Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code 24

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Little Lace Box
Cost: $59.99/bi-monthly. Serenity By Little Lace Box: $9.99/month.
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: Use code “RAMBLIN10” to save $10 off your first box of a 6 (aka 3 boxes) or 12 (aka 6 boxes) month subscription.
Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review

Little Lace Box is a subscription service that delivers hand-curated, nearly impossible-to-find designer products directly to your doorstep every other month. Boxes will be brimming with high-end, brand name beauty, lifestyle, and home product samples to treat yourself to and dazzle your friends during your next night out.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

The Box

Little Lace Box ships via USPS Priority Mail sometime after the 20th if the month.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

The Information Card

I have been busy today and went into this box totally 100% spoiler free!  I knew the theme but that was just about it.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

The Information Card (Front)

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

The Information Card (Back)

The June 2015 Little Lace Box theme was “A girl should be two things, classy & fabulous”, which is a quote from Coco Chanel.  The card indicated that the girls (Little Lace Box boxes are curated by three sisters) drew inspiration from watching old movies and decided that they needed to get back to their roots and send a box of lovely designs and colors that will inspire your inner Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day (whichever works for you).  Here is what was included:

~Watercolor Print Silk Scarf ($45.99): This scarf was created just for Little Lace Box.  It’s 100% silk and the colors are gorgeous.  I am hoping my picture does it justice.  It’s 33×33 and can be worn just about any way you wish.  I am going to take LLB’s suggestion and tie it to a handbag or beach bag. I have a plain old boring black purse that this would be fantastic on.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

Watercolor Print Silk Scarf

~Kitsch Ring ($24.99): This ring is another LLB exclusive. I found a similar one online, but it doesn’t have the pretty colored stone in it.  I believe rings sent out either included Amethyst or Turquoise colored stones, but I think everyone received gold rings.  It’s a cool ring and I have been wearing it since I opened my box.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

Kitsch Ring

~LucyB’s Apothecary – Nail Lacquer (Starlet) ($12.99): When LLB started they promised to include some smaller boutique brands in their boxes and I think this certainly fits the bill.  I mentioned it earlier, but I don’t love nude polishes so this isn’t my favorite.  I do think it totally fits the theme of the box though! Subscribers who received Amethyst stones in their rings received “Starlet” polish, while subscribers who received Turquoise colored stones receive “Premier” polish. LLB made the selections to pair the stones in the rings with the color on your nails which I thought was cute.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

LucyB’s Apothecary – Nail Lacquer

~“Pour Some Sugar Scrub on Me” (You Leave Me Peachless) ($19.99): This scrub smells amazing. I kid you not, it’s incredible.  If you see this up for trade somewhere, try and snag it! Mine smells like peaches (obviously), but I am going to either buy or trade for the Coconut Mango Mimosa and the Lollabambooza as well (Oatmeal Milk & Honey was the final variation sent out).

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

“Pour Some Sugar Scrub on Me”

~The Packable Summer Hat by San Diego Hat Co. ($27.99): Well, how slick is this hat?  It’s packable and rolls up easily so you can toss it in your tote and use it at the beach or wherever you want. The ladies indicated they wanted to include an Audrey Hepburn type wide brim hat, but couldn’t fit it in the box, so this was the next best thing.  I believe there were three variations of this hat sent out, but I love the black and white striped version. It makes me dizzy looking at the picture for too long, but it’s not like that in real life.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

The Packable Summer Hat by San Diego Hat Co.

Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

The Packable Summer Hat by San Diego Hat Co.

All totaled I came up with a value of $131.95 for the June 2015 Little Lace Box.  I thought the box fit the theme (“Classy and Fabulous”) well and did include fashion accessories that would work for both day and night.  I did feel like this was more like their earlier boxes too which I liked.

It wasn’t included in the information card, but it was revealed earlier that the August 2015 Little Lace Box theme is “Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy” and for the first time ever, LLB will be releasing little clues about the box on their Facebook page. If you are interested in ordering you can head on over to their site and select the one-box option for $59.99 (does not renew).  Or you can get a 3 or 6 box subscription and use the coupon code “RAMBLIN10” to save $10 off your first month!


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24 thoughts on “Little Lace Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Code

  • HeatherP

    I signed up for the Elizabeth/darcy box, june was sold out. But i have a shipping notice so i actually think im getting this box. And that makes me happy. I love classic movie stars. And this box covers that nicely. I just got new red cat style sunglasses and some red lipstick i will feel quite FANCY!

  • subbox

    I loved the last box. This one’s not really to my taste. I was really hoping for a clutch of some sort and more “night” stuff than “day” stuff.

    If anyone wants to buy this box at cost (39.99) plus shipping or trade items from it please email me at!

  • Stacey

    I am not super excited about this box. I got all the colors I would not have picked, as usual. im swapping the scarf and the hideous hat.
    Sugar scrub is a necessity so keeping that, and the ring is not terrible, just different . Still not sure about nail Polish color…

  • lisad

    Our boxes match, and the scrub smells so….good. Another great box as far as I’m concerned. I like the ring the best it’s so different, a statement piece.

  • Kate

    I loved this box, might be my favorite regular (non LE) box ever. Then again, I love all LLB boxes, loved April’s box too. These boxes seem the most thoughtfully curated, everything goes together and makes sense. My fave items from this box are the ring (I got the turquoise one!) and the hat – the hat is so easy to just throw in a tote bag and travel with. I don’t think the pictures do it justice. The ring I put on as soon as I opened the box and haven’t wanted to take it off since. Hit this one out of the park, LLB, thank you!

