Friday’s Letters

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Dear The Tailor, Thank you for not only making B’s uniform look perfect, but also for knowing enough about it to know that he didn’t bring all of the right patches for it and going ahead and fixing it on your own. We totally owe you one!

Dear Fitbit, Uhh, thanks for the update that the fitbit Charge I gave away in a contest on here a while ago never shipped. Here I was thinking it was all set. Nope. On backorder. Till June.

Dear Friday, I thought you were yesterday and that today was Saturday.  That’d be a no.

Dear Rain, I think you are taking this April showers bring May flowers thing a little too far.

Dear Tom Izzo, You are a class act.  I may will cry if you ever leave Michigan State.

Dear The Masters, As usual, I am oddly excited about watching you on tv.  I even checked the standings last night after the first round was over. #idontevengolf

Dear B, Sometimes you’re the best.

Dear WB, Some people count sheep at bedtime to help them fall asleep, but I realized last night that “catch snacks”.  You mumble something, start reaching up and grabbing these imaginary snacks out of the air, “eat” them and then say “I got you snacks”.  LOL.  Too funny.

Dear Emoji’s, I love all the new options!!!  It’s about time!

Dear L, Ahh, I can’t believe how quickly you are growing up.  Seriously, 1st grade is almost over.  What? Slow down time!

Dear Jimmy Fallon and Madonna and the Roots, Anytime the classroom instruments come out I know it’s going to be good and you didn’t disappoint!



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  1. Stacie

    I’ve always been a Letterman watcher, but now that he’s retiring I can’t wait to switch to Jimmy Fallon! The musical games they play are always so much fun.

  2. Katie Sparks

    It finally stopped raining here in Kentucky! I love spring but hate the rain! It’s gonna be a beautiful weekend at least!:)

  3. Denise

    Dear Popsugar…we REALLY REALLY need a spoiler for the PSMH+CFDA box!!!! PLEASE!!! *my Friday thought! 😉

  4. SONYA

    Yeah I dont understand Fitbit’s website… I wanted the Charge HR and it said back ordered, so I just went to Kohls.. lol

  5. Ok, maybe I am just dumb because I don’t see any new emojis?? Do I need to do an update or something?

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