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Dear Tonight’s Blue Moon, I hope you are as cool as everyone is saying you will be! I can’t wait to look!

Dear L, I hope you are loving every second of being up-north! I miss you!

Dear IKEA, I have assembled quite a bit of your furniture over the years, but that HELMER drawer unit was the absolute worst.  I have to admit though, it’s really cute now that it’s done.

Dear AT&T, Thank you for that random settlement check I got in the mail yesterday.  What a nice little surprise.

Dear WB’s Swim Teacher, You rock. Thank you being so patient with him!  He’s not much of a swimming, but he’s having a complete ball!

Dear The Ice-Cream Man, Yay! You came by at the perfect time last night and made my 3 year-old’s day.

Dear College Football Season, It’s almost time!  I am so ready!

Dear Not Your Father’s Root Beer, The search is over.  I think I have located enough to keep my cousin happy until it’s available up-north or until it’s much easier to find here.

Dear WB, No, I am sorry, you cannot go to Chuck E Cheese  I know, I am so mean for not taking you  I think once every two to three weeks is pretty darn good though!

Dear Odd Mom Out, I think I’m hooked on you!  I now need to get caught up on the episodes I missed!


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  1. Lauren

    How random was that AT&T check?! I though it was fake at first. My husband had to stop me from throwing it out. Glad he did!! At least this will buy my Starbucks for 1 whole week!!! Lol!

    What is a blue moon?! I must be living under a rock

    And omg chuckie cheese needs to go out of business or something, I mean I know it won’t, but I hate going. And when we’re not there they want to go like. every. Day. Ughh

  2. lisa

    I think you may be disappointed in the moon….it’s not actually blue, it will look the same as other full moons. It is called blue because it is an oddity. There are two full moon this month…thirteen for the year. That doesn’t happen often, so it is “once in a blue moon”.

    1. Jennifer

      I am dying. I really did think it was actually blue. Well, blue’ish. The moon was pretty spectacular last night though so if it’s brighter than that it will be cool.

  3. Robin

    Ditto! Loving Odd Mom Out!!

  4. Carol

    I know you prefer reality shows but try watching astronauts wife’s club on ABc on Thursday nights. I got hooked on it quick. Believe it or not I only took my kids to chunky Chr
    Else about four times in their entire life!!!!

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