February 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box FULL Spoilers + Giveaway!

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We’ve got full spoilers for the February 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box (thanks to MSA & MUT)!

February 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers
February 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers (necklace not shown)

The February 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box includes:

~ACME Party Box Company Bamboo Heart Cutting Board & Cheese Knife ($32) (similar to this one)
~U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Bubble Bath ($30)
~Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush ($26)
~Chuao Chocolatier Ravishing Rocky Road Bar ($4)
~Sally Beauty FingerPaints Nail Color (colors may vary) $5.49
~Figs & Rouge 100% Natural Balm (flavors may vary) ($8)
~Bauble Bar Mini Arrow Pendant Necklace ($32) (not for sale online – metal may vary)

As usual I will post my thoughts once I get it in my hands and check everything out, but I am excited! What do you think of it?  Are you excited for this one?

This February box is sold out, but you can begin your subscription with the March 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box! Use coupon code “MUSTHAVE5” to save $5 off your first box.  If you check the “Waitlist” button, you’ll get a February 2015 box (i.e. this one) if they happen to have any left.  If you don’t check it, your subscription will begin in March!

I am going to do things a little different this month though and instead of doing my monthly PopSugar giveaway with my review, I am going to do it now!  All you need to do is enter in Rafflecopter below and you’ll be set.  And make sure you come back everyday to enter!

**Check out my PopSugar Must Have Box reviews!**

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  1. sabrinafair84

    I love the Tarte blush! So glad you are doing this giveaway since I missed out on this box!

  2. Heather Poccia

    I happen to be getting two boxes because my subscription over lapped the black friday deal. The cheese boards will come in handy. And my kids looooooooove bubble bath. We just ran out so perfect timing. Im at my max for blush right now. So. I hope after this theres a huge blush break haha But overall its a nice box. I love figs and rouge.

  3. Dasha

    I love that cutting board. It was actually on my February box wish list and I’m not getting this month since I didn’t sign up in time since I’m dumb!

  4. Keri

    Oh the bubble bath is my favorite!!!

  5. Beth

    Love the necklace! Dainty, gold jewelry is one of my weaknesses!

  6. kate

    the necklace look beautiful!


    I’m so happy!!!!! This is such an amazing box. I love Tarte blush, Bauble Bar jewelry and Chuao chocolate. The other items are so cute too. The cheese board is the cutest thing ever lol

  8. Brenna

    I think my favorite is the cutting board…. or the blush! I can’t decide! 🙂

  9. Chris

    The Tarte blush is my favorite.

  10. Sneaky Burrito

    I think my favorite items is the bubble bath!

  11. Sarah

    I’m torn between my favorite item being the blush or the cutting board. Probably the cutting board since I have SO many blushes right now and no heart-shaped cutting boards!

  12. Cymbre Martin

    Gotta say the blush or bubble bath

  13. Lanie

    The cutting board is cute.

  14. Jessica Crouch

    the cheese knife and board are really cute! definitely my favorite item.

  15. Jasujo

    That cutting board is adorable! 🙂

  16. Robin Orgera

    My favorite item is the cheese board.


    I am a bath product junkie. Rose water sounds divine!

  18. Sher

    Love the Tarte blush and Chuao chocolate ? mmmm.

  19. kristie

    I love the heart shaped cutting board! And I can’t wait for the bubble bath!!! I’m loving everything in this box actually! So excited!

  20. Diane F

    The necklace and cutting board

  21. Stephanie klawiter

    The blush !!! And the bubble bath I need them both 🙂

  22. Amber

    the cutting board!!!

  23. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love BaubleBar, so I’m most excited about that necklace! 🙂

  24. allimia

    I love the Tarte blush and necklace! This is one of the best Popsugar boxes I have received. I’m super excited!!

  25. Nicole

    That chocolate looks amazingly delicious!

  26. Jill Banks Geraci

    The cheese cutting board. So cute.

  27. irielle

    I like the cheese board.

  28. Ashli DiPrete

    I absolutely love the Tarte blush! I’ve heard amazing things about their products. I’m so bummed I missed out on this box.

  29. ksu_artist1

    I really want to try that tarte blush!

  30. Jenn S

    the blush! weirdly, i don’t own any right now!

  31. Catherine

    Love a good balm in the winter.

  32. Autumn Rose

    Oh this is so tempting!!! That blush is my color and I’d love a cute little necklace. If it’s wait listed what is the likelihood I’ll actually get this box?

  33. Sarah

    I love the balm and the blush! 🙂

  34. Megan

    Love the blush and necklace!

