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Two questions today…..

1. How many nights in a row do you wear the same pair of pajamas? They were talking about this on Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda last week and some of the reposes were crazy. I am talking like over two weeks with the same pair. That seems huh, a bit excessive! 2-3 nights seems about average. Oh and totally random, but Kathie Lee and Hoda aren’t the 4th hour of the today show here. Well, I guess they technically are, but they aren’t on at 10am in Detroit. They are on at 2pm. Which works out much better since it’s nap time!

2. How often do you go grocery shopping?  We go once a week (usually Monday’s) and then if we happen to need something we’ll make a quick run there later in the week.  I wouldn’t exactly say that we plan meals, but we get all of the staples (meat, veggies, etc.) and go from there.  I know some people only go once every two weeks which I find amazing!  How do you do it?

Can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. laura r

    I usually just sleep in a tank top and undies if that.. but if it’s cold enough, I’ll wear jammies. And I wear them either a few times between washing or I wash them immediately.. depends on how much laundry I have!

    I go grocery shopping multiple times each week. It’s probably better to do it less often than I do, but I like fresh produce and I have had a habit of letting produce rot in my fridge so it’s just easier to go buy fresh food whenever I need it.

  2. Sneaky Burrito

    I always wash everything after wearing/using it once. I can’t imagine wearing the same PJs even twice. Even though I am a night shower person. I always use clean towels, too. I would feel really gross if I did anything else.

    I go to three different grocery stores + Target, but only once a week. I get paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, trash bags, etc., at Target. I go to a local international market where I can pretty much get all the random, exotic produce I want for under $30 (including plenty of oranges for juicing). I go to Whole Foods for dry/canned/nonperishable stuff and cheese and eggs (and some frozen fruit/vegetables). Then I go to Publix for milk and butter and whole wheat tortillas and salsa (because Whole Foods bizarrely stopped carrying hot salsa and whole wheat tortillas and their milk was always close to the expiration date).

  3. PA Anna

    I wear the same PJs 2-3 times before washing.

    I try to go to the local store, Target, and Whole Foods once a week. Sometimes it happens more often usually because my older son needs food for sports or forgets to tell me he needs to bring something until the day of an event. Each store offers a little something different and I stop when I am in near them.

  4. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    I’d say that 2-3 nights is about right but kindof depends on my mood at night. Sometimes I just feel like wearing a certain pair so that could change it up.
    You don’t even want to know how often I go to the grocery store. While not everyday I would say on average every other day but sometimes just to buy meat. I usually try and do one good shopping usually on Friday morning when both boys are in school and then through the week I might swing in for a special they are having or some fresh meat or produce. Its pretty easy for me since my local Harris Teeter is like 5 min away (I mean really I could walk not that I do LOL) and then my new Harris Teeter is next to my new Target about 10min away which I pass to get to and from preschool. It makes stopping in so easy 🙂

  5. Alison

    new pjs every night now that I have a washer and dryer. Before when I collected quarters and used the communal washers and dryers in my apartment building – I wore them 2 nights.

    Grocery shopping I go about every 10 days – and the last few days I feel like we have no food.

  6. wendy

    Jammies- i know it’s gross but I kinda wave them in front of my face & if not fresh enough- get new pair (flannel right? I’m addicted). Usually 2-3 days. Shopping- I hate grocery shopping so once every 10 days or more. It’s just the 2 of us, so i’ll use pasta, jarred sauce, frozen, weird ingredients just so I don’t have to shop (I’m going to try fresh box next week!)

  7. Terri (Alexia561)

    I usually do laundry once a week, so that’s when I wash my pjs. I only wear them to sleep, so they don’t get dirty or sweaty. Guess I’m in the minority!

    We do our main grocery shopping once a week, usually on Thursdays. If we run out of something, we’ll make a quick run, but once a week seems to work for us. We hit up Costco about once a month to stock up on staples.

  8. Elizabeth

    1. I wear them about 3-4 nights. I have two pairs of pajamas and everything gets washed every weekend.

    2. We grocery shop once a week. We are trying to meal plan and stick to it. I’m not sure I could go two weeks without shopping because I buy a bunch of fresh produce.

