Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review

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Beauty Box 5
Cost: $12/month.
Ships To: The lower 48 United States and Canada via the Postal Service.
Coupon Code: N/A
Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box

Beauty Box 5 delivers a sample box of all things beauty. Each box contains 4 – 5 samples of a variety of makeup, skin care, fragrances and everything in between!  Boxes are $12/month if you do a month-to-month subscription, however, I originally subscribed a while back when they had a crazy deal that brought the cost of an annual subscription down to $6.58/month. I am pretty sure my subscription ended and the card I paid with expired last month, so I am not totally sure how / what I am paying for this box now? I don’t have online access to my account so I need to e-mail them and check into it.

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
The Box

Beauty Box 5 ships via DHL and took under a week to arrive.

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
First Look

This wasn’t a bad first look at all! Beauty Box 5 has it’s ups and downs, but this for sure looked like an “up” month.

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
The Information Card

The June 2015 Beauty Box 5 theme was “Bon Voyage” and included the following items:

~Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (~$11): I love that they included Urban Decay in here.  This is a new to me mascara and I really liked it.  It lengthened nicely and lasted forever!

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

~Herbal Essences Body Wash ($1): Not new or overly exciting or any of that, but I will totally use it.  And it smells good.

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
Herbal Essences Body Wash

~LOL Rotational Eyeshadow (Black Betty) ($4.99): Not my first choice in colors, but I will use a few of these in here.   I think they sent out a variety of palettes and all seem to have a few shades that everyone could use.

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
LOL Rotational Eyeshadow

~Nails Inc. Nail Polish ($9.50): I love Nails, Inc. and I love this color.  Basically I love all nail polish and will never be sad if it appears in a subscription box.

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
Nails Inc. Nail Polish

~Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water (Sample):  I so wish that this was a bigger sample.  I feel like you can’t tell much from a packet and I really want to try this.  I may actually end up picking up a full-size of this at CVS or Target so I can try it. You just put this on a cotton ball and wipe around your face and eyes to instantly hydrate your skin. I have tried other cleansing waters and really like them but would prefer not to spend a fortune so this could be it!

Beauty Box 5 June 2015 Subscription Box Review
Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water

All totaled I came up with a value of $26.49 for the June 2015 Beauty Box 5.  Between the polish and the mascara, this box was more than worth it. If I could find another deal that makes it less than $7/month I would be all over resubscribing, but for $12/month I am not sure.  If all months were like this I probably would though.

Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5?  What’d you get in your box this month?  I know there were some variations! If you are interested in subscribing or want to check out more, click here.


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  1. Laura K

    I can’t wait until my sub to this box ends. The eye shadow I got was all reds and pinks. No joke! Into the trash it went along with the Simple sample. The polish was baby-girl pink and will be given away. That leaves a body wash and mascara to actually use. It’s better than tossing the whole box, and I’ve done that three times.

  2. Melissa B

    I’m not sure I want a mascara named perversion. Is that really their best naming effort?

  3. Rachel

    Yes I thought this was one of their better boxes too. My box was exactly the same as yours. My eyeshadow came broken and the shades of black and grey are nasty lol. But I liked everything else.

  4. Ks

    Why do you guys throw stuff away? I get that we live in over abundance but there are plenty of people who don’t have anything. Donate to your local women’s shelter or create cute care bags for Christmas time to make the less fortunate smile. Otherwise, you’re just creating more pollution for our oceans and I don’t think the whales are benefitting from swallowing up your eyeshadows.

  5. Jenny

    I love the perversion mascara. It has become my got to when I wear mascara and not only because I have so many samples of it. LOL

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