So What Wednesday

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I think I may have jinxed the Red Wings the other night because I was SO sure they were going to win that I went out and got L t-shirt to wear during the games!
~Baby Foot might be oddest product ever and it totally grossed me out, but I’d use it again for sure.
~I am both excited and not-so-excited that B may be headed to Korea next month.
~One good thing about this Lilly + Target collaboration is that I am finally going to learn how to sew!
~I have finally realized that, no matter how big or how small the sandbox is, the kids will always take the sand OUT of the sandbox to play with it.
~I am super excited about all the sporting events happening this weekend.
~I don’t know who half the bands / artists that perform on Jimmy Fallon even are. #soold #sonotcool
~I am super nervous about shipping the Lilly mugs I am giving away. There will be so much packing material in there as a result. LOL!
~Whenever I use super glue I end up getting more on my hands than on the thing I am glueing.
~I think B and I were more excited to watch Paddington than the little boys were ;).


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  1. Katie Sparks

    I used Baby Foot last night and I’m super nervous now lol! Hopefully the peeling starts and mostly finishes over the weekend! Are you doing anything to maintain the softness of your newly peeled feet? I’d be interested to see how the results actually last.

    1. Jennifer

      They are still peeling a bit so I haven’t done anything yet. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  2. Meredith

    You might want to proof read the Red Wings t-shirt comment lol. You also totally have me curious about Baby Foot. It is so expensive though! Did B do it too?

    1. Jennifer

      Lol! Oops! That’s what’s it’s going to end up being if they lose tonight though!

      B didn’t end up doing it! He’s got a bunch of travel coming up and says he doesn’t want his feet peeling on the plane or anything.

  3. HeatherP

    I would def use babyfoot again, and I know how to plan for it.
    I Love sewing! I’m not great at it, but I love to make minky blankets when my friends have babies. I actually purchased some Lilly Putlitzer fabric and I decided to sew my own Lilly napkins! I just didnt decide on the back fabric. I want a common theme.
    And super glue, ugh, I always get it on my favorite cell phone case of the moment. Its a given, and when my case isnt perfect it drives me off the charts insane. I guess my hands are always on my phone 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      I am going to use the case the hammock came in to make some pillows. It’s such a gorgeous fabric and I don’t need a fancy case for my hammock! I’ll post a picture after I finish them!!!

      1. HeatherP

        That sounds awesome!!! I cant wait to see how it comes out. I never thought to do much with Lilly fabric, but really its all about the fabric. I like Holdfast handbags on etsy, I was considering sending her some lilly fabric to have my own trendy sparkle vinyl Lilly version handbag. To go with my sea urchin scarf and cell phone case.

  4. Kelly

    What do you plan to sew? Is target selling her fabric?

    Soho purl bee has some great beginners projects too!

  5. Stacie

    First, that Lilly hammock you posted on insta looks amazing! Is it padded?
    Second, how was Paddington?! It looks so cute!

  6. Jenny

    C is so excited for Paddington. He saw it in the theater and now he wants to buy the movie. He was counting down the days until it came out and keeps saying that his Nana is going to buy it for him. LOL that is news to her though so we shall see.

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