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Two questions today…..

1. What are you reading right now?  Any recommendations??? Looking to start your own Book Club? Check out Bookclubz!w?  This is one of my favorite blog questions because I getting ideas from what everyone else is reading.  I am reading To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han right now and I am loving it.  I am thinking my next book might be “The Girl on the Train“.  It sounds fantastic!  Has anyone read it?  What do you think?

2. Have you ever online dated? Did it work?  And I don’t mean just  I am talking about not only Match, but Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc.  All of those sites and apps!  I never did, but I know tons of people who have and have had huge success (my brother and SIL met on Match).  Although, I will say, I never would have met B had we both been on an online dating site at the same time.  Simply because he’s 6 years younger and I would never have had my profile set to look for someone that young.  And I am sure he wouldn’t have been looking for someone that old ;).  But I love the idea and think Tinder would have been quite fun in college!

Bonus Question: If you saw 50 Shades of Grey, what did you think? I’ve been hearing all sorts of different things (I haven’t seen it myself) about it and want to hear what all of you that saw it thought. Was it good?

I am looking forward to hearing your answers on these today!


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  1. brandy

    Tinder would have been quite fun in college – that’s quite the understatement of the year, no? 🙂 🙂 xoxoxox

  2. Jenny

    I’m reading Dark Skye by Kresley Cole right now. LOL I don’t like to have to think when I’m reading 😉
    No online dating for me since I’ve been with M forever. You know before everyone even had the interenet. LOL we must be ancient. hehe My dad met my stepmom online and it is going really well. They’ve been married for about 7 years so its working for them.
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I still want to. I was hoping to go this week but I don’t see that happening with the weather here. Maybe next week. Did you read the book?

  3. Laura Diniwilk

    1) I am reading The Art of Fielding…I never would have thought a book about baseball would hold my interest, but it is really great so far!
    2) I played around on Match during the early 2000’s. I had one good relationship out of it but for the most part I wasn’t taking it seriously so nothing serious came of it. It was more something I’d do when I was bored.
    3) I thought 50 shades was amusing, but I was also with a big group of friends and we snuck in copious amounts of wine. It was nowhere near as sexy as the book, and the leads had zero chemistry whatsoever, to the point that it was a bit awk. Plus the ending was really abrupt.

  4. Sindhu

    I heard the audiobook to The girl on the Train. It holds your interest, but the main character doesn’t make you want to vouch for her.

  5. Britney

    I am currently reading your blog, haha… I need to make a trip to Barnes & Noble, but I always spend too much time and money there!
    I tried online dating, it was fun and I did meet some nice guys (and some not so nice, and some creepy, stalker types), but none stood the test of time and I wound up marrying someone I grew up in the same town with… Funny how that works!

  6. sarah

    I use both match and tinder with similar results (you wouldn’t think … but really, about the same luck with both!). I tried eharmony with their super long questionnaire years ago and it kept sending me people I not only worked with, but didn’t particularly like! It’s frustrating, but I’ll keep at it because it’s hard to meet new people in your early 30s when over the bar scene…

  7. laura r

    I’m still reading Rue McClanahan’s “My First Five Husbands.. and the Ones Who Got Away.” I’ve been reading it forever but finally making progress. I bought a bunch of new books I want to read too. Well, they’re old and used but new to me! Including Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking.

    I met my boyfriend on the internet.. we’re hitting 10 years this summer though I met him in person in 2004. We met on IRC, which is a platform for chat rooms.. but for nerds. Well, most of the internet back then was for nerds. I’ve been online for nearly 20 years now though and it’s amazing how people online have changed. I don’t think my boyfriend and I would have met if we had been on a dating site. We didn’t even meet on a looking for love type chat.. it just sort of happened! I actually never planned on meeting him “IRL” but he called me one day and was like, “I’m in Phoenix, wanna hang out?” And he is/was super hot so how could I pass that up??

  8. Nicole

    I’ve started The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (author of Big Little Lies). I’m not too far into it but so far so good. The last book I read was The Girl on the Train and it was really interesting. The twists are great but you really don’t fall for the characters like other books.

