PopSugar Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Spoilers + Giveaway!

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Yay!  Thanks to hkydiva, we’ve got full spoilers for the PopSugar Must Have Resort Box!

The PopSugar Resort Box contains the following items:

Image credit: hkydiva
Image credit: hkydiva

~Jane Iredale My Steppes Makeup Kit (Warm) (a $58 value)
-Stephanie Johnson White Dot Train Case (POPSUGAR Exclusive) ($80)
-Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum ($80)
~Sloane Stationery Passport Holder (POPSUGAR Exclusive) ($48)
~Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Sea Salt Cocktail Salt ($14)
~Lele Sadoughi Half Moon Pendant (POPSUGAR Exclusive) ($110)

What do you think? Are you excited about it? This box retailed for $100, but is now sold out. However, I happened to buy an extra one just to giveaway so if you didn’t order you are in luck! As usual, just enter in the widget below, read the rules and you’re in!  Oh and I want to mention that the April monthly PopSugar Must Have box is now SOLD OUT, so subscriptions will now begin with the May box!  You can use the coupon code “MUSTHAVE5” to save $5 off your first box!

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  1. Alyssa L

    I love the Jane Iredale makeup set-always wanted to try her line!

  2. Christina

    I love the train box! It’s so pretty and dainty and perfect! 🙂 I also love the cocktail salt, I was just looking for some for a margarita the other day!

  3. Rose D.

    It’s a tie between the train case and the passport holder!

  4. Brandie Cox

    The Half Moon Pendant!

  5. Kristina

    The train case!!!

  6. Sarah

    It’s always so difficult for me to want to throw down $100 sight unseen, but this is a really good box! I wish I had picked one up!

  7. chandra

    That necklace!

  8. Kayla

    I love the necklace!

  9. Holly

    The makeup kit

  10. Kelsey

    the passport holder!

  11. Cay

    Drunk Elephant serum

  12. kelsey ellen

    the necklace is AMAZING!!

  13. CJC

    The necklace is my favorite item in this box, but the train case is beautiful too!

  14. Kathy

    I love the passport case and the necklace! Great box!

  15. Stacey

    I missed out on buying this box. It would be awesome to win it! Thanks for the chance . I love the half moon pendant!

  16. Maura

    Love the necklace!

  17. Linae

    I love the train case!! It’s so cute!

  18. Sindhu

    The train case is cute!

  19. Mary Ann

    I always like Stephanie Johnson’s things from BirchBox. This travel case is lovely!

  20. Diana Kang

    So glad you are doing this giveaway! I love the train case.

  21. Laura

    The pendant is my favourite item. This looks like a great box. Thanks for the giveaway Jen!

  22. Julia

    I like the necklace

  23. Kelly

    Half moon necklace! I just received the March box last night and already looking for April spoilers! Aghhh?

  24. Lanie

    The passport holder. I used to travel all of the time, and I miss it!

  25. Cymbre Martin

    I can’t decide between the Jane Irendale, Makeup Case, or the Serum.

  26. Cheryl

    The makeup kit looks great!

  27. Sara

    My favorite thing in the box is the makeup case!! love it!!

  28. Mackenzie

    That passport case is really cute!! I think all the items fit the theme really well!

  29. Annette Manwaring

    I hesitated on ordering the resort box so don’t have one coming. It looks awesome!

  30. Maria A.

    Love the Passport holder & think the serum would be a match for me 🙂

  31. Brandy

    I love the necklace!!

  32. Nicole Midgley

    the necklace is my favorite! 🙂

  33. Danita Reyna

    This is so much better than last year’s resort box. I just turned 50 last week and this would be the perfect 50th bday present! Love it!

  34. Beth

    The train case is cute! And the passport holder!

  35. Ashley smith

    Hope I win

  36. Jill Geraci

    I would say the train case.

  37. melissa

    I need that train case!!

  38. Kristi S

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the train box!

  39. Alexa A.

    My favorites are the train case and passport holder!

  40. Margaret

    Train case, definitely!

  41. Sarah

    Definitely the makeup kit. Would love to try it! I also love sea salt. 🙂

  42. Chrissy

    All of it! This is the perfect box, in my opinion!

  43. Madelyn

    My favorite thing is the passport cover!

  44. Ashlee

    I love the train case!

  45. Erin

    That train case is too cute!

