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Two questions today…

1. What reality show would you most want to go on? Years ago I thought Real World-Road Challenge would be the coolest show ever to be on, but as the years have gone on, I realized I one of those home improvement type shows would be more “me”. I’d like to be on a show like “Love It or List It” (I assume there is some sort of deal you get on the renovations) or House Crashers or something. I have a friend who was on Yard Crashers and they made her yard look incredible. She really was just randomly shopping at a home improvement store and was approached by them. So anyway, would you do a reality show? Which one would you try out for?

2. Do you prefer year-round schools with more frequent breaks (like 45 days on, 15 days off) or the traditional school-year calendar with summers off? I am all over the place on this one. Sometimes I feel like year-round school is the way to go because kids wouldn’t forget so much and get out of that “school” zone like they do over the summer. Plus, having those few weeks off here and there would be amazing. But on the other hand, how do working parents juggle a year-round schedule for childcare? And what do teens do about summer jobs? What do you think? And are your kids on a year-round schedule or a traditional schedule?


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  1. Jennifer

    Bath Crashers….pick me pick me pick me!!!
    Our school schedule is traditional but I’m all for changing things up. I think we could adjust to the other.

    1. Jennifer

      I think we could adjust too! The idea of being able to travel during the “off-season” is high enticing too.

  2. Britney

    1. FIXER UPPER for sure, even if I couldn’t be on the show I would definitely have Jo and Chip renovate my house for me. My husband and I are always looking for a house closer to the Waco area (where we are originally from) and I would would he over the moon if they redid my house for me… if that doesn’t happen I’m building my own and starting from scratch on our next house.
    2. I don’t have have kids, and I went to regular summer off school. However, a town near us had year-round school due to a high Hispanic population and the kids liked it because they said they were about learn English better, so I definitely see how year-round school helps kids not forget… which is awesome!

    1. Jennifer

      That would be a good one to be on!!! I LOVE seeing how houses turn out. They always find trouble though. That scares me a bit!

  3. HeatherP

    1. I have been addicted to Cupcake Wars since my girls have been watching it. So I think that would be fun if only I could actually bake haha
    2. I have only ever known traditional school year, I’m not good with change so Id say traditional. However, I tend to get so stuck in my ways I fail to see the benefits of other arrangements. So Myabe my kids would thrive in a full year round school year. Who knows.
    3. Did you get a new car yesterday? I was hoping that would be a topic for today 😉

    1. Jennifer

      Cupcake Wars would be fun! I have always liked Cake Wars too.

      I did! I got a white Ford Explorer. I am so loving that 3rd row of seats already!

      1. HeatherP

        Very nice!!! Congratulations and Enjoy! the third row is great it offers up so many options to a busy mom. I’m at “mid life crisis need to cram my kids in a sports car” mode. Its not happening, but I secretly want a dodge challenger so bad. Or camaro.

        1. Jennifer

          That made me laugh! I wouldn’t mind a little car! I had a Ford Focus a while back and I loved that thing. It was just SO tiny. The gas mileage was insane though.

      2. Kristin S

        Ahhh! You got the Explorer! You are going to LOVE it!! I love love love love love mine! 😉

  4. marilyn

    So wish for year round school. It’s takes so much effort to get my son to do anything educational in the summer. They spend the first weeks getting back in the routine and relearning. It’s antiquated.
    And as a working parent, arranging 11 weeks of summer isn’t a picnic. Plus, you can go broke paying for week after week of camp. At least the cost would be spread out.

    ps thanks for sharing about your friend – nice to know it really happens!

  5. Kristin P

    I have wanted to go on Yard Crashers since I bought my house. My backyard is huge, yet horrible at the same time. My only problem is that I don’t have “10 friends and family” in the area to help us.

  6. WendyinCA

    – We talked about trying out for Amazing Race (is it still on? I do Netflix) but I was concerned that we would be shown as the squabbling couple that rumors fly about! However, we get along the most when we travel & backpack (maybe we can actually see that we both are giving it our best?) Maybe if we wait long enough, we can be the fit but geriatric couple. 😉
    -My niece made it to last round of American Idol & got to be judged by the celebrities. JLo (?) was the only one that said yes.
    – No kids, but just thinking- summer as a kid was the BEST! Come on now- play all day, go swimming, sleep in, see your pals all day long? Ahhh, that’s living.

  7. Kelsey Ellen

    Property Brothers. Without a doubt. They are ridiculously attractive.

    Or Drag Race. but I’m not a drag queen. even tho I love them.

  8. Yesenia

    As a teacher my vote is for year round school. It is so much better on everyone. The time used to go over the material from the previous year could be used to learn something else if the students didnt have such a long break from school. I agree with the other poster who mentioned it was antiquated. Most kids dont need the summers off to work on the farm.

  9. Kathy

    We did Clean House a few years ago & it was a horrible experience; nothing real about reality tv. They told us not to clean or do any yard work for the weeks before filming, brought in stuff from the garage and basically trashed the girls rooms, and Niecy Nash is not very nice. Total prima donna. The girls room came out pretty nice, but they ruined my kitchen. Brown walls & no storage, but it all looked nice on camera. They just basically took everything out of the rooms, piled it in the backyard & covered it with a tarp. A favorite show & we never watched it again.

  10. Kristin S

    Yard crashers all the way! I bought my house two years ago and no one had ever (in 8 years and 2 other owners) done the back yard. I thought it would be “fun” to make it my own, but forgot to plant the money tree.

    You hear that Yard Crashers?? Pick me! 😉

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