Target + PopSugar Must Have Box Giveaway!!!!

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Target + PopSugar Must Have Box
Target + PopSugar Must Have Box

As I mentioned earlier in the week, PopSugar and Target have collaborated for PopSugar’s latest special edition box!  The PopSugar + Target Must Have Fit Fresh Fun Box promises to bring you everything you’ll need to make 2015 your healthiest yet and was available for $65 on the PopSugar website.  Sadly it’s already sold out (I think it sold out in less than 24 hours), BUT I ordered an extra, so you have another chance to get one!  Or, if you ordered it, it’s a chance to win a second one to share with a friend.

We have no spoilers yet on this one, so it’ll be a complete surprise to everyone when it comes.  As soon as I receive it, I will ship it out of the winner to enjoy.  If you want to enter, well, you know the drill.  Just make sure you read the official rules and GOOD LUCK!

**Update: Full spoilers for the box have been posted here.**

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  1. Vicki

    Looking forward to seeing this one!

    1. theramblingjen

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Kris Seaman

        Where is the giveaway question?

        1. theramblingjen


  2. Maria

    Missed it! Would love to have it. Can’t wait to see what brings!!

    1. theramblingjen

      Just a reminder to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Maria

        After the fact..but…def ‘The Fitbit’ and guess what?? It’s there!!

  3. Jennifer

    I am so sad I missed this one and would love to win one! I have gotten every box since the first box but didn’t see this was for sale in time to buy it.

    1. theramblingjen

      Make sure you answer the giveaway question!

  4. Kelly

    I’m hoping for some new workout gear!

  5. Kelsey

    Would it be crazy for it to include a fitbit!?

    1. theramblingjen

      I wouldn’t be sad if it did!

  6. Chelsey

    I’m hoping for a fancy water bottle, fitness socks and maybe a fun fitness/health book of some sort

  7. Karen

    I was going to say fitbit too, but that’s wishful thinking.

  8. Kayla Newkirk

    Some type of fitness tracking device like a Fitbit would be awesome! 🙂

  9. Sperez

    Some workout pants but don’t think that’s gonna happen. Soooooo a water bottle?

  10. Jennifer Hodgen

    I am hoping for a nice water bottle or a nice yoga mat or a good muscle rub

  11. Melissa

    I would like to see some yoga items, maybe some Boots7 products, and something warm and cozy to wear or drink!

  12. Anjelica Pagnozzi

    hoping there is a good workout guide in it

  13. Gina O

    I’m hoping for a gift card for workout clothes.

  14. chandra

    I would love a nice water bottle

  15. Lanie

    I didn’t order it, but if I did, I really need a new water bottle. Not super exciting, but useful.

  16. Theresa

    I would love a code to get a new pair of sneakers! I didn’t get this, but I was soo tempted. Thank you for doing the giveaway!!!

  17. Kim

    a fitness tracker of some kind would be great.

  18. Nicole Anton

    I’m hoping there’s a live in chef, nanny and trainer inside 😉 healthy eating, check. Mental Heath, check. Body, check.

  19. Debra Klein Brownstein

    I would love either one of those armbands that could hold my iPod while I exercise or even a pair wireless Bluetooth headphones. I need music to exercise but it’s a pain with corded headphones and having to carry my iPod. I know I don’t want anymore of those mini ” energy” drinks; I feel like I’ve gotten thousands of them!

  20. Annie

    I would love to see some work out clothes, but that’s too size specific, so maybe a target card or coupons to get them in store?

  21. Becca

    I think a filtered water bottle might be fun. Waited too long to sign up. Hoping I win the giveaway! 🙂

  22. Rebecca

    I’m hoping to see a cool snack/beverage I’ve never tried, and some nice workout accessory to motivate me.

  23. MissTLCmn .

    ANYTHING but another exercise ball…LOL! 🙂

  24. emiie

    I would love to see wrist and ankle weights, a towel like the one from the Jan popsugar, some skincare/hydration items.

  25. Ashley

    So excited your giving one away! I was so sad I missed it. I hope there’s one of those cool water infuser bottles in the box!

  26. I don’t know what to hope for, since it’s unsized. Maybe some awesome socks and a good water bottle?

  27. Amazinglynotreallyblessed

    I really wanted to try this one out but promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new boxes right now, so this makes smile today. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Elizabeth A

    Would love a thin travel yoga mat.

  29. Emily k

    I’d love a yoga mat and/or some little 2 or 3 lbs weights!

  30. Rose D.

    I’d like a nice workout towel!

  31. Kiley Young

    I’m almost bought it hoping for a fitness tracker, but decided that was too big of a gamble. But that would be great. Also hoping for tools for healthier cooking!

  32. Sarah

    I’d love for it to include a cirtus zinger-type water bottle! I use mine all the time ~ or a mixer water bottle for smoothies. It would also be great to see some workout gear — but nothing too size-oriented. A nice pair of breathable socks, some shoelaces that are easy tie, etc.

  33. Laura

    Hoping for a nice work out sports bottle.

  34. Olga

    I am hoping for some new workout gear! 🙂

  35. Nich

    Thanks for this opportunity I missed out on ordering. Looking forward to seeing the array of items PopSugar +Target curated!

  36. Jamie

    I’m so sad I missed this one. I hope it has some fun workout stuff!

  37. Angela

    A Fitbit would be amazing!

  38. Lisa

    I hesitated to buy this one, but I’m curious to see what’s in it. I would hope for some items to help with at-home workouts (gyms can be so pricey!)

