Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review – “Seattle”

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Hazel Lane
Cost: Carry-On ($45/month) or G5 ($175/month)
Ships To: Continental United States.
Coupon Code: N/A
Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box – “Seattle”

Hazel Lane sends a carefully curated box of surprise goodies from that month’s selected city that they think represents its spirit.  The idea is to give you an affordable way to explore the world without having to leave your house!  Items you can expect to see included are food, drink, clothing, accessories and handcrafted items chosen by locals with the environment, social responsibility and CHICNESS in mind. I subscribe to the Ladies “Carry-On” box which is $45/month.

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
The Box

Hazel Lane ships via USPS Priority Mail and took just a few days to arrive. I thought this was the April box, but a box must have been skipped somewhere or  they changed how they categorize boxes or something because this is the May box.

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
First Look

I hadn’t seen any spoilers for this box yet which made it extra fun to open!

The May 2015 Hazel Lane destination was “Seattle” and included the following:

~Rosanna, Inc. Cloud Tray ($18): I love this!  It’s totally me and I will use it either on my nightstand or in my office to store my rings, hair ties, etc.

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
Rosanna, Inc. Cloud Tray

~SallybytheSea Tea Towel ($8.95): LOL!  This is awesome.  I can’t say I would ever go out an hunt for Bigfoot, but I do watch the news and listen intently when someone reports a sighting.

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
SallybytheSea Tea Towel

~Seattle Cider ($4); According to the information card this is to be included in the box, however, mine was missing.  I’m really curious to try this because I think it is a hard cider. I will need to e-mail them and see what happened. I did get a lip balm which isn’t on the information card, but that was from a previous month so I don’t know what happened there.

~Mini Gurgle Pot ($22): I don’t know exactly what I am going to do with this, but I love it.  The information card suggests using it to water your indoor plants or as a creamer, but I am thinking maybe as a mini vase?  It’s awesome!

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
Mini Gurgle Pot

~Seattle Sundries Lotion ($7.50): This smells great and Hazel Lane is right, this would be great in a carry-on!  I just got into solid lotions a year or so ago, but I so wish I would have found them sooner.

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
Seattle Sundries Lotion

~Bonus Items: The box also included a “Where Magazine” and a Cupcake Royale Gift Card (although my box was missing this as well).  No value was assigned to these but I think they are a cute addition to the box.

Hazel Lane May 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Seattle"
Where Magazine

All totaled I came up with a value of $60.25 for the May 2015 Hazel Lane box.  That includes the value of the cider that I didn’t received, but I have had great experience with Hazel Lane’s customer service so I am not worried.  I thought this box was fantastic and felt like it included things I would have picked up on my own at a cute Seattle shop.

What do you think of Hazel Lane? If you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, click here.  In addition to the Carry-On box (the one I subscribe to) which is $45/month they also offer a G5 Box, which is$175/month.  The June Hazel lane destination is Venice Beach and I am already excited about that one!


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  1. Katie

    I got my box yesterday and am missing the same items as you… in addition to receiving a different item instead of the cloud tray plus the chapstick you did. I emailed them to figure it out. They also said I’d get something extra in the box due to a billing issue but I’m not sure I did, heh. I’ve loved their CS in the past, so I’m hoping it all gets figured out soon. I also got charged for box 3 when I hadn’t even received box 2 yet, so that was kind of weird.

    1. Jennifer

      Interesting! I actually had some billing issues too , so maybe the chapstick was our bonus for that?

      1. Katie

        Ah, could be then! I’ll update when I hear from them 🙂

  2. Ray

    Hmm… I find the cider odd, given the wildly different alcohol distribution and sales laws in different parts of the US, and wonder whether there may be some discrepancy based on location/legal issues. Is it legal to ship alcohol to Michigan? I haven’t lived in MI since I was a child, and therefore too young to care. It’s NOT here legal in Alabama, so I’m curious to see what shows up in mine, if it ever arrives, which is questionable in it’s own right.

    (I have tracking information, and it shows up in my USPS tracking, but says it’s going to Mountain View, CA, which is… not here. The latest update says it will be delivered to somewhere tomorrow and is currently in San Francisco.)

    1. Katie

      Interesting if they were sending an alcoholic beverage – that raises a lot more questions for me!

      I found it kind of amusing that the Seattle box didn’t include any coffee!

      1. Jennifer

        I read the card a few times because I wondered that too! I looked on the site and there weren’t any mixes or anything that it could have been. Well, at least not that I saw anyway!

    2. Jennifer

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know how you would even attempt to make sure that’s okay to all the states? I *think* it’s legal to ship here as long as you have a license to ship into MI? But I really don’t know? I have gotten Flaviar no problem and that is booze? Hopefully we hear soon!

  3. Beth Rang

    If you do ever get up to Seattle, Cupcake Royale would be a fun place to stop with your little guys. I treated my son Will to a cupcake there, plus it was fun to see they sold Cakespy notecards since I’ve been enjoying her blog for so long! The Pacific Science Center was also fun for kids, as well as taking the monorail from the mall to the area with the Space Needle, Science Center, etc. Even the mall was fun because they had a Japanese dollar store which we don’t have up here in the Twin Cities, and we had a blast looking at all of the cool craft supplies and cute household gadgets.

    1. Katie

      I may have to go back to Seattle just for that Japanese store I missed out on apparently!! As a traveler without kids, the science center was a bit underwhelming for me. But check out Chihuly Garden & Glass located next door. We didn’t think anything of it until we walked past at night – gorgeous. Had to go check it out and it was so worth it! And the new Starbucks Roastery was pretty neat in its own right too.

      1. Beth Rang

        I wanted to go to the Chihuly Garden & Glass, but my son was so negative about it that I skipped it. If we ever get up there again he’ll be a teenager, and if he doesn’t want to go in, I’ll feel more okay about leaving him on his own while I enjoy Chihuly’s art. Darn, I want to get back to Seattle.

  4. Yvonne

    That gurgle pot is adorable! And now with all the travel tips, I NEED to go to Seattle!

  5. Heatherp

    Every month i think i need to sign up for this box. Forget and regret it the next month. This is one very cool box!

  6. Kelsey A

    I love those gurgle pots!! When you fill it up with water and pour it out, it makes the coolest gurgling noise!!

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