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July 2015 Subscription Box Ramblings Giveaway
July 2015 Subscription Box Ramblings Giveaway

It’s giveaway time! This could be called favorite things giveaway, but if I had my own monthly subscription box, these are also the items I would have included in it for July! They are all things I love right now and hopefully you will too.  I will be doing these “subscription box” type giveaways monthly and will include my favorite goodies with a total value of around $100.  Of course, I’m still going to do “big” giveaways from time to time like I always have been as well!  Anyway, here are my July picks:

~Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns ($10.61)
~Gelly Roll Assorted Colors Stardust Meteor Pen Set ($6.93)
~Day Designer Rugby Stripe Weekly/Monthly 8 x 10 Planner ($19.99)
~Deco Naturals Prickly Pear + Aloe Mask ($10.40)
~The Girl on the Train ($13.47)
~amika Un.Done Texture Spray ($24)

All you need to do to enter is click “enter” below.  There are lots of other entry options as well, but the only mandatory one (and honestly it’s the one the most people win from) is to click enter! Just make sure you come back everyday because you can enter every 24 hours. I will select ONE winner via Rafflecopter after the giveaway ends on 7.31.15 at 12am ET!  Good luck.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Katie Sparks

    I love it all but my favorite item is that planner! I am a planner junkie! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. val

    The planner and the coloring book are my favorites! What a great idea!

  3. Ivy Gupta

    I love Amika products!!

  4. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Great giveaway! I have been so into coloring the past 6 + months so any coloring stuff is my love right now. I only color with sharpies and sometimes Gelly rolls so those are great!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. faith

    Pens! I love pens, or really any office supplies. Like the planner! And I’ve got that book in my Amazon cart.

  6. jennifer

    I love your giveaways and try to enter with my email but it says I need a “valid” email. It’s a gmail account….????

    1. Jennifer

      Hmm. Is the e-mail address you are trying to enter with the same one you left this comment with? I will try to enter and see what happens? That is odd for sure!

    2. Jennifer

      Okay, I just entered with your e-mail and it worked? I just did the “hit enter” one, but it took your name and e-mail address okay? I am using Safari. I have no idea if that makes a difference?

  7. emily

    I’ve been wanting to read Girl on the Train! And who doesn’t love face masks? I would love to win this box.

  8. Beth

    I love the adult coloring books. I have one that I bought a few months ago. Its by Johanna Basford. You should check hers out. They’re really cool! I like to color in mine in the evenings when my husband’s watching a scary movie. That way I can sort of watch, but focus on the coloring during the scary parts. I only have a few pages left, so maybe I’ll win!!

  9. Kristen

    What a fun giveaway! I love the Jelly Roll pens. I use to be obsessed with those pens in middle school!

  10. Jen H

    Planners! Loving those right now and would love to try this one out!

  11. Karen

    I love the adult coloring book! In general, I’m loving the Baggu weekender from the summer popsugar box. It fits everything you need for a day at the pool. I don’t even need to bring a separate diaper bag.

  12. Kristy

    You sure do know how to pick em! I would say I am in love with primer right now – I sometimes just wear it alone. This giveaway though – I mean….how do you even pick, its all great! Coloring book is so fun. Can be relaxing if you don’t over think it!

  13. Deanna Magoun

    I so want that coloring book 🙂 What an awesome subscription box this would be-you should definitely do it!!

  14. Nikki

    That book looks good!

  15. Cristina

    I’m loving the texture spray right now!

  16. Megan T.

    Loving the adult coloring book! Thinking I need to pick one up ASAP.

  17. Sindhu

    The coloring book!!

  18. Maura

    I’ve been wanting to try an adult coloring book, everyone I’ve talked to about it says they are so relaxing.

  19. Alexa A.

    The adult coloring book – was just talking about these with my mom as she was coloring with my daughter 🙂

  20. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I am so excited about the adult coloring book and pens!! 🙂 I’m also loving Fabletics right now!

