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1. What are you doing for 4th of July? I mentioned it before, but we are headed up-north for the 4th. We haven’t been up yet this year and L is just itching to get up there. The weather is supposed to be nice and my cousin mentioned making a paint slip n’ slide, so that should be fun. What are you doing? Any big plans for traveling or hosting a get together or anything?

2. Do you have any pets? I know we have done this one before, but I LOVE hearing about everyone’s animals! As you know, I have two dogs – Baxter and Buddy. Buddy is a yorkie and Baxter is a shorkie (1/2 yorkie ad 1/2 shih-tzu). We also have an assortment of fish, all with similar names (fish, fishy, the fish, etc.).   B is more of a fan of big dogs, so I suspect that our next dog will be a labradoodle or something along those lines.  Still fluffy and non-shedding, but big!  However, that won’t be for a LONG time because Baxter and Buddy are going to live until they are at least 20.  LOL!  Buddy may drive me up the wall with his barking every.single.time he goes outside (Baxter rarely barks and when he does it’s at a plastic bag or something equally ridiculous), but I wouldn’t trade these dogs for anything.


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  1. Kristin 2z

    1. I’m Canadian so our holiday is tomorrow. But on the 4th I’m going away to a place called the Lavender Cottage with my mom and my gram who is 91. We are going so gram can go to her friend’s 90th birthday party. The B&B looks amazing and we have two bedrooms and a sitting room all to ourselves, there’s a pool and hottub. (must pick up wine)

    2. I have Keely who is a fox red (yellow) lab and Ranger who is a brindle boxer and a wheaton terrier mix. Think Boxer with a beard. They have their own instagram keelyandranger If we ever get another dog it will be a boxer or two. They’re such cuddlebugs.

  2. Staci H.

    1. We are doing a joint house warming/4th of July BBQ at our house. A bunch of friends and their kids will come, and we will do all the fun stuff like sparklers and s’mores. Also we have a great fireworks display in our town, so we will all most likely end the night heading over there.
    2. We have a black lab, Newfoundland mix we rescued from the local shelter about 3.5 years ago. She is the best dog ever, but she sheds like crazy. I honestly couldn’t not have a dog in our lives. She makes our family complete 😉

  3. Melissa

    1. We are having a 4th of July party at our house! Eeeek! So much to do!

    2. We used to have three cats, one dog and one horse but then we lost our Baby Kitten to leukemia (someone dumped her off in “the country” when she was a tiny baby, probably because she had leukemia – she was skin and bones when she ended up at our doorstep. We just called her “the baby kitten” because my husband said I wasn’t allowed to keep her. But he relented and she was the best cat ever). Her loss has been so tremendous I think I keep trying to fill the void she left. So now we have two cats, two dogs and three horses. My husband is like, “I’m serious! No More Animals!!”

  4. Britney

    1. Our plan are up the air until my in-law decided whether or not they’re coming down with their kiddos for the weekend. I need them to decide like today so I can go grocery shopping for their kids!

    2. We have a 13 year old cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle), named Moose after Daryl “Moose” Johnston, he is the biggest snuggle bug ever and drives me crazy sometimes with all the attention he demands… but I love him and wouldn’t trade him for the world.
    Then we have a 1 1/2 year old HUGE rottador (labrador and rottweiler) mix named Ricky Bobby, he’s beautiful and sheds like crazy, but probably the smartest dog we’ve ever owned. He is super protective, which is a good and a bad thing.

    1. Melissa

      We have a rottador too!!! She’s bigger than a lab, but much smaller than a rottie. She’s also pretty protective, still learning how to turn it off when instructed! And she is smart too! We ended up with her as a rescue and I think it is a great mix of two wonderful breeds.

      1. Britney

        I never would have thought that I would love his breed so much, he’s pretty calm and collected most of the time, but can run and play with the best of them. He’s solid black, which is apparently uncommon (I think he has a tiny bit of chow, but that’s ok) and he really is beautiful, people always tell us how pretty he is!

  5. Jen H

    1. We are having a Fish Fry at my sister and brother-in-law’s house and then going over to my mother-in-law’s for the fireworks. It is also my brother’s birthday so we will celebrate with him. He always thought those fireworks were for him.
    2. We have a corgi named PJ and a calico cat named China. Both are in their teens and starting to show their age. We love the corgi breed and will probably adopt another one in the future. They are really good dogs.

  6. Ragan

    (1) I am going over to the new house we are moving into and pulling out staples. Someone stapled the shelf paper (well, that rubbery stuff) in all of the kitchen cabinets. I pulled out all the rubbery stuff but the staples are left. Seriously, whoever did this used like a whole box of staples and put one every three inches. (After the staples are out, I will put new shelf paper in.) Also I may need to sweep out the garage and vacuum up more spiders.

    (2) I have a 90-pound Rottweiler, Nyx, four cats, three parakeets, three zebra finches, two cockatiels, and a Russian tortoise (they stay small). This is low for me, actually. I used to also have almost 30 birds and a bunch of rodents (guinea pig, rats, hamsters) and another cat and a bunch of fish, but as they died of natural causes, I did not replace them.