  46. Katherine

    The train box! or the serum!

  47. Stacey

    The train case

  48. mary m

    Train case for sure!

  49. Jean Eckert

    My favorite item is probably the make up kit! So easy to carry with you for touch ups 🙂

  50. Cynthia

    Love the Half Moon Pendant Necklace!

  51. Jane

    Love the train case and necklace … Looks like a great box.

  52. Kassie

    This entire box is incredible so it’s hard to pick a favorite but I love Jane Iredale so the Jane Iredale My Steppes Makeup Kit!

  53. Nicole

    Love the cocktail salt and necklace! The passport holder would’ve been awesome for my trip to India but there’s always next time! ^^

  54. Breanne M

    I love the necklace–it would be a perfect gift for my mom!

  55. Audrey

    That train case is too cute and I love the necklace!

  56. Gisele

    I love the Half Moon Pendant!

  57. Wendy

    I love the train case!

  58. calimarie

    My favorite item is the Lele Sadoughi Half Moon Pendant! So glad someone finally included a silver piece of jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Shawn

    I love this box, but my favorite item would be that necklace!

  60. Melissa

    The train case is too cute!

  61. Terri Q

    I’m most excited about the Drunk Elephant serum, as I’m curious about that brand!

  62. Carrie Seymore

    Definitely the case! It’s adorable!

  63. Beth Rang

    I like the train case!

  64. Dasha

    I like the cocktail salt haha! Margaritas are my favorite

  65. Katie

    Train case is super cute.

  66. karen

    I love the train case!

  67. Erin

    The Jane Iredale makeup kit!

  68. Kayla A.

    I love almost everything in this, especially the train case! I wish I’d gotten one!!

  69. Melissa T

    love the passport holder!

  70. Kristin t

    Drunk Elephant serum!

  71. Kristin

    Train case but I have a hard side one I use

  72. Emily

    That train case looks amazing!

  73. Leana

    I like the train box and passbook holder the best.

  74. Becka

    I like the passport holder and the train case! 🙂

  75. Jenna

    My favorite item is either the passport holder or the necklace.

  76. melissa

    My favorite item is the train case 🙂

  77. Kirsten

    Love the train case, so cute!

  78. Elizabeth

    The serum!

  79. Rachel

    The necklace is my favorite

  80. Sarah L

    The train case!

  81. kristy medina

    I think the train case is the winner for me! Travel stuff is my weakness because it mans I’m going on vacation!

  82. Esther

    I love the train case! Perfect for travel

  83. Lauren Chmielewski

    The makeup case

  84. Valerie

    The train case!

  85. meg

    That train case looks awesome!

  86. JacLyn

    The makeup kit is pretty cute! 🙂

  87. Abby

    Everything looks awesome! I wonder if there is any variation in colors with the Steppes kit or the pendant necklace?

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think there are any variations in this box!

  88. Lori

    The necklace.

  89. Nancy Trifiletti

    The train case!

  90. Amy

    I love the half moon pendant! And I’d def. gift my sister the passport holder–I have never left the country while she travels all over lol.

  91. Lauren

    My favorite item is the passport holder. I don’t have one on my passport, and I could use a nice one like this!

  92. Amanda Spencer

    The exclusive Popsugar train case~!! Brings back memories of picking up my grandmother at the airport as she got off the plane all dressed up and carrying her train case~

  93. Sher

    I LOVE the pendant!

  94. Jenny

    I’m pretty obsessed with that train case. I really don’t understand why we don’t use these as a standard anymore? I totally remember my grandma traveling with hers when I was younger. Of course that was a hard case one and I’m pretty sure it was avacado green. LOL

  95. cindy


  96. Ake

    The necklace looks lovely.

  97. Lorna

    I love the half moon pendant!!

  98. Helen Whaley

    The train case is pretty and useful!

  99. WendyinCa

    I love that train case! (My makeup would look so cute in it!)

  100. Laura Royal

    I really love the Stephanie Johnson White Dot Train Case!

  101. Anne

    The necklace!

  102. Wehaf

    I love the necklace.

  103. Lauren

    The necklace!

  104. Jessica a

    I am looking forward to the passport cover and the necklace.

  105. Dawn

    The pendant! Lovely!

  106. Allison

    The necklace looks great!

  107. Diana

    I love love love that train case. The design is super cute, and I love the pink inside!