  21. Stacie

    I really want one of those coloring books! I used to have a similar book of patterns when I was younger and I loved it.

  22. galatea

    The coloring book looks delightful

  23. JacLyn

    Books! I will never turn down a good book. 😀

  24. vicki

    That coloring book looks pretty fun!

  25. jennifer

    It is the same address…and thank you. I’ll try from a different device tomorrow.

  26. Valerie

    I need that coloring book!

  27. Ake

    I like the look at that coloring book.

  28. Chasity Mercer

    I love it all but I would have to say the planner is my favorite! I have an absolute obsession with office supplies. 🙂

  29. Roisin D

    Love, love, love the coloring book. I got one in Ireland and colored my way home on the plane with my 2 & 4 year old.
    The 4 year old thinks it’s special time when we color together, her with her coloring book, me with mine.

  30. Heather

    That planner like awesome

  31. Candice

    I was just looking at adult coloring books, I would love to win this! And I could really use a good book to read.

  32. Adrienne

    I’m all about the adult coloring book!

  33. dari

    the gel pens

  34. Rose D.

    Does Instagram count as a product? Because I am in love with Instagram right now.

    1. Rose D.

      No wait, I’m really tired! That coloring book! I need it in my life! I will get it whether I win this or not…

  35. Sarah

    I love that planner. And the pens. And the face mask. And . . . I basically love all the things. I got that Amika spray in my last Birchbox, and I really like it, but it’s pretty much wasted on my short hair (great texture, not much hold); I’m saving it for post-painful-pixie-grow-out. I’m swooning over that Gorge spray that was in FabFitFun right now, though.

  36. Chris

    These are great prizes!

    1. Chris

      I love the coloring book!

  37. Rachel S.

    I already love that dry shampoo but the gel pens look super cute!

  38. Pegi

    The coloring book would thrill me to no end!

  39. Melissa

    I need me a coloring book!

  40. WendyinCA

    I love it all… but those jellyroll pens are calling my name! I love to color 🙂

  41. Allison

    I love planning so I love the planner! Though dry shampoo is also so useful!

  42. Audrey

    I’m loving that day designer… I could totally use this in my life right now! I’m also loving our Let’s Playground mat and insulated straw cups!

  43. Amy G

    I LOVE that planner–so cute!

  44. Jillian

    I love it all, but the amika texture spray!

  45. Lnda

    The pens! Why don’t you do you own subscription box?? 🙂

  46. Tabitha

    The mask looks interesting.

  47. Heather

    All of the items use chose look great especially the Gelly Roll Pen Set! I’m very into candles and natural bar soaps right now. 🙂

  48. Tammy

    I added the coloring book to my Amazon cart just in case, but I know I’m not going to need it since I’ll have this one!

  49. Brandie

    From this giveaway I am loving the adult coloring items and in general I am loving my Baggu canvas striped weekend bad from the Summer PSMH and Mantra Bands.

  50. Kalee

    Can I just say what a great curation this is? My favorite is the pen and coloring book combo!

  51. Kristin 2z

    Amika, the pens, the coloring book yeah everything Plus it’s my birthday today!

  52. Jen

    I have been wanting an adult coloring book for a while. I used to buy kids’ coloring books and use those but I don’t think they’re as much fun as adult ones would be!

  53. jmd

    I would love to try one of the coloring books – I see those around a lot lately. I am also loving some of the leave in hair conditioner stuff I have gotten in boxes the last few months.

  54. Misolee

    The pens! I’m a pen snob!

  55. Lily

    Could use some stress relief through the coloring book 🙂

  56. Mary

    I love all of this!

  57. Saydi Atnip

    I would love to have all of the items! This is a great box 🙂

  58. HeatherP

    Girl on the train!!!! Thrilling book. My favorite book this year so far. Excellent choice.

  59. Erin

    Loving adult coloring books right now!

  60. Meghan

    I could use a coloring book right now, that sounds nice!

