Rachel Zoe Summer 2015 Box of Style on Sale Now + Spoiler!

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The Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Hero item has been revealed!

Rachel Zoe Summer 2015 Spoiler!
Rachel Zoe Summer 2015 Spoiler!

All Summer 2015 Rachel Zoe Box of Style boxes will include the Cambridge Satchel Company Large Push Lock Leather Bag.

If you are interested in ordering the Summer Rachel Zoe Box of Style you can head over to their website and get signed up. The box is $100/season and the summer box will ship on July 1st! I suspect that this box will sell out fast, so if you want it, get it ordered NOW!


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  1. Katherine

    I wish it wasn’t white. It looks like it might get dirty easily. But at the same time, I’ve always wanted a Cambridge Satchel Co bag. I’m kinda torn.

    1. Katherine

      Well nevermind I ended up going for it lol. Hoping I’ll like the bag more once I get it. Worst case scenario is that I don’t, I could just sell it on ebay. This is my first luxe box ever (the most I’ve paid for is for Little Lace Box), so I’m excited!

  2. Ann Marie

    The bag sells for $150, so that will leave more wiggle room for other items! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I hope she reveals another item before it ships like she did this time!

  3. HeatherP

    Oh bummer. Im a bit torn. I super loved this last box. But this is not really my style at all. Altho with all the light pretty lily pulitzer target items launching it may go with what i like. Im not cancelling. I think she will put another great box together.

    1. Jennifer

      I am so excited for the lily collection to launch!

  4. Nicole H

    I jumped on this before I even saw the spoiler. I think the bag and, having never owned a white bag, am super excited to get. I was hoping that I would get to carry this with me while I was vacationing in Charleston this summer but I totally didn’t even check the shipping date and I will already be there when it ships.. oh well! I hope I like everything else in the box! I’m going to have to cancel/skip a couple of boxes so I’m hoping its worth it to me. If not, I’m hoping its worth it to someone else and I can sell/swab the other stuff! I’m still trying to get those TOMS glasses from the first box!

    1. Nicole H

      I like the bag, not think the bag!

    2. Jennifer

      I knew what you meant! The TOMS sunglasses are so cute. I hope you can trade for them!

  5. Erin D

    If anyone is interested in selling their spring box or their sunglasses or bracelet please email me! Erinedavis@roadrunner.com

  6. Byzantine

    I bought the box and in the confirmation email, it said it ships beginning July 1st. That’s terrible. By then, the Summer will be almost over!

    1. Jennifer

      I wonder why it doesn’t say that on the front page anymore? I swear it said that earlier in the day. I wonder if you can cancel?

  7. lisad

    Very nice and classic. It will pair well with a cute lily dress from the target selection for sure!

  8. Mrs. L

    I will be very happy with a white purse. I will scream if it turns out to be blue!

    1. Jennifer


  9. Anne

    Bit the bullet and ordered. Not sure about a white bag in a house with two kids under 5. Would prefer a different color…hope I don’t have buyers remorse when I get the box…still trying to get my hands on a clutch from the Oui please box. Anyone out there with black petrol, black Python, pony dot or gold animal print that wants to swap let me know…

  10. Jennifer Sharpe

    So I know this starts shipping in July. Are the other ship months October, January, and April?

  11. Sarah gray

    If anyone want to sell the bracelet and or sunglasses or even the entire spring box I would be thrilled!

    Please e-mail me at sarahfox83@gmail.com

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