  9. Squinj

    Okay, I do laundry once a week and I wash my pjs in it. So I wear mine normally about a week. Sometimes I’ll switch things up in the middle of the week. But I don’t really sweet of anything during the night so they don’t really get dirty. I go grocery shopping once a week too. I usually have exactly what I am going to eat for the week plotted out and see how fast I can zip through the store. I am single though so all I have to cook is two meals and divide them into servings and have breakfast foods and coffee. Haha

  10. Jill Banks Geraci

    1. I wear my pajamas a couple of days in a row, same for the kids.
    2. Except for milk or bread, I try to only shop once a month. I hate it. I’m going tonight and it’s the first time since right before Christmas.

  11. Laura Diniwilk

    I usually wear whatever comfy clothes I put on after work to bed rather than actual jammies, and I don’t reuse them. Grocery shopping can range from twice a week to once every 2 weeks depending on if something critical runs out and how well I meal planned. I have been doing those wildtree freezer meals and it has been pretty much a game changer in that area – I’m definitely able to stretch my trips to 2 weeks when I’m making 10 meals at a time. The checkout people look at me like I’m nuts when I am buying the stuff for the freezer meals though, since it looks like I’m feeding an army.

  12. Sam Stamp

    I’m a homebody so I often wear my PJ’s all day long unless I’m leaving the house. I have probably worn the same pair for as long as a week though usually it’s more like 3 to 4 days.
    I go grocery shopping 1 to 2 times a week. Though I have been known to go coupon shopping as often as everyday depending on how good a sale is. Plus we live across the street or within a 5-10 minute drive from most stores.

  13. Lia LT

    I rarely wear pjs so if we’re talking about how many times I wear my underwear– that’s once! LOL When I do wear pjs I’ll just wash them whenever I’m doing laundry but maybe they’d get worn 3 times max?

    I go to Smart & Final or Fresh & Easy every other week for basics. In between I’ll go to one of the three other grocery stores (Mexican, Asian and/or “international) during the week usually making 2-4 runs a month. So I guess that’s at least once a week but nowhere close to every other day.

  14. Crystal

    I meal plan and go once a month and do a giant trip, then we only go again for milk, bread, or produce. I try to plan the meals with food that goes bad for early in the month so that we don’t waste anything. By really planning out meals and making sure I get every ingredient needed I’m able to save us so much money on those trips where you say you just need an onion but $47.24 you have tons of extras.

    As for pj’s I wear mine 1-3 days, just depends on if we have a pj day and then I won’t wear theme again that night…

  15. Mrs. L

    3-4 days depending on if it’s a weekend where I say what the heck and don’t get out of the pjs until the next day 🙂

    As far as grocery shopping, I usually go every Sunday to one grocery store to do major shopping and then one or two times a week to pick up something (usually fresh fruits or meats etc) at the local market. Maybe a couple of times a month at most to Trader Joes. With this stupid detox and healthy eating, I’m going several times a week to Whole Foods, Trader Joes AND my local markets. Crazy train eating fresh every meal every day!

  16. Judy

    Wow. Only 2-3 nights? That’s my average for all my day clothes. I re-wear all my clothes at least two to three times except underwear socks and shirts obviously unless it’s just sweats. I’ll wear those longer as I usually just have them on at the end of the day. I have definitely gone two weeks in the same pjs. I’m a very clean person I swear. I never realized this was unusual. My family, friends and boyfriend all do the same thing!

  17. Judy

    How many sets of pjs do ppl own? I only own two sets of pjs, two pairs of jeans and four pairs of work pants which gets me over two business weeks wear before washing. My boyfriend only has two pairs of everything jeans, work pants AND shorts that he wears to bed.

  18. Ashley Currin

    I grocery shop once a month — and then in between trips, I’ll run to the small store by us for milk and fresh fruit/veggies as we run out. I plan for the whole months’ meals, and just make one giant run, between base and Sams Club. But we have a large chest freezer, so I can toss everything in there, including bread, if need be.

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