  39. brittany

    some cute headbands!!

  40. Alexis F

    I would love a new awesome work out DVD or some good multivitamins!

  41. Shelly

    I so wish I would have gotten this one!!

  42. Jorja Loughmiller

    I would love to see a gym bag or some sport ear buds that Stay in my ears even while running and sweaty.

  43. Pattie Boon

    I hope that there are non-stop headbands and maybe some socks. Is that weird?

  44. Roisin Delaney

    I want anything.. I’m so bummed I miss it.

  45. Julie

    A foam roller would be awesome!

  46. Maura

    I would love it if there was a yoga mat in the box!

  47. Tamara

    Another Nike gift card! 🙂

  48. Amanda Ashley

    I would like that this box brings great products that would help in weight loss, and in new ways. I would like to be fit again and more active with my boys.

  49. Katherine

    Would love to see sports earbuds or healthy snacks!

  50. Laura

    I would love to see some yoga clothing/products, a beautiful glass water bottle and a workout planner/training manual.

  51. S

    Yoga mat!!

  52. Brandy

    i am hoping for something to make me forget how mad i am at eco paint.

  53. Sam L

    I hope there are resistance bands in the box. I imagine they wouldn’t send any clothing that can’t fit all, but maybe they would include socks or a headband. A FitBit or TRX would be amazing!

  54. wendy

    Fitness DVDs and gift certificate for some amazing workout wear!!

  55. Alison

    I’m hoping to get a really cool workout DVD! I love to scour Target’s fitness/sporting goods section for workout DVDs.

  56. eliz

    epic food bars, fitbit, and a leslie sansone dvd.

  57. Anais

    I’m hoping to find everything to get me back in shape after having the last baby. Fitbit would be super cool!

  58. Ricki Marking-Camuto

    Workout videos, or some good music.

  59. nichole van bruggen

    I would love to see a pair of workout socks or a code for shoes, i need both!

  60. Robyn Thogmartin

    I would love to see a fitness tracker, gift card for new sneakers, and wireless earbuds.

  61. Lisa D.

    I would love to see some high quality socks, hair ties and high protein/low fat snacks!

  62. Tabitha

    I hope the box includes tasty protein bars.

  63. Alicia

    Would like some cute workout clothes!

  64. Cyrille

    Would love to see workout gear!

  65. Christine Jones

    Workout Gear!!!

  66. Lorennn

    I would love an iPod armband type thing. I can never decide that I like one enough to commit…

  67. Hilda

    A Fitbit would be awesome! A girl can dream…

  68. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    Oh my lets see what do I want. Hmmm I would love a great water bottle, maybe an exercise mat. I’m not sure what else. Clothing would be hard due to sizes unless they gave a decent size gc with free shipping!!!

  69. Liz

    A cute water bottle would be nice .. or a fitbit 🙂

  70. LindaJFleming

    Anything fitness-related would be fabulous – water bottle, workout clothes, Fitbit….

  71. cheryltravels

    I need one of those arm bands to hold my phone while jogging.

  72. Lorin Montgomery

    Something that I’ve never seen before.

  73. sabrinafair84

    I just hope not a water bottle… Maybe some nice yoga gear?

  74. steph

    I want an interactive bit, Wii fitness something that makes you realize how good you are doing.

  75. Jill

    Some new fun music!

  76. kelly s

    Workout gear would be nice!

  77. Kristy

    I think an awesome water bottle and a dvd or two would be great!

  78. Mallory B

    I hope there’s a cute water bottle in it!

  79. Diana Vuong

    Maybe a workout outfit with workout gear!

  80. Stephanie

    Cute headbands!

  81. Emily

    I would like to see something yoga related. A strap would be cool. Or something to make my stinky mat smell better.

  82. Katrina

    An elliptical!
    Oh…you wanted a realistic answer? 😉
    Yoga socks, then.

  83. Paige

    Wish I had gotten this in time. Was hoping for a fitbit or jawbone up!

  84. Sophie

    I’m hoping for a glass water bottle and maybe a headband that will stay on my big head 🙂

  85. Brianna

    I’m hoping for a cute workout bag

  86. PA Anna

    I’m hoping for a Target gc to buy workout clothes

  87. irielle

    I’m hoping for some sort of tools for working out at home like those exercise bands. Socks would be good too.

  88. Tara

    I gift card for some workout gear would nice!

  89. vck

    I would like to see a fitness or activity tracker

  90. Doran

    I would love some healthy snacks and {fingers crossed} a fitbit!

  91. Susie A

    I hope there are some exercise DVDs!

  92. Jasujo

    Fitbit would be pretty cool. 🙂 I missed ordering this box. I was hoping for a bit more of a clue what was in it. :/

  93. Helen

    I hope that there’s some fresh spring make up in the box.

  94. Stacie Seidman

    I don’t know what they’ll include in here…. Hopefully one of those non slip headbands and a water bottle!

  95. Emily

    It would be awesome to include some workout clothes, but seeing that those are sized, might be hard.

  96. MarylandJill

    Giftcard for Champion workout gear!

  97. Lori K

    Some yoga socks? Or a trial subscription to a streaming fitness program?

  98. Allison

    A water bottle infuser

  99. Angel

    I’m hoping either a great accessory or nice skincare product.

  100. Danielle

    Fitness tracker or workout clothes

  101. Jules

    I am so sad I missed getting this box! I was hoping for some Orla Kiely stuff (yoga mat/bag) and some sort of fitness tracker. Darn it!