  • Jenny M

    I got that hat in Socialbliss last year in brown. Liked the concept but thought it looked a little ridiculous on. Like the scrub and the ring, but the remainder of the box is not for me.

    • Lilly

      Wow, they did send you an ugly hat. Mine looks like the one Jennifer got. I’m not a hat person, but it looks good on me, but I’ll probably gift it anyway. I liked (didn’t love) my box, because I’m not a scarf person (don’t like anything around my neck), nor am I a hat person, but I wore the ring (turquoise ) and polish last night (my husband and I went out with friends). I also tied the scarf to my bag (I’ve never seen that done before, but I knew I would never use the scarf the way it was intended, so I tried it), and I got a ton of compliments, so I was very happy I have very small fingers, so the ring only fit my thumb, but I adjusted it (I was afraid it would break but it didn’t). All in all it was a success. I’ve never been very good at putting all of this together (I was raised by my dad, so I have an excuse), so I’m happy they did it for me. 🙂

  • Chris

    I LOVED THIS BOX! I got the turquoise and was bummed for about 2 seconds before I just went AHHHH and yeah…it’s been on my hand since 😀 Well, except for sleeping times. 😉

    I got the Lollabambooza which is a soapy kinda smell…not a huge fan, but the texture and consistency means I will be using this! I love that they made it themselves so they could put more in our boxes 🙂

    Lastly, the hat. OMG THE HAT. Finally a had that works for all head sizes, and has air flow on the top.

    I just can’t believe how perfect the whole box was–I got the other polish and it’s very opaque, but two coats puts it on for an even color. I kept a couple nails with only one coat though, and the gold it in shimmers but other than that it looks almost nude. Very classy. I thought I had a Julep like this one….I don’t 😀 The scarf is beautiful and I think bag tying is a great idea, I just have to pick the bag ^_^ Wahh! Thanks for showing my LLB in January. Been sooooo happy with them!!

    …I can’t wait for August already!!

  • Jessica

    I got the lallabambooza sugar scrub too. Not a huge fan of sugar scrubs (hint, hint if you want it). Love the hat but got it in brown and would’ve preferred the black and white, oh well, pretty cool anyway. Got the turquoise ring too. Scarf is meh but still a pretty good box all around.

  • Gigi

    Sad to say this box was a total miss for me. Both my daughter and I thought it was geared to the “over-80” crowd with some lint-covered hard candy being the only missing item. Hoping for a comeback with the next box!

  • Angela

    I got the lallabambooza scrub and it smells incredible and feels nice too. I keep smelling my hands because they smell so good. I like everything in the box. I think the hat looks silly on me but love the turquoise ring and polish.

  • Chandra

    Well I’m not a fan of this box. I was going to cancel after the last one but I decdided against since I loved the description of this month’s box. I like the scarf but not overally impressed with it, sick of nail polish in boxes, I got the Lollabambooza scrub (it smells like a candle, I like it), the hat is fugly (mine came in the brown print), the ring was my fav (i got turquoise). I do believe the curation was there I just wasn’t impressed with the items. I think I’m going to cancel this service and just stick to Popsugar. Next month’s theme doesn’t impress me either( Am I the only one who hasnt read Pride and Prejudice???) I’ve been spending alot of $$ on boxes here lately and I haven’t been super impressed (heres looking at you Kloverbox and MSA Beach House Box).

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S? 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    • Lilly

      I got the Lollabambooza too, and my husband thought it must have pheromones in it, cause he loved the way I smelled (it was a hit) 🙂


    My box was the same as yours and I loved it….Beautifully curated with a glamorous touch…Can’t wait to see what The Sisters come up with for the August theme as I adore P&P…

  • Pipkinpie

    Have been an LLB fan since I got the November 2014 box but this box has been a total miss. I feel like the hat and scarf is meant for my grandmother. My three year old daughter saw it and declared she will use it as a picnic blanket. The hat is a nice concept but didn’t suit me. The stone on my ring looked too plasticky but it fit nicely on finger. The scrub looks good though.

  • Scarlett

    This box was so close to a total win for me. At first glance I thought it was a total miss, but upon closer inspection I am thrilled. The scarf looks cute on (I think anyway) and the hat. OMG. This is the only hat I’ve ever worn in my way-over-30-years that has ever looked decent on me. I put it on without looking at myself first and my husband says, “why are you dressed like Jackie Collins from Dynasty?” Lol. I thought he was making fun of me, but when I looked in the mirror I have to admit I thought I looked super cute.
    The ring actually fits me and I love the turquoise. Would have liked the amethyst too but I prefer the nail polish that was paired with the turquoise. Would not have used the other one. The only disappointing item for me was the scrub. To me the lollabambooza has a kind of flowery scent and with my migraines I just can’t tolerate it. It’s the only one of the four scents I can’t use. Lucky me! :/ I’ve never traded anything before, but if anyone’s interested in this scent I would love any of the others. My email is
    All in all, no complaints! Financial reasons made me down to just this sub box from the seven I used to have and I think I chose well. (Someone please remind me that I said is when the next popsugar goes out!) Haha

  • Elizabeth

    This box was not a good fit for me, but I imagine a lot of people will enjoy it. I think my style is more classic while LLBs style is more trendy.

    I am selling the entire box for $60 plus half the cost of shipping ($6). Please email if you are interested! The variations I got are the Turquoise ring, Premiere polish, Lollabambooza scrub, and brown hat.