  35. Stacey

    This looks perfect! Got my shipping notice yesterday, and I can’t wait!

  36. Kelsey

    I’m psyched about the bubble bath!!

  37. DeniseZakiya

    That Tarte blush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Stacey

    Oh yea, and my fav item is the blush, or the chocolate 😀

  39. Megan McKenna

    I love that cutting board! So cute!

  40. sarah

    Tarte Blush! And that cheese board, so cute!

  41. Gini Nicholls Aldea

    I Love everything; tarte blush is my favorite

  42. Kristen

    I’m super jealous! I love the Tarte blush and necklace! Adorable box this month!

  43. Pilar Buford

    My favorite item is the rose water bubble bath.

  44. Rose D.

    I love that cutting board and knife!

  45. Nancy L.

    Love, love, love this box!!! My fav is the Lip Balm! I love Figs and Rouge!

  46. Lanie

    I didn’t see the necklace at first. That’s my favorite. Then the cutting board!

  47. laura r

    Probably the blush. I want to start wearing more than just eyeshadow for color.

  48. Cyrille

    tarte blush!

  49. Jill

    Do I have to choose?? I would love them all!!!

  50. Ingrid

    The rose water bubble bath catches my eye the most! Its the simple things that make me happy 🙂

    1. Vicki

      Really cute cutting board! Actually love the knife too.

  51. Meagan

    The Tarte blush looks awesome!!!

  52. Helen

    Lol, the book has got to be the best! The mind boggles!

  53. Jill

    I LOVE this entire box but I like the necklace best.

  54. Holly Heximer

    I think the cheese boards are my favorite!

  55. Jean E

    The Tarte Blush is my favorite in this month’s box! I love all Tarte products 🙂

  56. Cynthia

    I love the necklace.

  57. Allison

    Bubble bath! I could never have enough.

  58. Juana Torres

    I think that’s hard to say. I love the Tarte blushes, but I wish I could’ve tried the bubble bath since I like the scent of rose petals and rose water.
    Wish I hadn’t cancelled before they released that announcement that February was sold out :(.

  59. Lia LT

    Tart blush!! I’ve heard such good things about it.

  60. Megan M

    Such an awesome box!!!! SO jealous I didn’t sign up for one in time.

  61. Maura

    Love the cutting board and the balm!

  62. Soon Perez

    The heart cutting board and knife.

  63. Jill

    I love the cutting board!

  64. Renee

    Love the Tarte blush! Great blush and great color!

  65. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    While I have tons of blush all of a sudden this one looks amazing and I’m really loving tarte lately.

  66. Happi Shopr

    I like the sound of the Bauble Bar Mini Arrow Pendant Necklace

  67. Mlee

    cheese board!

  68. Cindy Daisy

    Eekkk I’m so excited for everything in the box. Seriously, it looks so good it’s hard to pick just one

  69. Laura

    I love the whole box. I wish PS would start shipping to Canada. I would love to try the bubble bath.

  70. Allison

    My favorite item is the cheese board!

  71. Lorna

    I love the cutting board & cheese knife and the necklace!!

  72. Esther Sue Davidson

    I love the figs and rouge, tarte blush, and the necklace this is a great box

  73. Jolene Rankin Murphy

    I think the blush would be my favorite, but it all looks great. Thanks!

  74. Swati

    I love love love Baublebar so that necklace is my must have. But I’d do anything for the rest of the as well! Tarte, bubble bath and chocolate.. Canuck wrong with those?! 🙂

  75. latanya t

    the bubble bath

  76. Judydesigns

    Love the heart shaped board. So cute!

  77. Cindy


  78. Victoria Locke

    I adore the baublebar necklace! POPSUGAR has been knocking it out of the park these last few months!!

  79. laroyal06

    I’m most excited about the US Apothecary Rose Water bubble bath!! I bet that stuff is amazing!!

  80. Megan Smith Firis

    I can’t decide if I love the cutting board or the necklace better! So cute!

  81. Colleen Boudreau

    The Tarte blush!

  82. Breanne

    The cheese board is so cute 🙂

  83. Ake

    As usual, my favorites are the cheapest items: the chocolate and the lip balm!

    Also, I thought I should give you a heads up that Disqus doesn’t work when using Chrome on either a Mac or a PC. I had to use Safari to make this comment.

  84. Katherine

    I love the cheese board and knife!

  85. Michelle Braun

    I LOVE that necklace and the blush! Also, I could always use another cutting board! lol 🙂

  86. Michelle Forbes

    I am looking forward to the Rose Water bath!

  87. Neha Kaul

    I love the ACME heart-shaped cheeseboard- so darn cute!