  9. Erin D

    I just started The Girl on the Train last night! Good so far:). Also, I have not seen 50 Shades of Grey because I always need to read the book before I have seen the movie. I hope to read the book soon. I did buy the movie soundtrack though because I heard it was amazing- and it is!

  10. Laure

    1. how do you find the time to read I have two boys almost the same age as you two and four. I have no time to read it all I want to pick up a book I pass out.
    2. I’ve never done online dating I’m happily married now I did consider match 10 years ago just before I met my husband funny how things work
    3. I saw fifty shades. It was pretty close to the book without her annoying subconscious and him telling her to eat constantly thank God that was left out. It was nowhere near as sexy as a book for sure. But then again it is only rated R it wasn’t a porn lol it cracked me up I want so they’re going to wait to see it because it would be too awkward to see it with other people the movie theater I guess I’m just comfortable with things like that I don’t know it was like any other movie with a love scene just five of them. I am pissed about the ending I had no idea they would be three movies and I’m just downright mad about that

  11. Cymbre Martin

    1. The Matched Trilogy! I love me some YA fiction lol. If you like dystopian novels and a little romance they are great. But the first one is my favorite.
    2. No online dating, the hubby and I went on Tonder for fun, swiping left or right is addicting!
    3. Haven’t seen it yet. We recently went on a double date and the girls wanted to see it, but the men wanted to see Kingsmen. Boo!

  12. Mrs. L

    1. Currently reading “Unbroken” (have not seen the movie). Our book club book for March is “Girl on a Train” so it will be one of the next books I read.

    2. Never online dated but our godkids parents met in an online dating thing and they’ve been married almost 18 years.

    3. Have not seen the movie. May go with my book club (yes, it was one of our books years ago) this Wednesday if I have time. Was not overly impressed with the book (I was one of those that had major problems with the writing) and have also heard the chemistry between the leads is non existent so it’s not something I want to run out and see.

  13. Erin

    I’m currently reading Chuck palahniuk’s newest book! I love his books and always read them ASAP when they come out.
    And my husband and I met online! Married two and a half months after our first date and now a few years later happier than ever. 🙂 I

  14. Isabel

    I saw 50 Shades & I was pleasantly surprised. I read the book & thought they did well, glad they left out some of the annoying things, of course it wasn’t as steamy as the book but it was good. I didn’t realize it was only about book # 1, so I’m curious to see if they make more movies.

  15. Geneiveve

    I tried online dating a few times over the years and had no success. I live in a big city and I think people just expect so much more from online dating than is realistic. Ok I don’t mean that to be so harsh but more than one guy I went on a date with treated it like individual speed dating. I was in my mid 30s at the time and was matched with a lot of guys that were divorced and didn’t want to start a second family or didn’t want kids. Decided at 40 to start a family on my own and couldn’t be happier! Lol!

  16. cindy

    Totally off the subject but one of my target valentines section went to 70 today..the other did 50

  17. Sarah

    I have just started “Written in my Own Heart’s Blood” by Diana Gabaldon.

    I met my fiance on Plenty of Fish about 18 months ago after divorcing my husband of 22 years. I met a few scumbags first but have ended up really lucky. 🙂

    Nope, haven’t seen the movie and don’t plan to…just not my thing.

  18. PA Anna

    1. I want to read The Girl on A Train. I’m reading The Wild Wisdom of Weeds.

    2. I am a cliche. I met my husband through eHarmony.

  19. Hannah

    1. Our book club book was “The Girl on the Train.” I really enjoyed it, interesting characters. Not the type of book I’d usually read so maybe it was just a nice change. Book club is meeting tonight so I can’t wait to see what we pick. I have “Devil at my Heels” to read (which is written by Louis Zamperini, the man who Unbroken is about), so I’m sure I’ll start that in the next couple of days.
    2. I’ve never online dated. I’m sure if I hadn’t met my boyfriend 3 years ago that I would be online dating by now, but I’m so glad that didn’t happen. My sister who is 3 years older than me has been online dating for a couple years & nothing has lasted for more than a couple of months. Just a bunch of guys who don’t know what they want.
    3. I haven’t seen the movie & don’t plan on it. I didn’t read the book(s). My coworker almost got me to go on Friday, but luckily she wasn’t trying too hard 🙂