  61. Lanie

    With a 1 year old and another coming very soon, I haven’t been shopping in forever and have no idea about new products (unless I see them on your blog). So, I’d like to try the texture spray and face mask. You try a ton of stuff and if you like them, they must be good.

  62. Stephanie

    Wow!!!! Love all of these but especially excited about the coloring book and planner!! I used to color all the time to relieve stress!

  63. Rachel

    Love the coloring book!

  64. Sher

    I’m really liking the adult colouring books, they’re very calming.

  65. elizabeth

    adult coloring books!

  66. Beth Rang

    I love the coloring book!

  67. Michaela T

    I love that planner and those pens!

  68. Alecia

    The coloring book! 🙂

  69. Laurie

    Oh, I would love to win the coloring book!!

  70. Tessa

    I have been dying to try an adult coloring book! I was about to order one on Amazon. Yahoo!

  71. Ms Potts

    I really want to read The Girl on the Train

  72. Heather

    Ooh! this is a great giveaway!! I have been thinking about buying an adult coloring book. I heard coloring is a great stress reliever. 🙂

  73. Erin Ortiz

    The adult coloring book looks awesome, I’m a big fan of them.

  74. Anna

    I’ve been thinking about trying an adult coloring book, so would love to receive it and the pens. By the way, if you ever did a subscription box, I would be the first to sign up. You have the best giveaways!

  75. Mieke

    OMG. I love absolutely everything you picked aside from the hair stuff. I’m pretty sure I’d sign up for your sub box in an instant.. no lip products, not eyeliner.. just lots of pretty stuff!

  76. Lori

    This is such a cool idea!!! I’m loving the setting spray from the July popsugar box and really would love to try those pens!

  77. Elizabeth A

    Love the coloring book-so fun & relaxing!

  78. Lauren

    I’m so loving the spray oil that we received in May? psmH

    My skin is so dry from the sun and pool! Love that stuff

  79. Lauren

    On a side note, I have to say that you are always curate such nice giveaways. I think that you would be a wonderful curator of a subscription box. Kind of like what Liz did for a minute with fancy was it? I would love love love if you had a monthly box . I’m just saying ?

  80. Jen K

    I love the coloring book!

  81. Amanda G

    I’ve been looking at lots of adult coloring books the past few days. There’s so many to choose from!

  82. Alicia

    I’m loving the coloring book! I’ve always loved coloring and it would be nice to use an adult one instead of Paw Patrol or TMNT lol! Also who doesn’t love Gelly pens???

  83. Jillann

    Love the coloring book and pens! Pick me!

  84. Laura Royal

    I’m obsessed with masks so I know I’d love the Deco Naturals Prickly Pear + Aloe Mask!

  85. Cyrille

    I really like the planner!

  86. Nicole

    I want to hide in the bathroom, apply that mask and color in that adult book!! I’ll add some wine of my own!

  87. laura r

    Loving the Gelly Roll pens! Flashback! Where do they sell those?? I’m super into nostalgia, just picked up a Lisa Frank sticker book from Dollar Tree, to go with my Lisa Frank flashlight/pen I got from the 99cent only store for use at work.

  88. Robyn

    The coloring book and pens would be great to start off my new hobby.

  89. Jessica

    I was just looking for a planner!

  90. Emily D

    I’m dying to try that Deco mask

  91. Ann Marie

    Would it be weird if I said my favorite item is the Gelly Roll pen set? Planners are great, but using colored pens make me feel more organized, AND like I’m in 5th grade again on the first day of school!

  92. Valerie M

    I love everything! I’m most excited about the awesome coloring book.

  93. Katherine

    Love the Amika!

  94. stephanieklawiter

    i love the idea of the stress relief coloring book! if i win i hope it would help !!

  95. Debra Brownstein

    I’m all about the jelly pens and coloring book. I’ve gotten into Zentangle and coloring books as a therapeutic stress reliever.