  102. Beth Whelan

    A nice water bottle and a fun headband or hair ties for working out!

  103. Jules

    If it had a fitbit… man… Now I am really mad I missed out..

  104. Jordan

    I was seriously thinking about getting this and had no idea it would sell out. I would love to see a workout accessory like a yoga strap and definitely an awesome DVD. I cancelled my Fab Fit Fun subscription because I didn’t feel like they were focusing on the “Fit” part enough, and my workout routine could always use inspiration!

  105. Wendy R.

    I would love for there to be some small workout gear in the box. A great non-leaking water bottle would be good too!

  106. megendro

    I hope it includes a fitbit!

  107. Lauren

    I’m hoping for a workout bag.

  108. roxierogue

    Hmm, some ideas off the top of my head… I’d love to see a beginner yoga and meditation DVD, a code/cert for a moisture wicking workout clothing item (ie yoga pants or tank top), super refreshing body mist or face wipes, and definitely some fun colored/patterned moisture wicking headbands!
    Oh and a surprise item that I’ve never heard of– One of the best things about sub boxes is being introduced to totally new things 🙂

  109. Crystal LS

    I flip flopped on this too long, not realizing it would sell out so fast. 🙁

    1. Crystal LS

      I hope there is a coupon for shoes.

  110. Jessica Alipio

    I would want a fitbit in the box.

  111. Turquoise Sellers

    I would love to see a nice gym bag, a book on fitness.

  112. Gina Germane Gallagher

    I am hoping there is a GC for fitness apparel and a piece of equipment like the Gaiam Restore Strong Core & Back Kit.

  113. Jen Partridge Kiley

    I’d like a gc for work out gear, so I could make sure it was my size and comfy!

  114. Amy G

    I’d love a filtered water bottle!

  115. Sher

    I missed this one. I would have liked some workout pants/capris.

  116. Kayla

    Would be excited for a Fitbit! But idk maybe too pricey, so how about a work out video!

  117. Jean Eckert

    I am secretly hoping their is a Fit Bit in there!

  118. Jean Eckert

    I am secretly hoping there is a Fit Bit in there!

  119. Erin

    Would love to see a great water bottle or a good pair of socks. Even a work out DVD would be great. I missed buying this.

  120. Leana L.

    I didn’t order it but if I had I would have liked a gym bag or a nice water bottle.

  121. Lara B.

    Is it dorky that I hope there’s some cute neon water bottle? Also isn’t that Fo from a past ANTM season??

  122. Sneaky Burrito

    I’d like some kind of equipment. I’m kind of an equipment junkie. But there are a lot of fitness gadgets in the price range for this type of box — various exercise balls, jump ropes, wobble/balance boards, bands, etc. Anything like that would make me happy.

  123. Squinj

    I want a blender bottle!

  124. terri s

    workout gear and would love some sort of tracker like the fitbit, need one badly

  125. laura r

    All the Christmas clearance I didn’t get!

    Just kidding- I hope to see a Target coupon ($ or % off) for sure.

    I’d be really happy if they added a foam roller. It’s something I’ve wanted forever but can’t justify buying. Yoga gloves too! My hands get super sweaty and slippery.

  126. Tessa

    I would love some free weights — two 5 lb ones, maybe?

  127. Haileyfaye

    I’m hoping to see a workout DVD in this box!

  128. Ake

    I would like some calcium chewables.

  129. Ashley

    A neon pink athletic hoody! 😀 😀 😀

  130. Breanne

    A giftcard that would cover the purchase of a fitness outfit–that way, sizing info is not necessary but we could still get a nice athletic tank or pants!

  131. Angie

    I would love a coupon to buy a fitness outfit (so the sizing will be correct). Some cool non slip headbands would be great as well…oh, and fitness socks. I love socks!

  132. Angie

    I did the share with friends through FB and Twitter, but it’s not letting me get my entries 🙁

    1. theramblingjen

      I’m not sure what you mean? It’ll add the entries when your friends enter. Are you not seeing the additional entries for friends who have entered? I can go into the giveaway log and get you the exact number of entries you have it you want?

      1. Angie

        I see what happened…thanks for replying! I love your site!!

        1. theramblingjen

          No problem! Let me know if you ever have any issues! I am happy to get it figured out!

  133. Nicole Whelan

    I would love to see a spring accessory to get me excited about spring! (This winter is unbearable!!) This is a neat sounding box, such a mystery!!

  134. Julia S.

    I could always use more socks.

  135. Hannah

    Some healthy snacks & workout gear

  136. Catherine Schmidt

    I would love a PopSugar exclusive fitbit!!

  137. Annette

    I hope there are samples of tea in the box.

  138. Amanda

    This would be awesome to win!!

  139. Amanda

    I hope there are running socks in it!!

  140. Alecia

    I am hoping for a great new workout video.

  141. Amber

    I’d love to see a gym bag or fitness tracking devise.

  142. Amanda

    Can’t wait to see what’s inside

  143. Amanda

    I’m hoping for a gift card to redeem a workout outfit at target

  144. Sylvia

    No granola or workout DVDs! I second one commenter’s hope for a quality jumprope. I’d also love to see a Bkr water bottle (no more of the plastic ones!) and a nutrition and fitness journal. And/or a quality gym bag.

  145. Valerie

    I know it’s crazy, but I’m hoping for a fitbit or some other activity tracker!

