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1. What are your summer plans / goals? I’d like to get 10,000/steps a day on my fitbit, have a garage sale (which means – clean out the house), take a few trips up-north, make sure the kids get to do lots of fun things, get this M2M sale all taken care of so I am not too stressed in the fall and *hopefully* head on a little getaway with just B and I for a few days!  L and I finished up our popsicle stick bucket last night and we have lots of fun planner for this summer already!

2. What are your daily makeup essentials? What about for nights out? How long does it take you to get ready? I haven’t been doing much more than BB cream and maybe a little mascara lately, but I always love to hear about everyone else’s routines!


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  1. Britney

    1. To lose some weight, I’ve been flip flopping with diet and exercise all year and can’t seem to stick to anything for more than a couple weeks. I need some serious motivation.
    Me and my husband desperately want to thoroughly clean out, paint, insulate, and build a closet in the garage. The people that had this house before we bought it left all kinds of junk out there and we haven’t had the time to go through it. I also want to install a ceiling fan over my pack patio.

    2. I always have a full face of makeup on when I go to work, to lunch, etc. If I’m going out, I pull out all the stops, contouring and all! If I’m just running to the grocery store or something, I at very least have some foundation, blush, and mascara on. It usually takes an hour to two depending on what I’m getting ready for, including fixing my hair.

    1. Jennifer

      I need some motivation too! My new idea is to only let myself watch Orange is the New Black on the treadmill. Not sure what I am going to do when I run out of those episodes though!!

      1. laura r

        Start watching other shows!! Netflix has so many good ones. Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, Z Nation (which, IMO, is better than WD), Gossip Girl, 90210, the Office. Plus movies! I rarely use our treadmill, since I have a gym membership, but when I do, I put on some really terrible movie and just walk through the whole thing. Mean Girls 2 was perfect for this because I just couldn’t sit through it. You gotta check out Trailer Park Boys too, there are 9 seasons of the show and about 50000 movies.

        No summer plans for me, neither of us are in school any longer. Maybe some camping if our schedules allow for it.

        I wear quite a bit of makeup, but not high doses, lol. I finally figured out how to wear it and not look like a cake version of Casper the friendly ghost (I’m 29, sad it took me this long!) I start with Lancome’s Vissionaire stuff, then moisturizer (using a sample of Clinique’s moisture surge or something, which just might be my holy grail), then CC/BB cream (Smashbox). I have deluxe samples of other stuff which is the perfect size for me: cargo blush in los cabos from BB, too faced soleil bronzer from I believe some Sun Safety Kit (smells so good!), benefit watts up. I’m using the lighter of the 2 shades of NARS lip sticks from this year’s Sephora birthday present. Spray down with UD’s DeSlick because my makeup usually falls off my face by the end of the day otherwise, powder up with tarte’s setting powder to make sure mascara doesn’t rub off and make me look like a raccoon. I got into a mascara campaign at the L’oreal consumer panel and I really really like the formula and wand of my tester (and though I should probably throw it out since the testing is done, there’s still tons of mascara left and it’s awesome!!) And a pearl beige Sephora nano liner on my waterline to make my eyes pop a bit more. I was using Lancome’s ultra teint 24 hour foundation, but it’s summer now and summer in Phoenix is too hot for heavy foundation. And somehow, my skin looks ok with just the bb/cc cream. I think the Visionnaire is really helping with my acne hyperpigmentation, and will be buying a full size once my sample is up.

        1. Jennifer

          I am cracking up “but not high doses”. LOL! Ohh, I forgot about PLL on Netflix! Great idea! I do want to get all caught up on that!

          1. laura r

            They just added season 5 of PLL! I haven’t started it yet though because while waiting (I don’t have cable), I started watching Gilmore Girls. I’m on season 5 of that though, still not so sure if I even like it

            I used to wear so much makeup, you could literally peel it in chunks. If I accidentally scraped my face, my nails were coated in pale beige. The internet has been so helpful in figuring out how to wear makeup without really looking like you’re wearing any, and I’m thankful for that!

  2. HeatherP

    I also want to have a garage sale this summer. I have never set one up but I’m super determined to clear things out and make things new. My goal for that is any time int he summer, it has to be a broad goal or it wont happen. I have a 10k step goal as well, but I really want to try to get 20k steps at least a few times.maybe even once or twice a week.
    We are planning a trip to Hershey park for a couple of days. Local fair, and Ren faire. At least one beach weekend trip. and some scattered day trips. You have inspired me to take advantage of the Library. So we are looking forward to that. I search Pinterest and came up with a bunch of fun activities that Im willing to do one per day when needed. Lots of pool time. This may be a super hot summer here.
    If I’m going somewhere out, I take about half hour to do my make up, I do wear alot because I enjoy make up a great deal find it very fun. I sub to a bunch of makeup subs so I am always experimenting. My base routine tho, moisturizer, tape my eyes and shadow (I have high cheekbones so it prevents shadow on them) sometimes liner, lots of mascara. I have Anastasia dip brow and fill my brows. A little tinted moisturizer. Some times I will go as far as contouring, but mostly dust bronzer under my cheeks. and I love my lip glosses. Yes, its a lot. but i enjoy it. I try to keep it as natural as i can.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I have gotten like 20K steps twice. Ever. My Dad seriously gets 20K steps like 5x/week. I have zero idea how he does it. I feel like if you aren’t a runner you pretty much just have to spend your entire day walking!

      1. Jenny

        Go to Disney. LOL that is about the only time I hit 20k 😉

        1. HeatherP

          I wish i lived closer to Disney!!! I think we may be planning another trip for November. The only issue is I may make my 20k but I will most def need to ramp up to 40k to burn all the food i eat down there LOL!

