BarkBox Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

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Cost: $29/month
Ships To: United States and Canada.  Shipping is an additional $5 to those outside the continental US and in Canada.
Coupon Code: Use code “RAMBLING” save 15% off ANY subscription plan.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Scout (the dog), head product tester for BarkBox. All treats included in the boxes are sourced from the USA and Canada, and chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand, so you can be assured that your pet is only getting safe, high-quality items. Boxes can be customized based on the size of your pet (I get the Small box for the furries) and you can add an additional toy to your box for an extra $9/month. We have been getting BarkBox for ages and have always been satisfied with them.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
The Box

BarkBox ships via DHL Global Mail (starts out with DHL and is delivered by the Post Office) and took just a few days to arrive this month. I generally expect it to arrive on or around the 20th of the month.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
First Look

BarkBox does great themes, but I can’t always guess what they are. I had no idea what I was looking at when I opened this one up.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
The Information Card

Turns out the September 2015 BarkBox theme was “Bedtime Story” and included the following:

~PetSafe Indigo Fresh Floss ($2): The information card valued this at $7, but since you can buy a bag of 5 for $9.99, I am valuing it at $2.  I think these types of bones that help with fresh breathe and clean teeth are great, but I just can’t get my dogs to chew on them.  I will give this to one of my brothers dogs who will like it though.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
PetSafe Indigo Fresh Floss

~Wagatha’s Beddy Bye Biscuits ($2.74): The prices were all over the place on this one too.  The information card valued it at $9, but you can get a 16oz. box for $10.95 and this is only 4oz.?  Maybe they are figuring in shipping (I never include shipping) in their calculation as well? Anyway, these treats are made with green tea and ginger and wheat, corn and soy free.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
Wagatha’s Beddy Bye Biscuits

~PureBites Freeze Dried Beef Liver (2oz) ($3.74): The information card lists these at $8, but I used the Amazon price of $3.74.  These don’t smell so hot, but I usually assume with dog treats the worse they smell, the better they taste.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
PureBites Freeze Dried Beef Liver

~Hyper Pet Dura Squeaks ($5.49): This is a floating squeaker toy for dogs. It made of rubber and there is no way my dogs are going to be able to tear this one apart. It’s sturdy!

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
Hyper Pet Dura Squeaks

~Simply Fido Frog Prince ($10): This is adorable!  And also, one of the few products in this box that reminds me of bedtime.

BarkBox September 2015 Subscription Box Review - "Bedtime Story" + Coupon Code
Simply Fido Frog Prince

All totaled I came up with a value of $23.97 for the September 2015 BarkBox.  The items in the box were nice and high-quality, but I thought the value was really low this month for BarkBox.  It’s usually close to, or slightly more than the $29/month cost of the box.

Do you subscribe to BarkBox?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  If you want to subscribe or learn more, click here. A monthly subscription is $29/month, but if you opt for a longer subscription, the price drops as low as $18/month (that’s what I get)!  And you can use the code “RAMBLING” to save 15% off ANY subscription plan!


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  1. Becca

    The variation with these boxes is so weird. We had a super high value this month! But I also got a year subscription at about $13 a box, so it’s always worth it to me. We got a frog prince and a dragon with three bags of treats. I didn’t check their math on the treats, but the toys are the majority of the value to us anyway. Love this sub!

  2. Jodie Kingsbury

    HI, I get a medium box for a heavy chewer so our box was totally different. I wasn’t thrilled with it at all. I have a monthly subscription for 19 a month. I called there one day when they took my money out of my account before it was due for a 6 month subscription. I’ve been on that plan for awhile now.

    My pup and I still love when it comes to the door so I will keep getting it for her.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I pay around $19/month too, but like you I still wasn’t wowed. Not a good BarkBox month!

  3. Audrey

    We love Bark Box, and our family probably gets more excited than the dog to see it on the steps. September was our first bomb–none of the stuff in your box was in our box. We don’t have a heavy chewer. Only one “toy” in the standard package, and not cute or appealling to our dog. The company was responsive to our complaint, but hoping it’s not getting two big.

    1. Jennifer

      What did you receive in yours? I wonder what happened this month???

    2. Danrez

      I got the crappiest box this month too one toy which he did not enjoy, no treats, 3 lousy ” chews ” ( a pig ear, some rabbit thing and a cracker which was gone in 2 sec… NOT GOOD !), and a nylabone type toy which isn’t bad, but no theme, no card explaining the contents …. So disappointed , not sure why some people got ” bedtime story ” theme and some others , like me got crap

  4. Lisa Michelle

    This is my first month with bark box and although I liked what I got, I’m jealous my puppy didn’t get a theme! He received 2 bags of treats, a rubber toy, a scented bone thing and something else (sorry I am at work and forgot.)

    He is a Toy Australia Shepherd and I emailed them heavy chewer. Maybe that’s why? I hope I get a theme next month !

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