  146. CandieL

    I would like a yoga mat; ankle weights, or some hair stuff. Thank you

  147. PrettyLittleLiar412

    I totally wanted to buy this box but I guess I missed out (based on reading other pols comments)… I was hesitant because I honestly could not think of what target, fitness, and popsugar had in common and/or what would be in store with their box…. I’m assuming a towel, a fitness elastic band or fitness ball, a heart rate monitor, a book, …..
    What I want in the box and what I think are in the box are totally different lol.
    I’d like a fitness tracker (fitbit, jawbones etc), a coupon or gift certificate for some workout clothes would be nice, some cool socks, a good energy snack, a cleanse type of pill or book…..idk…. Along those lines 🙂 I really hope I win this. I was going to buy it so I guess I have no choice but to win now!

  148. Jackie H

    Something to help me get motivated to go to the gym- but it’d be nice if it included something pampering to do after a workout 🙂

  149. Colleen Boudreau

    A Fitbit!

  150. Kaley Lambert

    Would love a coupon for some workout gear!

  151. Stacey

    I would love to see the Ello glass water bottle, and some nice socks!

  152. Audrey Albinger

    I’d love to see a good yoga strap/carry bag, no slip head bands and a meal planner! Wish I could have gotten this one, but maybe they’ll make it a yearly collaboration with Target!

  153. Kris Tin

    Yoga pants!

  154. Kelsey Parsons

    I?m hoping there are some nice sports bras in this box!

  155. Krista

    Maybe a workout dvd?

  156. Nicole

    I think a Fitbit or similar fitness tracker bracelet would be awesome

  157. Kristin

    I can always use a nice water bottle!

  158. Joi

    I wish this didn’t sell out so quick 🙁 thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  159. Alexa

    I would love to see an armband for the iPhone – and anything yoga-related!

  160. Amy Grainger

    I would love a new bobble water bottle!

  161. melody

    A fitbit would be nice. I would love to see some socks in there. I’m always losing my nice padded socks.

  162. Meagan

    A cute gym bag and post workout snacks would be awesome.

  163. Jennifer

    Total wishful thinking but I would hope they had a Fitbit tracker in the box. Mine crapped out on me but since I’m pretty far into this pregnancy I don’t want to replace it until I can actually workout again.

  164. Shiree Shaffer

    I am hoping for anything that will actually inspire me to workout consistently this year!! Maybe a gift card to buy some inspiring workout clothes!!

  165. Shiree Shaffer

    Jen, When did you stop using raffle copter? And is there a reason?

    1. theramblingjen

      ? This is Rafflecopter. I never stopped using it.

      1. Shiree Shaffer

        I was worried you knew something I didn’t know and should be aware of. Glad it is still good!

    2. theramblingjen

      They did some revamping in November so it’s looked different for a while now. But it’s Rafflecopter.

      1. Shiree Shaffer

        Oh sorry. I don’t remember having to enter my Disqus profile to comment. It just threw me off a bit. 😉

  166. Shawn

    I think it would be awesome to find a great cookbook and a Fitbit.

  167. Kate

    Wow, I didn’t get a box, so I’d love to win this. Until then I’ll be searching for spoilers.

    As far as what I’d love to see in the box, I’d love a good fitness holder for my phone(android) because I NEED music to keep me motivated to exercise. I have water bottles coming out my ears, so unless they’ve found one that sticks to you magically, I don’t want another one of those. There’s no way they could do it in a sub box, but I’d give my eye teeth for an awesome sports bra for working out.

  168. Judy

    I’m hoping to see more than just fitness items, like something from a target collection, like home items a scarf or blanket.

  169. Diane F

    I would love a Fitbit or something like it.

  170. Jenn Sagotsky

    the new Honest Co. deoderant!

  171. Crystal Gregg

    A vegan cookbook

  172. meg

    An awesome new work out video would be great!

  173. Shawna Landers

    I am hopng to see somethng in the box that helps keep me motivated!! Like a pedometer, ETC!

  174. Kristin

    I know it sounds CRAZY…but a Fitbit would be amazing! Or a really nice water bottle

  175. Ashley

    a nice glass water bottle, like bkr!!

  176. Stacy willert

    Maybe a fruit infusion water bottle. I know ps had one a few months back though.

  177. Anne

    I am hoping for workout clothes

  178. Ali M

    I think some amazing new products for muscle pain would be great, I love the mystery!

  179. Rebecca Brewer

    I have a fitbit, so maybe some stuff that would complement that.

  180. Ulyssia

    Yay for Popsugar and Target!

  181. lshumack

    Would love for it to have a fitbit!!

  182. Amber Faerber Chapman

    Hoping for a gift card to target to pick your own work out clothing item.

  183. Percylyn

    A fitbit

  184. Eva Chan

    I was sooo bummed that I waited and missed this one! Totally kicking myself! I absolutely love Target and have been really into fitness lately. I would love to see a cool new tech-y workout item (not sure if fitbit would be out of the budget) or some small weights or workout ball! Whatever’s inside, I’m crossing my fingers I can get my hands on a box!

  185. Laura

    I am hoping there are some work out clothes in the box

  186. Mary Jenkins

    It’d be cool if there were a gift card to daily burn or another workout site or a gift code to a workout clothing place. If you can’t tell, I love it when boxes have a gift card inside!

  187. Adriana Fuentes

    Gift card for workout clothes would be nice!

  188. sara w

    cant wait!

    1. sara w

      i want a fitbit in this box!