  88. Jen DeLovely

    Everything! The rose bubble bath, yes please.

  89. acm1810

    Love this box!

  90. Julie Casey

    Love the bubble bath and necklace! Was so bummed that my gift sub ended

  91. Jennifer Hodgen

    I love the necklace! yay PopSugar!

  92. Kris Tin

    Tarte blush!

  93. Melissa g

    Love the necklace and the bubble bath but the cutting board is a very close 2nd.

  94. Alisha Reynolds McCoy

    I love everything. The necklace is super cute!

  95. Tessa

    Ah, I adore that bubble bath!!

  96. Margo

    Bubble bath and chocolate!

  97. meg

    I love the cutting board and cheese knife.

  98. Shiree Shaffer

    The necklace!

  99. Veronica Hudon

    The Bauble Bar Mini Arrow Pendant Necklace. I love mine from the MSA box!

  100. Jessica Alipio

    I am looking forward to the necklace.

  101. Dorothy McDowell

    I also love the tarte Blush and would really like to see the arrow necklace. The cheese board and knife are a nice touch! Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. travel

    Not feeling my normal super pleasure about spoilers . Maybe because I don’t love the cutting board. The same with most of the little lace teapot/spoon. I’ve been ill but stuff that needs to be traded is running me is everywhere.I Am loving seeing you latest post pop right up, even thoughI stilll don’t have new layout totally figured out,lol. I’m getting older and changes are becoming more challenging even though the 40s are the new 20s

  103. Jen Partridge Kiley

    I love the cutting board!

  104. SMDC

    I love the blush, because they are my favorite on earth.

  105. allie

    The cheese board is great

  106. Diana Vuong

    My favorite would be the necklace.

  107. travel

    Most of my box will be a trade, but I do like the balm, and love the nailcolor shown. Want to love the blush, but unless it appears diff in person it won’t work with my darker skin. Can’t remember the last time I cutup something on a board, so along with little laces teapot and spoon, the cuteness appeals. But I need to start back trading to find them a forever home

  108. Alecia

    The Tarte blush. 🙂

  109. Miranda

    I missed out on this box because I unsubscribed after having lots of problems with their customer service. 🙁 I wish they would improve that because it really is a fun box! Hope I win 😀

  110. Tara

    Tarte blush I have been wanting to try it…also love the necklace!

  111. Debra Klein Brownstein

    I’ve wanted to try Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush

  112. allycat

    I am in love with tarte blush!!

  113. Becka

    I’m most excited aout the arrow necklace. I think I will use everything except the cutting board (we just have so much kitchen stuff already).

  114. mini2z

    the rose bubble bath – I just love rose scents

  115. Leana L.

    The cheese block is my fav. So cute

  116. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d love to try the cutting board

  117. Breanna

    I think the cutting board is adorable. Thanks for doing a giveaway

  118. Shawn

    I love that cheese set, but I definitely need a blush! Great box!

  119. Jules Sarah

    definitely the cutting board!

  120. Davina Kahen


  121. marciaf

    The cheese board since it’s a heart.

  122. Elizabeth A

    Sometimes during the ridiculous heat of Louisiana summer, my husband & I will have cheese, crackers & grapes for dinner. This is when it’s too hot to even think about turning on the stove!! The cute cheese board & knife is going to make it feel fancy!!

  123. Andrea S

    I love that cutting board!

  124. wendy

    I love the cutting board, cheese knife- but really that blush looks perfect for me.

  125. krissie

    finger print nail color

  126. Robyn Thogmartin

    The candy bar, lip balm, and bubble bath are my favorites.

  127. Sarah Leppert

    The necklace looks so cute!

  128. Rebecca

    I’m loving all of it, but I’m particularly excited about the necklace.

  129. Christine Radice

    Let’s be honest, that chocolate marshmallow bar is the first thing to be nabbed! The Tarte Blush beyond that – blushes are quite infrequent in boxes so it is nice to see one.

  130. Bethany

    Randomly enough, I think it’s the bubble bath that’s my favorite!

  131. Lauren

    My favorite item is the blush. I have been thinking about trying something from Tarte’s Amazonian clay line, so this is perfect!

  132. Tiffany Speakman

    Taste would be my fav

  133. brenda disimone

    finger paints nail color

  134. Kassie

    I really love blush in general and Tarte makes great ones! That color is gorgeous!

  135. Lori K

    The cutting board looks awesome!

  136. Angela P.

    My favorite item in this month’s box is definitely the tarte 12 hour blush. Love the color.

  137. Sindhu

    The Tarte Blush!

  138. Natalie Rodriguez

    Have been wanting to subscribe, LOVE this box!

