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~Good evening! This weekend has been all over the place. Yesterday was freezing cold and super windy and tonight has been absolutely gorgeous. We went out for frozen yogurt this afternoon and have been playing outside since. Not a bad Sunday night!

~I got some comments / questions yesterday about what Lilly Pulitzer for Target stuff is going at Goodwill. When Target things get marked “Salvage” it means they are shipped to Goodwill to be sold there. Items get salvaged out at Target when they have been on the floor too long, if the package is damaged, the instructions are missing, etc. It’s fantastic. Like a big garage sale of Target leftovers. And other stuff too of course.

~When I dropped off my cousins the other day, I was also able to hit up the outlet malls! Specifically the Pottery Barn Outlet. It’s about an hour and half away from my house – close, but far enough where I don’t go a ton. I was hoping to find a super cheap duvet, but no luck on that. I found some reindeer dinner plates at a super discount (the set of 4 was $19.97), an adorable wooden golf club set (40% off) and an Uncle Sam costume for $4.97.  I always talk about doing a float for the 4th of the July parade up-north (my uncles own a hardware store in town) and this will work quite nicely.

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet

~I rented Still Alice last night and I loved it.  Has anyone else seen it?  I highly recommend renting it.  Have you seen any good movies lately?  Any recommendations for anything else to rent?

Still Alice
Still Alice

~Did you see this Thrilliest article ranking the States today? Basically they ranked all the States and Michigan came in 1st.  It has been all over my Facebook feed today, but I suspect that’s because most of my friends live in Michigan or have some sort of connection to here.  Anyway, I thought it was super cool.  And MI is really a great state!

About Michigan
About Michigan

That’s all for now! I will see you in the morning!


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  1. Cathleen

    I recommend St. Vincent if you haven’t already seen it!

  2. Heather

    I watched Still Alice on the plane home from our vacation in the UK – so good! But it made me cry.

  3. Cindy

    Wish more people would see Still Alice — and Cathleen is right — St. Vincent is really good, too!!!! My brother bought a house not too far from Birch Run — think I have another reason to head that way. Plus, it’s less than an hour for me!

    1. Jennifer

      It was an excellent movie! I don’t even know how you made it through it!

      He did??? How will that commute be for him??

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