  189. Courtney C

    Fit bit would be awesome in the box. Hope it’s not just a bunch of coupons for apparel

  190. Sindhu

    A waterbottle!

  191. bisexual narwhal

    Hmmm. A new workout dvd! Maybe something with free weights or kettlebells.

  192. Anna

    I thought about this box a few hours too long:(

  193. Kirsten Erger

    I’m hoping for a muscle soak for the bath and also some Target coupons for new workout clothes!

  194. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I would love to see a fun water bottle and maybe a gift card to buy some workout clothes (since they are not one size fits all!)!! 🙂

  195. Talaura

    Compression sleeves.

  196. Sierra pricher

    I am really hoping there is either a gym bag with room for a yoga Matt or an arm band to hold my iPod while I workout.

  197. Amanda

    I’m hoping to see a cute gym bag and some patterned leggings. Also something fun with music to workout to.

  198. Laura

    I would love a pedometer or fancy water bottle!

  199. Lori

    I’m not sure what to think or hope is in this box! Maybe a nice yoga mat?

  200. Jenna Gutierrez

    I hope it includes some cool new healthy snacks to get hooked on this year!

  201. Izzy Dasti

    Some awesome yoga accessories would be nice.

  202. Crystal

    I really need some new workout gloves. Mine have seen better days. So maybe that? I looked at some other answers & I wouldn’t mind a new water bottle either. I’m easy to please. Lol. 🙂

  203. Asya

    Would like a yoga mat

  204. Erin H

    I would love to see a Target gift card in there!

  205. naturalactions

    I want a coupon for the workout clothes in my own size.

  206. Jordan McEntaffer

    I so want a yoga mat!

  207. Jill Banks Geraci

    I’d like a subscription to a meal planning website.

  208. Ericka H.

    I would love a nice glass water bottle with a straw!

  209. Michelle Cohen

    So bummed I missed this one. I was sure that after the Holiday boxes and the NM box was available forever that I’d have some time. I’d love to see a magic device that makes losing weight easy…or on the realistic side, a gift card for a good sports bra.

    1. theramblingjen

      They actually shipped these boxes today so we should be getting full spoilers soon!!

  210. Erin

    Is it absurd to wish for a kettle bell and a fitbit in here?!?! They are so expensive. Anyway, realistically I would love some resistance bands, a new water bottle, a cute workout headband, a pedometer, and maybe a low sugar/calorie/carb protein bar.

  211. Jessica

    Have there been spoilers for this box yet?? I am SO excited for this pair up!!!!

    1. theramblingjen

      No. I don’t think we will get any until it ships.

  212. Nicole

    Would be so excited to win. Trying to get really healthy for the new year.

  213. Nicole

    Hope it has a mini foam roller or something to really help with recovery

  214. Alicia N

    I would love to see some weights in this box! Like small hand ones or even ankle ones! Soo wish I would have bought this box!

  215. Ashley Gould

    FitBit would be fun or a gift certificate for some workout clothes.

  216. Mieke Hunting

    I’d be thrilled for an awesome soundtrack, and some small weights. Something you don’t get allll the time. (Well, I’m sure the soundtrack would be an extra.. but it seems very Target-ish!)

  217. Sarah B

    A gym bag or coupon for a Champion clothing item would be cool

  218. Kristy stevenson

    Great giveaway!!

  219. Nicole Diane

    A great pair of workout socks!

  220. yonawilliams

    I think a nice sports bra would be nice…but that would probably a long shot.

  221. Erica

    I would love to see a workout planner or a great gym bag!

  222. breanne

    A cool waterbottle or planner

  223. Jenn Logan

    I would love a trial membership for an online yoga or pilates class. Or any sort of yoga gear!

  224. mini2z

    no more bottles please – but a new sports bra would be great

  225. Shelly Irps Hanneman

    After seeing the spoiler, I really want the fitbit flex!

  226. mmw814

    workout clothes or accessories!

  227. Stephanie k

    Anything target related I love target

  228. Samantha Vermeulen

    Well, I’ve already seen spoilers before entering, so I don’t know how to answer the question! Lol. But I was hoping there was workout gear in it.

  229. Shanna P

    I have never gotten a box and just missed getting this one by a couple minutes. Would love the high priced item (since I have seen whats in it).

  230. Brandie Cox

    I want a Pink Fitbit!

  231. Kristine

    Since we already know what’s in the box, I want to try the fitbit

  232. Tracy B

    Well, I saw a spoiler and love the fitbit!

  233. nancy d

    I’m hoping for a fitness monitor. Hope I win! the box is already sold out. Bummer.

  234. Andrea S

    I already saw spoilers, so I am not ‘hoping’ for anything, but I am most excited for the fitbit!!

  235. rebecca

    What a great idea! I’m hoping there are items I can use for my morning pup run! A fitbit would be the best!

  236. Jenny

    I am so upset I didn’t order this box. But if I win I am totally looking forward to the FitBit!

  237. Lynn McNeill-Morejon

    i want this box!!! i want that fitbit!

  238. Kerry

    Amazing box! I’d been looking at Fitbit!

  239. HilLesha O'Nan

    I’m hoping that the Fitbit Flex Wellness Activity + Sleep Wristband is in this box. 🙂

  240. Karen Jackson

    I love that water bottle!

  241. Christina DeVeney

    Hoping for some awesome fitness gear! Although I checked put the spoiler already and so I bummed I missed this one!

  242. Traci Ann

    I was hoping to see a garmin tracker in there, or a tracker with a watch component.