          1. Jenny

            I’m the same with Disney and with cruising I always do so much walking I don’t feel bad for the food 😉

  3. Jenny

    N is in school all summer so the week we are off around the 4th we are taking a couple days to go to my friends house at the beach. Then he is out in Aug but we haven’t made any plans for then yet. As for C and I we will be going to the pool a lot and hitting up the kids $1 movies each week.

    I have a pretty easy daily routine. I do a moisturizer, concealer, powder, blush and chapstick. It takes less then 10 minutes to get me out the door once I’m showered. LOL For a girls night out I usually add eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara and then maybe mix it up with some lipstick. Still its pretty quick and I don’t to anything elaborate so possible another 10minutes.

  4. JacLyn

    1) My girls and I always have plans to do things over the summer, but things always get mixed up and we end up doing some of them, while doing a bunch of things we didn’t plan on. XD Also, we have several concerts this year. My husband and I are seeing NKOTB in July and the whole family is going to see 5SOS in August and 1D in early September. There are also the county and state fairs later on. 🙂

    2) I don’t wear anything besides lip gloss during the day. I’m a SAHM and don’t get out much. lol When I do go out, I wear eyeshadow with white in the inner corner of my eyes, blush, and lipstick with gloss over it. Oh, and don’t forget perfume! It makes me feel fancy. haha 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    My mother-in-law (who is 60!) gets 20,000 steps in EVERY day- and I’m sitting here on bed rest. So our plans for the summer are to survive every day until 4:00 when daddy comes home and can do something fun with the four year old while mama sits and “rests” (or goes stir-crazy hoping the baby will make it to 30 weeks). I’m glad I have the Internet! Beach, boating, library, and pool time are all scheduled in, with doctor’s approval. (Big boat, no skiing!)

    Usually, I’m actually a no make up girl. Moisturizer if I need it, otherwise just Chapstick if I can find it. I do wear yummy perfume every day though. When I’m going out, I usually wear eyeliner, mascara, and Chapstick. For pictures I do a full face of makeup, but I used to be a competitive cheerleader so I really got to experiment in high school and feel no need to do it now that I’m older.

  6. Melissa

    I have a new horse so my plan this summer is to improve my riding skills and his…horsey skills, I guess you could say lol.

    I am so not a morning person so my makeup routine consists of: roll out of bed, try to brush hair while stumbling out door – LOL. If I have argument in court, it’s tinted moisturizer, powder and blush. Lipgloss if I remember. Date night I pull out all the stops and add eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara maybe some highlighter. Those are the nights my husband is like, “What are you DOING in there???”

  7. Kelsey Ellen

    My summer goal is to lose at least 30 lbs before N comes back from China. I figure if I’m focusing on that, him being gone will go by faster.. and i’ll be healthy and hot when he comes back.
    I also want to clean out the house and prep for our inevitable move… if China goes well then we’ll stay out our lease for the 8 remaining months and then figure out what’s next.. it’s scary and exciting. I’m just trying to take each day at a time.

    I am ridiculously low maintenance when it comes to makeup. eyeliner if I remember, mascara and that’s it. when I go out I put darker eyeliner on and call it a day.

  8. Ragan

    Summer plans…moving. We closed on the house a week or two ago and we are going over there every weekend and vacuuming up spiders (it was vacant for awhile) and airing the place out. At least we got the AC working so next weekend I will be vacuuming up spiders at a comfortable temperature instead of sweating buckets while vacuuming up spiders. We have also been through a lot of cans of Raid. And then yard work. The backyard is a half acre of jungle. Used to be nice with trees down the slope to a creek but the house was rented and then vacant so no one was doing any yard maintenance. Will have to find some sturdy boots so there aren’t any problems from surprises (like copperheads) in the undergrowth. At least there is not much to mow. But we need to do something with plantings in the front yard because it looks pretty bad right now. There are maybe two rose bushes and some irises worth salvaging.

    I wear a lot of makeup to the office. I have a lot of makeup so I feel like I should be using it. Also I am participating in an eyeshadow palette panning challenge this year. So, foundation plus finishing powder and concealer, primer and eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and something on the lips (usually bright, obnoxious lipsticks). Perfume. I skip eyeliner almost all the time because I stink at applying it. I don’t really know how long it takes me to get ready, maybe 30-45 minutes? I don’t do much with my hair, just brush it and maybe put a little hair oil in it, so that takes almost no time.

  9. Marla Johnson

    My biggest goal this summer is to make sure I enjoy it! Summer always slips by way too fast. I miss summers off as a kid when we could really enjoy every day of it. I need to stop and smell the roses!

    I am trying to come up with an easy summer makeup routine. I just bought a new sunscreen (MD Solar Sciences Mineral Creme SPF 50 for my very fair face) and Marcelle’s Golden Glow BB Cream. I am going to try to find a blush and mascara that work for summer weather and keep it simple. Of course, I’ll still have my dozens of lip products to use for color. 😀

  10. Loren

    Summer….just trying to make it through. Classes until the end of July, and an internship starting at the end of August.

    Makeup- I was very interested to see everyone’s responses.
    My typical work or school makeup is Dr. Jart’s Dis-a-pore BB cream (after going through several samples, I just finally bought the full size), mostly only on the chin & nose, as those are my problem areas. Smashbox photo op under eye brightener, all over with Physician’s Formula powder, then I follow with a highlighter or blush, I mix them up sometimes but I’ve been using the Cindy-Lou Manizer mostly, I’ve almost finished the sample. Then mascara, I’m using Urban Decay Perversion right now, which is fine but I’m not over the moon about it. I mostly just wear some lip balm. The whole makeup routine probably takes 5 minutes. I can get out the shower, dry my hair and do makeup & be ready to leave in about 20 minutes.

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