  139. Amy

    I like the cutting board and the balm 🙂

  140. Brenna M

    I absolutely adore the cutting board and the blush!

  141. Tricia B

    The board is so cute. 🙂 The bubble bath sounds awesome too!

  142. Danielle

    The apothecary rosewater bubble bath is my favorite item in this box.

  143. Suzee

    Favorite item would have to be the adorable cheese tray! I can’t get enough of cute entertaining items! 🙂

  144. Jennifer Pellicone

    My favorite is the Tarte blush.

  145. Marissa B

    Hi There,

    Absolutely strange question… I LOVE PopSugar and am in Canada. I am so desperate to receive this subscription.

    I found a site that gives you a US address and then delivers to Canada.

    It asks for the dimension of the box. Does anyone have a Popsugar box that can measure the dimensions? _ x _ x _ ? It also goes by weight but I know that varies every month.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      It’s generally under 4lbs. It’s usually marked as 12x12x12 or 8x8x8 in FedEx Smart Post, but I will get you the exact measurements of the February one when I get it tomorrow.

      1. Marissa B

        You are amazing. Thank you so much for replying. 🙂

  146. Kelsey Parsons

    I?m really excited to try to rose water bubble bath!

  147. miranda

    I love the cutting board!

  148. KatyL

    I’m loving the entire box, but the bubble bath and the Tarte blush look great!

  149. Alexa A.

    I think the necklace is my favorite – and I’m not a necklace-wearing gal most of the time 🙂

  150. gary

    The chocolate bar looks great

  151. Lori

    This whole box is great! They really put together a great Valentine’s Day box this year! I think inmost excited about the necklace. It’s so delicate and pretty and arrows are really on trend right now!

  152. Staci

    I love the rise bubble bath. Such cute packaging and I’m always up for new bath products, since I go through them so fast.

  153. Rachael Canfield

    The heart wood cheese board is my fav.

  154. vicki

    l-o-v-e that blush and lip balm

  155. Alice

    The heart cheese board! But I bet someone will steal it and use it as a real chopping board and stain it….hmph.

  156. Beth

    I love that cutting board!

  157. Kalee

    That heart shaped cheese board if just the cutest!

  158. cali marie

    Love the cutting board the most but everything is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Brittany

    Wish I had gotten this one!

  160. Lauren

    Bubble bath is my favorite … Great box!

  161. Clarisse

    Love this box especially that cutting board and tarte!

  162. Jordan

    That awesome cheese board! And thanks for fixing the comments!

  163. Christine Fortes

    I have been trying to enter this giveaway since you posted it and it just keeps showing that it’s loading and i can’t enter.

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t heard of any issues with it? Have you tried a different browser?

  164. Michelle Cohen

    I LOVE everything Baublebar!!

  165. Kristy

    100% the cutting board. it is so cute and would make a fabulous cheese board for a party

  166. Tiffany Mcguffin

    I can’t just pick one! But I did feel very pretty in my necklace, eating my chocolate last night.

  167. Alicia N

    LOVE the cutting board 🙂 the knife confuses me though can anyone give me tips on how to use it correctly?

  168. Karen

    My favorite item is the necklace!

  169. Illy Junus

    I love the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

  170. shaunie

    My favorite from the box is the blush.

  171. Rosanne

    I like the Bamboo Heart Cutting Board & Cheese Knife

  172. Judy

    Love the cutting board and bubble bath!

  173. Theresa D

    My favorite is the U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Bubble Bath.

  174. courtney b

    I want the bubble bath.

    Thank you! xoxoxox

  175. Lorna

    I love the cutting board & knife!!

  176. Alona Y

    I definitely love the Bauble Bar Mini Arrow Pendant Necklace.

  177. laurie murley

    I would like to try the sally beauty nail polish

  178. Sarah L

    Figs & Rouge 100% Natural Balm would be great.
    Thanks for the contest.

  179. CourtneyB

    In love with the cutting board. It’s so unique – Never have I ever seen something like it. Might just have to pick one up.

  180. Kelsea Beth

    The ACME Party Box Company Bamboo Heart Cutting Board & Cheese Knife

  181. Deb Jackson

    I like the blush.

  182. Leah H.

    It’s a toss up between the cutting board set and the lip gloss. Both seem fantastic!

  183. Wendi S

    I like the blush the most.

  184. HLM

    I would buy that Tarte blush at face value. What a great inclusion.

  185. Vikki Billings

    I am really excited about the Heart Cutting Board & Cheese Knife! I could really use this.

  186. elizabeth

    I love the bubble bath!

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