  243. Chelsea Fenton

    So bummed that I missed this box! I would love some sort of fitness tracker or waterproof mascara.

  244. Renee

    Just saw the spoilers, and I love this box! I was hoping for something to help me track my steps (like a pedometer but better), and they came through! 🙂

  245. Jen DeLovely

    I was blown away to see the fit bit! Very nice!

  246. Julie

    A bkr water bottle would be perfect in this box!

  247. Monique

    A fitbit or something similar.

  248. Jaime

    I wanted this one so bad

  249. Jaime

    I wanted to see a fitbit

  250. Tabitha Hunter

    A fit bit, wow!

  251. Amanda Schwartz

    I was hoping for a yoga mat and I see there is one!!!

  252. Megan Rosini

    I would love to win this!

  253. Amanda Schwartz

    I can’t ever get the “Visit Ramblings of Suburban Mom on Facebook” box to work. It doesn’t do anything when I click on it. This has happend a few giveaways in a row.

    1. theramblingjen

      Hmm. I just clicked on it and it was fine? It could browser issue I guess? Either way as long as you’ve ever visited, you are fine!

  254. Christine

    I was hoping for an awesome water bottle. I can’t believe whats in it. Kicking myself for not buying one. 🙁

  255. Sher

    I need more workout pants, so I would wish for that.

  256. Sarah Leppert

    I would have liked to see a code to order a cleanse, but I am happy with the spoilers!

  257. Sandy Klocinski

    Mama wants a brand new Fibit Flex

  258. Katie H

    Ugh I am so sad I missed out on this! The Fitbit is what I would have wished for but I would have never imagined they would actually do it!

  259. Cupcakes

    I really didn’t care what comes in the box. I just love Target! Super excited now that you posted spoilers, however!

  260. Alice

    Just looking forward to something unique!

  261. Megan P.

    I’m so bummed I missed out on purchasing this! I was going to hope for a fitbit, and then it actually has one!

  262. Hildee

    I never dreamed the fitbit would be in the box! I would have definitely forgone my ‘no shop’ month for this dream box.

  263. DeniseZakiya

    I can’t believe there’s a fitbit in there! That’s what I want!!!!!!!

  264. latanya t

    the fitbit

  265. Jessica Lopez

    I missed out on this, been a little disappointed with PSMH lately and didn’t want to take the risk…wish I had!

  266. cassimommy

    I would absolutely love the fab fit! I have been wanting one of those!

  267. margaretsmith

    Some kind of exercise tracker.

  268. Tamara

    I would love a nice water bottle (after seeing the spoilers, I am more excited about the fitbit, though)


    Hoping for green or white tea!

  270. Shirley

    I was hoping for a Fitbit, which it delivered. In hindsight, should have bought the box. lol

  271. Sarah

    I would love a fitness diary of some sort. Hope I win, I can’t get them to ship to an APO!

  272. Pilar Buford

    I hope to have some socks, DVD, and some workout clothes.

  273. Elizabeth Jones

    Now that we know the contents, I’ve really been wanting a Fitbit and a new yoga mat!

  274. Shannon M

    I would love to see some new, healthy, on the go snacks. So many bars I find on the shelves are loaded with sugar!

  275. Sonya Wagner

    Well know I see the spoiler! So i am excited msot for the fit bit!

  276. Mary

    I am hoping to see some new workout gear in this box, or a nice new water bottle!
    I wish I didn’t miss the deadline to sign up to get this box!

  277. Sonya McKinney

    I would love this box! I love everything in it but I want a Fitbit! So awesome.

  278. Meg

    So excited for this box! Want a Fitbit!

  279. Emily


  280. Savanna McCurry

    An online workout program or an app… I need something I can do at home!

  281. abfantom

    I have been wanting to get a FitBit!

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  282. Alicia

    I just saw the spoilers and I so want the FitBit!

  283. Cheryl

    I’d love a fitbit!

  284. Margo

    I would love a yoga mat that went with the January box!

  285. Kaleigh Carlson

    I was hoping for some eos products, but a fitbit is so much better. I totally wish I would have got this now.

  286. Tabitha Sawicz

    I would love a water bottle and a headband

  287. Sarah D

    Now that I know what is the box, I cant hope for anything else! I didnt even dream of the big ticket item. I was sure this was going to be the usual water bottles, fitness drinks, etc. Love it.

  288. ayme nicole

    So so sad I missed this! Entered the giveaway so fingers crossed!!!

    And what am I hoping is in this box?? Some sort of fitness diary or activity tracker! Desperately need one to get on my goals!


  289. laroyal06

    I hope it has a fitness tracker or some cool workout gear!

  290. Melissa Brown Barnard

    A fitbit would be fab

  291. Stephanie

    I’d love to see a Fitbit included in the box!

  292. Aimeebix

    I know what’s in the box, and I like it, which is why I’m entering the contest! I never would have guessed it was a fitbit, but I totally want one.

  293. CJC

    I went back and forth on this one. Have been disappointed with PS Limited edition boxes, but am usually super impressed with Target. After seeing the spoiIers I am regretting not getting the box. Would love to win it though!

  294. alicia szemon

    i want some beauty products in these boxes!!!(:

  295. Tara

    Hoping for the Fitbit !!

  296. reaganrose

    I was hoping for a gift card for C9 and I was right!

  297. Sorelle Jefcik

    This box looks awesome! I wish it wasn’t sold out…

  298. jeand

    I’d love anything that would help keep my motivation high to live a healthy, happy life.