  108. Sara

    That cocktail salt looks perfect for the margaritas that will definitely happen sometime this weekend!

  109. Nicole

    The Jane Iredale makeup kit!

  110. Theresa

    I would love to try everything in this box! I think I may like the necklace best though.

  111. Izzy

    The pendant!

  112. Genevieve

    I think I like the train case the best!

  113. Kate

    I love the necklace! So pretty, and silver for once.

  114. allison

    the train case

  115. Jenn S

    the necklace!!! i regret not getting this box just for the necklace!!!!

  116. Lyla

    Bummed I didn’t order, but hopefully I’ll win! 🙂 I cancelled PSMH a couple of months ago and I think I might subscribe again-these boxes are just too awesome!

  117. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love the train case! 🙂

  118. Tabitha

    I like the necklace and the train case.

  119. Vanessa

    I’m such a sucker for passport holders!

  120. terri s

    The makeup kit and pendant.

  121. Alecia

    I love the train case! 🙂

  122. emiie

    I know this is the least expensive but I want to try that salt!

  123. Tuesday C

    I like the necklace and I love that it is silver because it seems like all of the jewelry is usually gold! 🙂

  124. Diane F

    The train case and half moon pendant

  125. latanya

    ~Sloane Stationery Passport Holder

  126. Elizabeth

    I love that train case!

  127. Heather Robinson

    The train case is cute and I cannot wait toe try the makeup kit!

  128. Jayne

    Don’t know if the products work or not, but I love the name Drunk Elephant!

    1. Linda B,

      Me too! 🙂

  129. Linda B,

    LOVE the entire box!

  130. sarah b

    I would love that train case!

  131. Melissa J

    The train case!

  132. Cynthia

    I think I like the necklace the most.

  133. Amanda

    Can’t wait to wear the necklace on vacation 🙂

  134. Rebecca

    I’m most excited about the pendant!

  135. Kali Walker

    I like the necklace

  136. Crystal

    Missed out on The box would love to win it

  137. loren

    I’m intrigued by the train case. I wish we could have pictures of the inside!

  138. Shire Shaffer

    Definitely the half moon pendant! But I love it all!

  139. Adriana Fuentes

    I love the necklace!

  140. Sarah d

    the serum!

  141. Hildee

    Definitely the train case!

  142. Michelle H.

    I love the pendant.

  143. Judy

    A tie between the makeup kit and train case!

  144. Ellina P

    My favorite item would have to be the makeup kit. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  145. Kate L

    That necklace is stunning! I love turquoise, so I’m a bit biased, but it is awesome. The train case is really cool too.

  146. lisad

    The train case is perfect for summer trips, hope I win!

  147. Alicia N

    LOVE the passport holder I’ve been needing one!

  148. gary

    I like the passport holder

  149. Alisha Reynolds McCoy

    Love the train box!

  150. miranda

    I like the pink bag

  151. Elizabeth

    The makeup and serum!

  152. Gina G

    I LOVE the train case.

  153. Bethany

    Love that half moon pendant!! Oh how I miss this box. Canceled in Jan and am counting the days until I can re-sub!

  154. Kripa

    The train case is very cute!!

  155. Gail

    I love the half moon pendant necklace!

  156. laura maya

    I guess the train case.

  157. laura r

    The makeup, train case and passport case in that order. I need a new passport cover.. Mine is a Little Miss Giggles one.

  158. Rachael Canfield

    I love the box and the makeup. You can never go wrong with Popsugar.

  159. Heather

    I am in love with with the Lele Sadoughi necklace! It’s absolutely gorgeous, plus that makeup kit from Jane Iredale would be perfect to take on my honeymoon. I’m going to have to look into that!

  160. joanne

    I always check your blog to get a sneak peek before I get my box! Unfortunately, the resort box was sold out by the time I went to order it. :(( Love it all, but my fav is the passport holder! So cute!

  161. Elizabeth

    the pendant!

  162. Alicia N

    My favorite item is the passport cover!

  163. Hope

    I love the passport holder. Its so simple and chic. Still a hard call between that and the silver and turquoise necklace though.

  164. Jen K

    I love the makeup set!

  165. clarisse

    I love the necklace and passport holder!!! everything else is a bonus 🙂

  166. Percylyn

    I love the necklace

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