CFDA + POPSUGAR Full Spoilers!

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Thanks to “thetintiara” on MUT, we’ve got full spoilers for the CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box

CFDA + POPSUGAR Must Have Spoilers
CFDA + POPSUGAR Must Have Spoilers

All CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box will include:

~Maiyet Poison Dart Earrings ($295) (ETA: It appears the price of these earrings were updated to $395 on the Maiyet website today which is the price stated on the POPSUGAR information card.  They had previously been listed at $295).
~Anna Sui Lipstick (Colors Vary) ($30)
~Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Bangle ($80)
~Milly Nail Polish Set ($36)
~The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg ($17.77)
~Apolis+Claire v. Market Bag ($68)

I’ve got to think about this one.  I am not sure I am in love, but I am going to wait until I have it in my hands to decide.  What do you think of the CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box?

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  1. Heatherp

    i like the contents. Not love. But i hate what i spent for the box. Im a bit ashamed i got it. And i feel like popsugar was misleading esp since those earrings pop up when googled normal price $100 less. Im not happy. I wont buy the summer box. Id rather buy the individual items i like when i see spoilers.
    Any pisitive spins on this??? Because i feel pretty bad about it.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, I don’t understand why the earrings are listed at $100 more on the card? The first link I found said $295! Not $395???

      1. AP

        Here is how Popsugar responded on Facebook about the price of the earrings:
        the price of the earrings in our CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box is indeed $395. There was initially an error on the vendor’s website which is now corrected.…-earrings–gold
        We appreciate your detailed feedback in both of your posts and it has all been passed along to the rest of our team for future improvements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support should you have any additional comments.

  2. Heatherp

    Its not the inflated $600 value they said it would be.

  3. Chandra

    Welp I’m disappointed. I was expecting fashion items not things I would get in a regular box. The earrings are the only things I like. I don’t wear makeup so the lipstick is out for me and I’m sick of fingernail polish in boxes. I was expecting so much more from this box That’s why I got it without spoilers. most of my items will be gifted to friends. I was gonna get the the summer box but I need a spoiler first.

  4. Jennie

    I’m really trying hard to be positive here…. The bag looks cute and I like the coral nail polish. I like the earrings too but am bothered by the fact that they are available for much less then advertised. I think I’ll skip the summer box (which will be awesome with my luck!).

  5. liz

    glad I passed on it, now waiting for the summer box to go on sale! hope its worth it!!!

  6. Kate

    I learned my lesson with the Neiman Marcus box – nothing over $100, anything else is too much of a risk. I I kept that steady in my mind when I saw this one go on sale and I’m so glad I did. I don’t see anything in this bag that I have to have – while everything looks nice and/or gift-able, for that price, I want to love it.

    I am debating on the summer box. I did love 2014 summer and resort boxes, I tend to be drawn toward anything summery. Right now my head is saying no but my heart is saying yes. Like others, would really like at least one spoiler.

  7. Krista

    I’m sooo disappointed with this one, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I like it more in person. I have enough lipstick and nail polish to last me and my daughters for the rest of our lives (and probably any granddaughters I have in the future). I’m meh on the jewelry. The bag is cute, but not something I would ever spend $68 on. This is not even close to anything I was hoping it would be. Definitely not worth the $$ to me. 🙁

  8. amanda

    Man, I am so glad that I passed. Their limited edition boxes are so hit or miss. The target box was so awesome! Their resort box was okay, but I do not like this one at all. So glad that I did not spend $195 on this. I would be sad with the overall items in this box =(

  9. Marietta

    While I don’t love everything, I do have obsessions with bags and bracelets. This makes this box a win for me! I will be looking to trade the earrings, hopefully for a shiny new bangle, or a yummy new bag. ? I took a picture of all of my bracelets to show. Not sure if I can upload it on these comments.

