February 2015 Julep Subscription Review – “The Afterglow Collection” + Coupon Codes + Giveaway

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Cost: $24.99/month (My Maven) / $39.99 (Maven Luxe)
Ships To: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.
Coupon Code: Use coupon code “GARNET50 to get 50% off a Birthstone Welcome Box or “WOW to get 50% off a Lipstick Welcome Box!
February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review

My February 2015 Julep Maven box arrived yesterday and I actually just did my nails with one of the polishes it includes! I finally went for the fully customized Julep box option this month because I just couldn’t settle on a set box to get.

If you aren’t familiar, Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription service.  They offer a “My Maven” box for $24.99/month which contains $40+ worth of product and polish or “Maven Luxe” for $39.99/month which contains $60+ of prestige products.  Both boxes are fully customizable and you have the option to switch between tiers.  Subscribers prior to 4/29/14 were grandfathered in at the $19.99/month rate, however, they will need to upgrade to the $24.99 subscription if they want to customize their boxes.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
The Box

Julep ships via FedEx Smart Post out of Ohio and took just a few days to arrive.  They ship from Ohio so it gets to me in Michigan fairly quickly.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
First Look

In addition to getting the customized box option this month, I also opted for a few add-ons.  I really wanted “Ada” which was only available as an add-on (that’s the one I put on my nails) and then ended up getting two more as well.  Julep gives you a free gift when you add three add-ons to your monthly box which is totally awesome.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
The Card

The February 2015 Julep box featured “The Afterglow Collection”.  As I mentioned before I opted for a full customized box and I selected the following three items:

~Julep Hazel – Boho Glam ($11.20 / $14): Hazel is a wild violet and bronze duochrome. It’s nice and shimmery and a gorgeous color. It’s one of the first ones from this collection that I noticed, so I knew I had to get it.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
Julep Hazel – Boho Glam


~Julep Vivian – Classic With A Twist ($11.20 / $14): Vivian is described as a champagne bubbles full coverage multidimensional glitter and was just brought back from the vault for February. I have a bottle of it already and it is one of my favorite Julep colors ever. It is absolutely stunning in person. At first I would just use it to do an accent nail, but I soon realized that it looks even better if you do it on all your nails. So pretty.  I know I have a picture of this on all my nails – I just need to dig it up!

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
Julep Vivian – Classic With A Twist


~Jess – Classic with a Twist ($11.20 / $14): Jess is a tawny port crème and is a classic color for winter.  It’s deeper out of the bottle than it looks here I should have swatched it) which makes me like it even more.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
Jess – Classic with a Twist

~Julep Hartleigh – Free Gift ($6.99): All Maven’s who opted in for their boxes this month were gifted “Hartleigh” which is a holographic heart glitter top coat. I am going to put this over a red or a pink for Valentine’s Day.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
Julep Hartleigh – Free Gift

~Free Hartleigh for Friends: My box also included FIVE free Hartleigh polishes to share with friends! I am guessing that this was my gift for taking three add-ons this month? That would make sense because there wasn’t another gift in the box.  I think this was the best free gift they’ve given.

February 2015 Julep Subscription Box Review
Free Hartleigh for Friends!

All totaled I came up with a value of $40.59 for my February 2015 Julep Maven Box.  I loved the color selections this month, but I loved the add-ons and free gifts even more.  A great month by Julep.  I’ll post a picture of “Ada” on Instagram tonight once I get my nails cleaned up.  It’s so pretty!

Did you get Julep this month?  What collection did you get?  If you are a new subscriber and want to sign up, you can use the coupon code “GARNET50 to get 50% off a Birthstone Welcome Box or “WOW to get 50% off a Lipstick Welcome Box!

And because I consider all of you my friends, I am going to give away my 5 free Hartleigh polishes to you! All you need to do is enter in Rafflecopter below and I will pick five winners who will each receive one Hartleigh polish when the giveaway ends! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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    Thank you!

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    I received 5 Hartleighs too, but didn’t have any add-ons. I think it was just random? Totally fun though!!

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      I only got one Hartleigh and did have three add-ons – I think it was totally random!

  3. Nicole

    I love that polish! Fingers crossed I win 🙂

  4. Sleepyboots

    I remember they used to ship from Seattle and I would get my box in Oregon right away, now it takes almost until the next reveal, it’s not even exciting.

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