  96. erica

    The Girl on the Train! I have been super into and listening to books on tape! I was just about to start the Girl on the Train. Is there a Ramblings book club?

  97. enrica

    The planner!

  98. Susan

    I want the coloring book and the book and the pens!!!

  99. terri s

    I love coloring and reading so this is a great giveaway; also just love everything in this one. thanks!

  100. JT

    I’m really loving the Julep body oil cleanser from the July box. I really want to try the mask you are including in the “Box”!

  101. Stacey

    I am loving the adult coloring books! I want to try one so bad!

  102. Gloria

    Love, love, love!!!!!

  103. Raechel Sweat

    My favorites are the pens and coloring book!

  104. Rachel

    I’m loving the adult coloring book!

  105. Callie

    I have an adult coloring book in my Amazon cart. I’ll wait to click “check out”! 🙂

  106. sarah b

    the planner and gel pens are really calling my name!

  107. Lia

    I totally need a new planner. I havent been using a paper one lately but as I get closer to my wedding day I really feel the need for one but haven’t gotten around to buying it.

  108. Kelly D

    I love the planner. I just started writing reminders down this year and it’s the only way I can remember appointments.

  109. Nicole

    I’m most excited about the adult coloring book! I’ve always been into coloring anything I can get my hands on (mostly my stepdaughter’s coloring books!) so I love that this has become the latest fad for adults!

  110. Jenny

    I’m loving this giveaway but really loving the coloring book and gel pens. LOL Other then your items I’m also currently obsessed with my Julep chapstick. I have no idea when I got it but it has sunscreen so I had tossed it in my pool bag and WOW I’m not obsessed.

  111. Tara

    I would love the coloring book, I’ve been hearing about them and it seems fun.

  112. Pamela F

    I love the coloring book for adults and the idea of just relaxing and coloring!

  113. susana

    Really loving the Gelly Roll pens!!! remind me of my high school years when i used every color to write notes to my friends

  114. Kara Mishmash

    I’m loving the coloring book!! You should check out one called animal kingdom by Millie marotta! It’s awesome!

  115. Lori

    The coloring book and pens are cool! I’ve been wanting to try this. Thanks!

  116. Helen

    The colouring book and pens are wonderful! Definitely my fave items!

  117. miranda

    Right now, I am loving my Rhubarb candle from PopSugar

  118. Jill

    Can’t wait to read that book—it’s on my summer to-do list!!

  119. Lacey

    Love the goodies! I read your posts every day and enjoy them so much!

  120. Tracee

    The Pear & Aloe mask!

  121. Crystal

    Right now I am loving coconut oil!

  122. Laura G

    I like the Gelly Roll Assorted Colors Stardust Meteor Pen Set

  123. Rebecca B

    The pens. With all the school supplies showing up now, I’m in heaven!

  124. Rebecca

    I’ve always wanted to try the adult coloring book!

  125. Elissa

    The adult coloring book

  126. Melissa

    I’m obsessed with the coloring book 🙂

  127. Jennifer Fredericks

    The Day Designer planner and the Amika!!!

  128. gary

    I love Peets coffee!

  129. Kathy

    I’d love to read that book.

  130. Kelly Malec

    I am LOVING the adult coloring books and gel pens. Reasoning- I am such a child at heart and I haven’t used the gel pens since 3rd grade so that would be a great item to win!

  131. Cindy

    Books..its summer!!!

  132. Amie Moyes

    What a fun giveaway!

  133. Kristi S

    Love that planner! I’m a planner hoarder!

  134. Alicia N

    I am loving the adult coloring book!

  135. Alejandra Corbella

    the book!! , I saw it in goodreads and I wanted to read it so much nut all the other things are so cute

  136. Lindsay

    I love that coloring book!!! I want it so bad.

  137. Hayley Iwig

    I am loving The Girl on the Train! I have read it already, but if I won I would give the other copy to my friend!

  138. Pegi

    Thank you! I’m so excited to win!

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