  10. Tara m

    I am glad I passed on it. I honestly thought I would be mad at myself for not getting it I thought the contents would be more original. I was actually mad I passes on the neiman box but this one wasent for me. Not sure if I am going to get the summer one but I probably will. For some reason I am ok with 100 but over that is a lot harder for me. I hope the people that did purchase enjoy it!! 🙂

  11. Bethany

    I like the contents by themselves, but not for the $195 price tag. I didn’t even learn about this box until it sold out and I was one of many wishing I hadn’t missed out! If I had bought it I might be a bit let down but not totally disappointed. I would use everything, after all!

    Also, just want to say that out of the handful of popular sub box bloggers out there, I really like best how you present spoilers and include links for the items!!

  12. Dana

    I don’t usually miss a popsugar box but I was traveling and it sold out before I could purchase it. Good thing I missed it, none of these items appeal to me at all, I would have been very disappointed

  13. PA Anna

    It’s not what I expected. I don’t feel like I missed out on not being online when it was available for purchase.

  14. lesley

    I wrote them after I got my box today…I am thetintiara on MUT…..and this is the response I got….

    Thank you so much for reaching out. We apologize for the confusion. The retail price of the earrings inside the CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box is indeed $395. The error on the vendor’s website has been corrected:–gold
    Unfortunately, as noted on our FAQs, which were all agreed upon at the time of purchase, all purchases are non-refundable.
    Our team and all of the vendors? teams worked really hard on curating items that we know people would enjoy, but it looks like we missed the mark with you. Would you mind providing some specific items that you did not enjoy and perhaps a few items you would have rather received? We really appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our product and we hope you will give us another chance to wow you!

    1. HeatherP

      I actually got a very similar email from them same wording but less words. I thought they were going to wow me with a great reply. But i got a generic reply and a reminder i cant return the box,even tho i never even implied it. Well, i guess how they handled it makes me not want to buy any more special edition boxes. But i honestly felt like i would be getting a treat box filled with pretty designer things. Pouches. Scarf. A necklace. A cute clutch. Something id be proud to walk around with. I seriously wear my suglasses from my rachel zoe box every sunny day. And i know i will get douple zingged because ill be stubborn over the principle of the matter and not get the summer box and it will be awesome.
      bummer. I finally got the poop side of too many subscription boxes. like another subber said, i will definitly wear those earrings and carry that burlap bag around every single day this year!

  15. Kelly

    I am so disappointed with this box! This is not worth the $200 price! I was expecting higher luxury items for the price point! I don’t think there is anything in this box that I have to have! I have learned my lesson! I agree with the others. I will not spend over $100 on any of the popsugar boxes again! Thumbs down for me 🙁

  16. kelly

    If you take out the earrings, this would not even be a good monthly box.
    I’m kind of shocked by how bad this box is. If they’d switched out
    the market bag for a purse. Taken the book and put an actual piece
    of DVF merchandise in there, this could have been amazing.
    The lipstick and nail polish are just filler items to make it look
    like more stuff but, they are pointless. Not at all what was expected.
    This is the worst box they’ve ever done. Should have been $100
    Full of items CFDA designers wanted to get rid of,
    is what should’ve been advertised.

    I’ll never again pay more than $100 for any box they do.
    Lesson learned.

  17. Rachael

    Earrings on Maiyet and Lyst are back down to $295.

  18. denise

    I missed out on this box because sold out so quickly. My sister told to check website for what I can buy for $195—I found leather handbags on sale for less then the price of the box- Ted baker, Marc Jacob…

  19. Carley

    The price on the earrings is back down to 295.

    I have spammed pop sugars Facebook demanding answers but all they give are BS replies that they are sorry that *i* didn’t enjoy the box. We need to speak out about this ladies!! I’m hoping that if we demand enough, they might send a consolation box like Stuart Burke.

  20. Theresa

    It looks like if you send an email to PopSugar’s support expressing your dissatisfaction, they are issuing return labels and full refunds for unopened/unused boxes once they receive them back!

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