  299. Shana


  300. Brighteyes77

    Well I was hoping for a gym bag of some sort but love the items that showed up. I am so sad I was unable to purchase this box. I just signed up for a hot yoga class and need mat. I need to lose weight for health reasons and thought the this would have been a treat and thought it would have something that would lend well towards helping me with my goal. Good luck to who ever wins this

  301. Sarah


  302. Heather

    I already saw the spoilers so I know that I WANT THAT FITBIT!!!!! 🙂

  303. Melanie

    That fit bit is what I would have hoped for but never expected. Great box, wish I had gotten one!

  304. Jennifer O'Hara Botto

    I love this box!! How did I miss this going on sale? 🙁

  305. gabby

    Now we know whats in it and oh my god i cant believe there is a fit bit…that was way beyond my hopes!

  306. Adrienne W

    I’d love a gym bag to be in this box!

  307. Lauren

    Well I just looked at the spoilers so I know what is in the box! I was going to say I’m hoping for some good workout socks and something from the Orla Kiley yoga line. Thank you for your awesome giveaway!

  308. Erin Braun

    Agh! Why didn’t I order this??? I was hoping for some unusual workout gear, but this is better than what I had hoped for. This is super dorky but I realllllllly need a new headband. My boyfriend mocks me mercilessly for wearing one but I just can’t stand sweat getting in my eyes if I’m working out super hard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. Laura

    I can’t believe I didn’t get this – Ive been wanting a Fitbit! Never thought it would be in there!

  310. Gail

    A fitness tracker or a cute workout outfit would be nice.

  311. PrettyLittleLiar412

    i wanted to win before but now that I’ve seen what’s in the box, I want to win so so so badly! I was going to buy one and waited because their other boxes didn’t sell fast at all…..stupid me!
    Augh…. Well I’ve been a reader of yours for 1.5 years and haven’t won yet so maybe the odds will be in my favor? Lol good luck and congrats to whomever wins this awesome box!

  312. hawkshoe

    I am hoping a new water bottle is in this box.

  313. Christine Fortes

    A fit it I need that

  314. Genevieve

    I’m not sure what I hoped was in the box but I would never guess a fit bit!

    1. genevieve

      But I definitely would have hoped for a fit bit!

  315. dglitter

    I hope there is a fitbit! Thanks!

  316. Araceli

    Regarding the giveaway question I am hoping for some dark chocolate.

  317. Tarah

    Compression pants or a cute workout top

  318. Brittany

    Wish I had known about the fitbit!

  319. Rachel Fineman

    I love all of the spoilers, but the pink one is my favorite.

  320. Stephanie T

    I hope I get this! I really want a fitbit!

  321. Liz F

    I am hoping for yoga gear.

  322. Alice

    I hope there is a yoga towel. I am too lazy to bring my own to gym classes where we only use the mats for 10 minutes but those mats are so yucky.

  323. Caroline R.

    never imagined a fit bit would be an option but if I’d known, I would have def. wished for a fit bit!!

  324. Lindsey Ferguson

    Sounds awesome! Bummed I missed it. Hoping for a tracker of some sort.

  325. calimarie007

    Would love S’well bottle, anything zumba-related. thanks for the giveaway!

  326. Lillian Ostergaard

    I’d love to see a gym bag, healthy snacks, socks, fitness journal. Now, I’m off to go see what’s really in there…thanks for the chance to win this since I missed out.

  327. janelle k

    I, too, would love a fitbit!

  328. SMDC

    Anythign yoga 🙂

  329. Aoife Kirby

    I’m so stoked that there’s a yoga mat in the box! I just started a yoga class taught by my boyfriend’s manager–she’s flipping fantastic! My back has never felt better. I am not, however, stoked to keep using my cheap yoga mat. It feels like there’s nothing under me, haha. I wish I had picked up this box, it looks heavenly!

  330. Robin Whiting

    A fitbit of course!

  331. LIndy

    Sadly, I passed on this box, and of course…could have used every single item in it!

  332. Illy Junus

    I am hoping for the fitbit

  333. amy

    love the fitbit!

  334. sksweeps

    I’d love for the box to have the brand new Fit Bit Surge, but would love any fitness tracker device!
    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  335. Julie

    I am so upset that it sold out. I have been really trying to improve my health and fitness this year. This would have been a great inspiration for me! Hope I win!

  336. Mary

    For sure the Fit Bit would be (is) a perfect item for this box. I so wish that I had bought this one. Got burned on the last few SE boxes, and the one I skipped is really good!! Thanks for the giveaway:-)

  337. Caroline Wampler

    A fitbit or workout clothes!

  338. Meg mc

    I saw the spoilers, but would love a fitbit! I lost mine 🙁

  339. rtrexel64

    I would like a yoga mat

  340. mommyto2girlz

    Some of the training capris would be awesome although the fitbit would be nice too. lol Thank you!!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  341. Cassandra C

    At that price, I’m not sure…at the very least, a water bottle 🙂

  342. Julianna

    Wow so impressed with contents. Wish I would have bought one in time!

  343. Bethany C

    Ahhhh the first PS LE box in over a year that I haven’t ordered. I would have hoped for some workout clothes, but now that the spoilers are up, I am most excited about the pink fitbit! Awesome!!

  344. Camila L

    I really hope to win this box! I’d love to get a Fitbit!

  345. Jerome

    This box has a lot of great products I would like to try…and others I would give to to my wife.

  346. Nancy

    This box would be so great to win! It will definitely help me reach my fitness goals.

