FabFitFun Review + Coupon Code – Spring 2015

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Ships To: Continental United States & Canada
Coupon Code: “SPRINGME” to save $10 off your first box.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box

fabfitfun is a quarterly monthly subscription box that includes hand-selected items (the “hottest of the season”) in beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness from the fabfitfun team. fabfitfun is $49.99/quarter and beginning with their Summer 2014 box, they ship to Canada!

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
The Box

fabfitfun ships via FedEx Smart Post and took about a week to arrive to me.  I expect everything that ships via Smart Post to take a week.  If it takes less than that it’s pretty rare.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
First Look
FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Second First Look

Everything was neatly packaged and arrived in absolutely perfect condition.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
The Information Card

The Spring 2015 fabfitfun box included the following items:

~Jules Smith Modern Art Scarf ($42): This scarf is much smaller than I expected it to me.  It’s lightweight (I did expect that), but it’s quite narrow.  I guess I didn’t read the Jules Smith website when we originally heard the spoiler because they do have the size listed at 60″ long by 12″ wide.  It’s even more of a Spring scarf than I was expecting it to be and I like that.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Jules Smith Scarf

~Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum ($48): I was originally thinking, oh, okay, cool, another serum.  But I have been hearing amazing things about this.  It’s supposed to increase collagen growth, rapidly slow down the aging process, fill fine lines and minimize wrinkles.  I am looking forward to seeing if this does what it promises for me!

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum

~Merrithew 3 DVD Set “Intense Body Blast” + $25 Gift Card: This is a 3 DVD set and the $25 gift card is good for any of the items that Merrithew sells.  I have wanting (okay needing) to pick up a work out at home dvd so this is perfect timing.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Merrithew 3 DVD Set “Intense Body Blast” + $25 Gift Card

~ORLY BB Creme ($15) and ORLY Nail BB Creme & ORLY Nail Polish “Cake Pop” ($8.50): I am kind of fascinated by the thought of BB Creme for you nails.  I guess you can wear it alone for a natural mani look, but I thought it just made my nails look like my nails with a peachish tint.  I suppose that’s the point though.  I think I like it better as a base coast under a nail polish – like the Cake Pop shade included in the box. ETA: According to the bottle, the BB Creme is not to be used as a top coat or base coat or with any other polish.  I have no idea why this is, but I obviously didn’t read this until after I did it on my nails.  Thanks Cassie for the heads up!!!

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
ORLY Nail BB Creme & ORLY Nail Polish “Cake Pop”

~YASI Metallic Flash Tattoos ($36): Are these really $36?  Ouch!  I know they are super in, but I wouldn’t pay $36 for a pack of tattoos.  I will likely end up giving these to one of my younger (and cooler) cousins.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos

~Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coaster Set ($16): I love Rifle Paper Co. and I love these!  The set of 8 includes 2 of each New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.  These will be my new office coasters!

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set

~OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo (#11 and #20) ($45): I generally shy away from buying more expensive brushes on my own, but if they are included in a subscription box, well, that’s fine by me!  Brush #11 is described to make eyeshadow pop while Brush #20 is used to help you apply concealer / corrector or any liquid of silk peptide foundation.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo (#11 and #20)

~Sprout It App Card + Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod ($1.49): I didn’t see this in the spoilers for this box so this little grow-able was a complete surprise.  And we will so use it!  We have a garden every year so we’ll happily plant this basil in it.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Sprout It App Card + Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod

~Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Popcorn (Sponsored): This popcorn is non-GMO and totally gluten-free. It also has no hulls or kernels.  And it’s salted caramel.  What could be wrong here?

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Popcorn (Sponsored)

~Vow to Be Chic Coupon Code (Sponsored) ($125): This coupon code is valid for one free dress rental with the rental or purchase of another dress.  I did a little browsing and I think you could get away with wearing a lot of these as a wedding guest and not necessarily just as a bridesmaid.  If you have a few weddings to attend this summer and don’t want to buy new dresses, I’d check this out.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Vow to Be Chic Gift Card (Sponsored)

~Hello Fresh $40 Off Voucher (Sponsored) ($40): This is value for new customers only so we won’t be able to use it.  I do like all these meal subscription boxes though and have tried (and enjoyed) Hello Fresh many times.

Hello Fresh $40 Off Voucher (Sponsored)
Hello Fresh $40 Off Voucher (Sponsored)

All totaled the Spring 2015 fabfitfun box has a value of $273.89.  That doesn’t include the value of the sponsored items (they are just considered bonus items) and is a great deal at $49.99!  I am quite happy with this one and even though I felt like the value of the tattoos was off I was still very happy about this box!

What do you think of fabfitfun?  What was your favorite item from this box?  If you haven’t yet subscribed but want to get signed up (you’d receive this Spring box as your first one) you can use the coupon code “SPRINGME” to save $10 off your first box.