  20. Becka

    Currently reading “Vicious” by V.E. Schwab. (She is a YA author I think, but this isn’t a YA book.) It’s a fun novel, about supervillains. Not something I would typically reach for but I am enjoying it. Before that I read Tana French’s first book “In the Woods” which I LOVED. I would recommend it if you like a good mystery and well-developed characters.

    Online dating ? yes I tried Match a few times in the 2003-2008ish range. Met a few nice/interesting people I am still friends with, and one actual “relationship” came of it but it never got serious. Then I met my husband ? NOT online ? although he had an active Match profile at the time, too. But apparently Match didn’t think we would “match” 😉

    50 Shades. No way. I read the first 50 pages or so of the first book. The writing was so distractingly bad, and the first couple of sex scenes that I did manage to get to were kinda “meh” for me. I’m not even slightly interested in seeing the movie.

  21. Lauren

    Right now I’m reading Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I can’t believe I’ve never read it before and it’s by far the most interesting history and science lesson I’ve ever had. I’ve learned more about the universe halfway though his book than I did in an entire semester of Astronomy in college!

    I met my husband right after I graduated high school in 06 so online dating was a little after my time, but I definitely met plenty of high school boyfriends on Myspace, hahaha!

  22. Alyssa

    1) I’m always in the middle of several books since I use audible, Kindle and occasionally have books from the library. Right now I’m reading the great gatsby (got it from the library since I’ve never read it). Audible is reading Falling into you by Jasinda Wilder I got hooked on her writing style with her big girls do it series. On Kindle I’m reading the 3rd book in the station series dying to return by Trish Marie Dawson, this series has been addictive to me i finished the first 2 in less then 2 days.
    2) I’ve tried many of the dating sites and guys seem to only be looking for friends with benefits and not just the college aged ones you think it would be. Deleted my tinder after finding 2 different guys in my area who enjoy wearing diapers but I did make a really good friend on there who started dating his girlfriend 2 weeks after he started t as long to me yet I know him better than she does.

  23. Amy

    I’ve read both of those books this year and I’ve loved them both!!

  24. Amy

    I finished both of these books in a matter of days because they were too good to put down.

    I’m just starting reading The Accidental Book Club by Jennifer Scott.

  25. Allison Smith

    I just finished reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before; I thought it was good and I got it for really cheap on my Nook! Score! I’m currently reading Heads in Beds. It’s a tell all memoir of a hotel employee. So far it’s funny and I’m hoping to pick up some free upgrade advice 😉

  26. JacLyn

    1) I’m always in the middle of several books. 🙂 I’m reading the manga series Kimi ni Todoke from a recommendation of one of my daughters. It’s pretty cute! We like to suggest series to each other and then talk about them. 🙂 I’m finally reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. It’s really interesting! After I finish, I think I want to watch the movie (and see how Taylor Swift acts). I’m also reading the second Veronica Mars novel, Mr. Kiss and Tell. I’m in the middle right now, but it’s so good, just like the first one. <3 😀

    2) I haven't online dated, but I have quite a few online friends. A bunch of us signed up on OKCupid because the personality quizzes were a lot of fun. 🙂 Because of that, I used to get messages from a lot of creepers, though. It's weird when someone from a nearby town messaged for a foursome (in my profile, I made it clear that I was married). I was like … no thank you! lol Omg, imagine walking into someone at the grocery store after getting a message like that, "Hey, you look familiar!" XD

    3) I'll watch the movie when it's on Netflix, probably, just for laughs. I haven't even read the books. I've heard they're worse than Twilight and Twilight was so bad, it made me very angry. I would huff and puff and say things like "What is this? This doesn't even make sense! Why would they do that? No one does that!!" It was not fun to be around me when I was reading that series. XD

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