  347. Michelle R

    Now that we know what’s in it, I’m most excited for the fitbit!

  348. Melissa Timm

    the fitbit

  349. Caroline

    I was hoping a yoga mat and it was in there!

  350. Elise

    I would love a gift card for Barre3 online!

  351. Sarah C

    I’m so excited for the fitbit. Wish I would have picked up a box.

  352. Jen

    I was hoping for a fitbit (yay) and maybe a TRX strap would have been nice:)

  353. Andrea Trenary

    Things that would help me get fit!

  354. Juana Torres

    For the fitnesss part of the box, I was hoping for a fitbit, maybe an exclusive fitbook and likely items from their C9 collection or giftcard. I was right about 2 of these. I wasn’t sure about the beauty part of the box. I had the box in my cart since they sent out an email announcing it but I was debating on placing my order before waiting for a spoiler. I decided to go ahead & purchase it but was sold out before I got home.

  355. Robin Ward

    I would love love love that new yoga mat!!!

  356. Sara

    Workout gear! (The gc will suffice!) drafts, wish I had bought this!!

  357. Christa

    I wish I would have gotten this one! I really want the Fitbit!

  358. yesenia

    i was hoping the new fitbit would be in the box but the older version is nice too. what a great box!!

  359. Nicole

    I would love to see a fun make up sample!

  360. SuzeeLauren

    Well this is after spoilers, but I was hoping it would contain a GC because I need a new sports bra REALLY badly!

  361. Danita N Fonz Reyna

    The fitbit is amazing

  362. JoLynn

    I was hoping for a fitbit. Sad that I didn’t just go with my gut and buy the PopSugar Target Box.

  363. Cassie

    I saw your spoilers and I have been wanting a fitbit forever! That’s what I would be most excited about if I won!

  364. Katie

    Even though I already saw a preview of this box, I was hoping that there would be a yoga mat in it. They were already sold out before I could get one but hopefully they will make another box with Target. I’ve never subscribed to a box before but if I could afford it I would want to try Popsugar!

  365. Annissa Interpreter

    I wish I new about this subscription box sooner!!! I would have bought the fitness one for sure!! My goal this year is to lose all this baby weight I have gained since my childs birth (which has been a year since)!!! 🙁

  366. miranda

    Hoping for a sports bra coupon

  367. gary

    Hoping for a glass water bottle

  368. Mallorie Valdez

    Aaahh fitbit!!

  369. Anne


  370. Samantha

    I would love to see a fitbit in this!

  371. tinareynolds

    I would love to see an activity tracker and some workoutgear

  372. Carol

    I’m hoping for a surprise in this box, because I love surprises. I never had this box so I will be happy with what ever is in one. 🙂

  373. amy deeter

    i am hopnig for some new work out gear for myself

  374. Tracy Melhinch

    It would be nice to have a pedometer or fit bit!

  375. Casey S

    Ugh now that I have seen your review for this box I am kicking myself for not ordering it. I have wanted a fitbit for so long but my college kid budget does not have any room to buy one! haha Anyway, the fitbit is definitely what I was most hoping to have in this box.


  376. Kelley

    Fitbit would be awesome to have, I wish I’d grabbed this box!

  377. Altusbecky

    I’m looking for a pedometer or fit bit

  378. Valerie Sanders

    Since I already know what’s in this box. I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t get it. I’m glad that you are having a giveaway, hopefully I’ll be able to win. Given this small chance.

  379. Sara

    I was hoping to see some energy shots or gu’s in the box, but it still looks great!

  380. dolls123

    a fitbit 😉

  381. Amy Kammerdiener

    So disappointed that I received my email WAY after it was already sold out, I would LOVE to have one of these – I <3 PopSugar!!

  382. Christina

    OMG! I have been soooo bummed about missing out on this one! This is literally my only shot at one! *fingers crossed*

  383. Christina

    Whoops! Just realized I forgot to answer the giveaway question! Anyhoo, I’ve been seriously lemming a Fitbit Flex, so I was super psyched to see that listed in the spoilers.

  384. Laurie Murley

    i hope their is so great clothing in the box

  385. Pris

    I’m so bummed I missed this. I’m totally looking for a yoga mat, fitbit, and filtered water bottle! And who doesn’t love a Target gift card? All the things I would have loved to see in the box were actually in the box.

  386. Lorna

    Anything for yoga! Or a FitBit!!!

  387. Feisty Yogi

    What do I want to be in this box? The Fitbit Flex looks awesome!

  388. Angela P

    I’m hoping for some fabulous new makeup or as someone else mentioned a fitbit. I have wanted one for so long.

  389. jules mcnubbin

    i am hoping theres a fitness tracker in there, or some great athletic shoes!

  390. Cheryl

    I’m hoping there’s a Fitbit Flex.

  391. Maddy

    This looks great!

  392. Gina H

    I’d love the fitbit. That alone made the box worth it and I wish I would have picked it up! I would have never expected that considering the cost of this box!

  393. samf36

    I hope it has some thing great to wear

  394. Kristin Kennedy Preachers

    Since I already know what is in the box, I will say that I want the Fitbit badly.

  395. tallcapp

    I’m hoping that there is a pair of workout pants in the box.

  396. yellowlabs

    I am hoping for a Fitbit in the box!

  397. aekz2

    I’m hoping for a fitness DVD

  398. slehan

    A yoga mat would be nice.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  399. Karen A.

    I’d love the Fitbit

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