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  1. Nichelle

    I too was surprised by the scarf being small in length. I am looking forward to using the nail polishes, brushes and serum. The Mircale Grow gro able seed will be a nice addition to my friend’s birthday gifts. Not my favorite box but it did say spring.

  2. Kim K

    I loved the last box. Cancelled my subscription after seeing this box.

  3. maluna

    I too don’t think the metallic tattoos are worth that much! I’ve seen a ton of them at the 99cent store and even for $10 from the as seen on tv deals. Cute box though.

  4. Christine

    Is it odd that the $1 item is what I was most excited over? The miracle grow pod – I wonder if anyone got something other than basil. I see they have kits that are a bunch of pods of like items such as lettuces.I’m disappointed to see I can’t use the Orly BB as a base coat and was on the verge of doing so when I saw your note. Maybe it is good to do a day before doing a manicure. Coasters are okay but I admit I don’t use them – when my furniture was new and I didn’t have sweat proof cups, sure, but now, eh. I have so many of these metallic tattoo things – I’m 40 which is 15 years too old for this in my opinion. I sent the ones from January PopSugar to my 23 year old sister, I kept a strip though for nail art which I have yet to try. Then I got some in another box and now these – plus I forgot to cancel my ‘extra’ FFF sub (last box was so great and to use a coupon I created a new account) so I’ve got 2 of these coming. Are they made with real gold and silver flakes? Seriously who pays $36 for something like this? I do like the makeup brushes, the scarf I’m not sure about, but I will give the DVDs a try – I can live with this box but will be more cautious come the next one – at least try to make sure only 1 sub is active!

  5. Marla Johnson

    I thought this box was great! I decided to order when I found out the Palmetto Derma serum would be in it because I LOVE it. It was worth it just for that. The rest of it is pretty great too. I love a good makeup brush, and it’s nice to have extras. I will use both of them. The seed pod will be fun! I’m not much of a gardener, but trying to grow an herb in my garden window might be within my capabilities. The scarf was much smaller than I expected too, but very pretty. (I received the more flower version.) I’m pretty excited about the Orly BB Creme because my finger nails hate nail polish. They always peel after I wear it. Maybe the BB Creme will make them look pretty and shiny without damaging them. I did two coats yesterday, and so far it’s wearing well, which is unusual for me. My polish usually chips in a day. I probably won’t use the DVD, but I hope to find something on the website to use the gift card on. 🙂

  6. Tabitha Hunter

    I think if I get the watercolor scarf, I will be happy. This is my first FFF, and they teased the best products first and phoned in the rest.

    I am disappointed. Do you seriously have to do BOGO with the bridesmaid dress website? That’s terrible.

    And the tattoos…. maybe fun for summer, but I bet they are $1 wholesale.

  7. ShaSha

    I’m going to tie the scarf onto my purse for some flair. I am most excited to try the serum. I wonder if the person typing the info card was like- $36 for tatoos, that can’t be right?!

  8. Chelsea

    ARE metalic tattoos in? Or are they trying to be a thing…i have NEVER seen them on anyone EVER. like…ever…and so I just think its flim-flam.

    I keep hoping that fabfitfun will come out with a box that I’ll adore…but so far nothing…this box would have been a huge disappointment for me. Glad I didn’t get it.

  9. Rachel

    For anyone who doesn’t know what to do with the tattoos, a commenter on another site mentioned using them to decorate Easter eggs! I was getting ready to toss mine when I saw that suggestion, and now I’m excited to try them! But yeah, $36 is insane. The most recognized brand of these?Flash tattoos?are $22 at Sephora and include four sheets per package, so $36 for one sheet of a random brand that looks like it came from the dollar store is just crazy.

    It seems like most people got a basil seed pod, but mine is sweet red peppers. I love peppers, but I’m kind of wishing I got the basil because I think it’d be easier to grow in my city apartment. We’ll see if I can make the peppers happen though!

    I have to say I wasn’t too excited about this box overall; I’m pretty sure I’m unsubscribing from FFF after this …. I’m realizing the things I was actually excited about are things I can either get through my $10 ipsy sub (I love getting makeup brushes, but I’ve consistently gotten great ones through them), or things I can buy on my own for less than the price of the box.

    Outside of personal taste, the box is an okay value for the money, but there’s nothing in it that really has a “wow” factor to me, and that used to be the point of these types of boxes…to find out about new and exciting products or get great deals on cult brands. Lately FFF (as well as my other sub, popsugar, which I’m also canceling) has just seemed like a collection of average, not-that-exciting stuff.

  10. brandy

    i think the BB creme is like julep oxygen but peach instead of pink 🙂

  11. Emily

    My tattoos said “bling tattoos” and are not by the featured brand, but rather they look like a cheap dollar store brand.

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