  7. laura r

    No plans for the 4th. My boyfriend gets the 3rd off since the 4th is a saturday and he suggested camping, but I work Friday night so it probably won’t happen. I’m sure my family will do something though, BBQ and sparklers/small legal fireworks, and we’ll probably go there.

    I have two 10ish year old cats and a 2 year old mutt. I had a mini poodle for 7 years, if the humane society was right about his age, he died when he was 22, in February 2014. I wasn’t ready for a new dog when my dad saved a runaway dog that likely would have been hit by a car in August. We took her in while trying to find her owner, but had no luck and my boyfriend ended up really liking her so we kept her, got her fixed and up to date on shots. Fortunately she’s calmed down a lot, she was crazy at first. Everyone lives her and I’ve heard breed suggestions of just about everything, though the most common are shepherds and coyote (vet’s opinion too), which could be accurate since there are coyotes where she was found.

  8. Lauren

    So I don’t know if it is just me all of the sudden that is having this problem and I don’t know where to post it. I’m getting the ad again the minute I press refresh or sometimes in middle of looking at the page it takes me to a different website like a sponsor or it takes me right to the app store to download the stupid app and it’s only with your website I don’t know if it’s a problem you’re having or what but it is driving me batty and I’ve had to take a few days off from your website because of it. Ughhhhh!! Thbaough u should know, in case it’s a problem for others as well.

    1. Jennifer

      That is super annoying!!! I had no idea that was still happening. Is it on mobile or desktop? And if it’s mobile are you viewing the site in the mobile view or the desktop view?

      1. Lauren

        Omg SUPER annoying. Like it took me 8 times to try to reply.
        To answer your question. It’s both Mobile and desktop view. I am on my iPhone though. Hth

        1. Jennifer

          Hmm. That is super odd (and seriously seriously annoying for you). There aren’t any ads on the Mobile view, so I don’t even know what could possibly be causing it? I can *maybe* see it happening on the Desktop (but it obviously still shouldn’t), but the Mobile has me stumped. I will look into it!!!!

  9. Amber

    I have a Lhasa Apso and she just turned 14 and is still young as ever. I believe there are three essentials for a long life for you dog.
    Loving, happy, home
    Hereditary factors
    And nutrition.
    Feed your dog the best food you can. Eukanuba, science diet, blue buffalo…more expensive but so much better for them and longevity.
    Here’s looking at 20!

  10. HeatherP

    I dont think my origninal post went thru, so if there are 4 or 5 of the same post, eek sorry in advance.
    1. our fourth of July plans were to camp with friends in the motorhome, but may be changing haha, oop forgot that we were invited to a couple of family events. ugh, losing my head, maybe time for one of those pretty planners.
    2.I have a cranky 12 year old chihuahua, Little Bear or as I call him Schmoodles. And we have a hermit black and white cat that likes to live in the basement, Comit Kittles cat. He was a super mouser in his day, still is I think but luckily have not had any need for his services. And we have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL little black angel of cat named Sabrina, that was heading to the pounda year and half ago but we intercepted that. She is AMAZING with the kids, and loves EVERYONE. We call her the dogcat because my middle girl calls her from anywhere in the house and the cat come racing like a puppy. Hysterical. We or maybe I should say I really want a baby raccoon. I need not say more.

  11. Kathy

    I have Frisky (7), a yellow lab we kept after she was career-changed from being a guide dog. We raised her from a puppy but she didn’t pass. I also have 3 cats; CC (13) who is a shelter rescue, Maki (3) who was abandoned in our garage at birth, and Bunny (11), an older cat who I am fostering. She, and her brother Marty who we recently lost to cancer, are from a feral colony and have been at a shelter for 10 years waiting for a home. Even though i am fostering, she is here forever.

  12. lisad

    I have a cavalier named Reagan who is just the sweetest dog ever. He just turned 9. I also have 2 cats Daisy and Lucy who love and follow their momma everywhere so my girls are now calling me a crazy cat momma lol. I’m trying to get the family to go for a picnic. I got a new wine and cheese basket that I’m just dying to try out. I live in a Chicago suburb so maybe if we try for early lunch time it won’t be so crazy down there.

  13. Brianna

    At this rate it looks like I will be in the hospital delivering baby #2 on or before the 4th! I hope not on the 4th, poor kid.

    We have two cats rescued from a no-kill shelter. One is missing an eye, but he’s the sweetest pal.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG! That would be a great birthday though! Fireworks every year!!!

  14. JacLyn

    1) We don’t have plans yet, but we usually have a cookout and then go to watch fireworks. 🙂

    2) We have three cats: Abbie (a tabby/tortoise shell), Regina (a super fluffy calico), and M.K. (stands for Morgan Kitty, not to be confused with my daughter Morgan lol, she’s a shorter-haired calico). 🙂

  15. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I am American my husband Canadian so every year I do a Can/Am party to celebrate both Canada Day & 4th of July. This year my theme is: U-S-Eh! 🙂 I make some of my husbands favorites like poutine, Canadian butter tarts, maple donuts etc….and I do some of my favorites like apple pie, red white & blue potato salad, corn on the cob etc…

    We have a cat named Grayzee Mayzee…and a pitbull mix named Eenie Meenie…she is not a fan of the 4th of July and fireworks at all. She just sits and trembles, so that’s why we stay home with her every year..

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