to receive a box $15 less than it’s value. The Dot (dottie? the etsy one) seems to break even but like you’ve mentioned, paying for shipping would tip the scale but I can’t find the justification here….

    1. theramblingjen

      I really though the value would be a lot higher!

  6. Catherine

    Ya’ll should checkout Date Crates! http://datecrates.co/ I’ve heard lots of positive reviews and you can pick your date theme:)

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