Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Review

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Frankie & Albert
Cost: $49.99/month
Ships To: United States
Coupon Code: N/A
Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Review
Frankie & Albert February 2015

Eeek! My February 2015 Frankie and Albert box is here!  I have been anxiously awaiting this box and couldn’t wait to rip into it when the mailman arrived.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with them (they are still fairly new), Frankie & Albert is a monthly subscription to receive handpicked Thrift store finds. Each month their team will handpick each treasure specifically for you and mail it directly to your home. They also offer a digital swap meet section in case you don’t totally love what you receive.

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
The Box

Frankie & Albert ships via USPS Priority Mail and took just a few days to arrive to me. I believe it shipped on Friday, but with the weekend and holiday I didn’t receive it until today (Tuesday).

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
First Look
Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
Second First Look

I felt like opening this one up really was like opening a grab bag.  Frankie & Albert has you fill out a profile with your style, the colors you like and the room(s) you would like your items for, but since this was my first box I didn’t know how closely they followed that.  Each of the items have an information card included and they also include a general information card as well which explains a bit about Frankie & Albert and how the Swap Meet section works.  Here is what my February Frankie & Albert box contained:

~8×5 Ornate Painted Tray: Meh.  I don’t love this, but I don’t hate it either.  It’s fairly light and is almost make out of a plastic material?  Had it been porcelain I would have liked it much better I think.

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
8×5 Ornate Painted Tray

~Silver Ornate Coasters: I like these coasters (they don’t look like these are the same size but they are) and will totally use them, but I am hoping I am able to shine them up a bit. I am going to try this method and hopefully will have these things so shiny you need sunglasses when you look at them.

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
Silver Ornate Coasters

~Gold Carved Napkin Holders: We don’t use napkin rings here (and if we did we’d need 4 anyway), but I am sure there are plenty of ideas on how to use these for something else on Pinterest.

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
Gold Carved Napkin Holders

~Silver Butter Knife: This is another item that needs a GOOD polish.  I may end up trying to Swap this and the tray depending on what else is available in the Swap Meet.

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
Silver Butter Knife

~Small Brass Lantern: Now this I love!  It’s a cute little lantern that you can put a taper candle in.  I love it and just need to find a perfect spot for this.

Frankie & Albert February 2015 Subscription Box Review
Small Brass Lantern

Since these are Thrift Store finds I couldn’t do a cost breakdown on this box. I will say that I don’t think I would have paid $50 for these items at the thrift store.  Broken down for this box it was $10 per item and I’m not sure that I would have paid $10 for any of these items individually, even the little lantern that I love.  I am going to stick it out for another month or so (my general rule of thumb is to give all subscription boxes a three month trial) and really hope I get some items I love.  I think the idea behind this is awesome, but I was less than wowed with this box.

Have you tried Frankie & Albert?  What do you think?  If you are interested in checking them out you can head here and see what they are all about!


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  1. HH

    Thanks for reviewing this. I was curious about it. I like the idea of a home box, but they’re all on the more expensive end, so I don’t get them.

  2. Carrie

    I was waiting on a review of this from you. I just wasn’t sure about it, after seeing this is think I may hold off a little longer til they get it a little more tweaked.

  3. Kerry

    Your box is SO much nicer than mine! I have never been so disappointed with a sub as I was with this. Mine came with four coasters and a small glass bowl. For $50. Ridiculous.

    1. Jennifer

      I want to see a picture of this! Can you access the Swap Meet? It keeps giving me errors. I need to figure out what’s up with that.

      1. Kerry

        I will definitely email you a pic of what I got. I haven’t used their swap site yet, but swapped my items right away on the MSA site. At least it wasn’t a total loss.

  4. Britney

    I was also excited about this until I saw the reviews… I am an antique collector and my mom is a picker, I have to agree that $50 is way too much for what you received.

    1. Jennifer

      I want to go antiquing with you and your mom!!!!!!!

  5. Brandy

    i actually really like your box and would’ve signed up with an active coupon. but, i do kinda sorta really think they know who you are and that you probably got a better box because all i have heard is stuff like kerry that they barely got anything for $50. i’ll totally sign up if i see another coupon.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t even know there was ever a coupon! I doubt they know I have a blog. If they linked my e-mail back to here that would be kind of weird!

  6. Andrea Karwandy

    I love the idea of this subscription! My husband and I are huge fans of vintage/antique items and love going to garage sales in the summer. Would love if they start to include Canada at some point in their shipping. Though they don’t really seem to have our decor style listed at all!

  7. PA anna

    Yours is the best box that I seen so far. It’s not a sub that interests me to purchase, but I am curious to see what people receive and how it works. It seems like a hard concept to pull off.

  8. Melissa

    I have NO idea what I would do with any of that stuff. Honestly, it looks like junk to me. Three napkin rings? A scratched up butter knife? Two coasters?? And that brass lantern looks like something someone bought at Michaels for about five bucks for their wedding. Very disappointed.

  9. Barbie

    Girl, you got a ton more stuff than the reviews I’ve seen! Kind of agree with below that they probably knew you are a reviewer.

    If you wanna give me $50.00 I will go down the street to the antique mall and get you some actual nice stuff 😉 I’m lucky cause where I go sells antiques at like.. rummage sale prices. I could get you so much stuff for $50.00 lol

  10. stacy

    I work for a not for profit thrift store and the fact that this is what you were sent for your 50 bucks is slightly insulting to me… Especially if other people received even worse boxes! I get that they took the time to hand pick items… And shipping is expensive… But your money is worth so much more than that, not only for your value… But for what 50 bucks could help contribute to our mission!

  11. Sara

    Thanks so much for your review! I’m intrigued by the idea of the box, but I feel for $50 I can go and pick out awesome stuff for myself at the thrift store or antique mall that I’ll love. I love vintage things, but I definitely wouldn’t care to get any of those items. I’ll cleaned up silver before using that aluminum foil and hot water before, it works excellently.

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