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~Good morning!  The weekend was good, but we’re ready for our first full week of school.  This week will be full of PTO M2M Sale stuff, getting my fall decorations out, a Costco run, and the normal grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Maybe we’ll even be able to sneak in a date night to celebrate our anniversary.

Weekend Fun
Weekend Fun

~Goodness, lots of subscription boxes are coming my way this week! I should be getting Birchbox, the Julep NY Mystery Box, Love With Food, Citrus Lane, POPSUGAR, PetGiftBox, EggDrop, Kloverbox Back to School Box, Petit Vour, Dottiebox, BuddhiBox, Posh Mom Box and quite a few more.  Seriously, what boxes aren’t coming this week?  Love it!

~Does anyone live near a White Barn / Bath & Body Works test store? I had no idea such a thing existed until I saw that @tinybubblesfloating posted a preview of the Winter / Holiday line on Instagram! Do any other brands have test stores like this?  How does one find them?

credit: @tinybubblesfloating
credit: @tinybubblesfloating

~If you missed it yesterday, the September giveaway has been posted so make sure to go and enter.  It includes all the things I am loving for fall!

September Giveaway!
September Giveaway!

~Does anyone have any easy (and good) breakfast crockpot ideas?  Something I could throw in there the night before and have ready for the morning?  We are (already) getting bored with the normal stuff and are needing fresh ideas!

That’s all from here!  What do you have going on today /  this week?  What subscription boxes are you expecting?

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  1. rachel

    Last winter I made pumpkin pie steel cut oats in the crockpot for breakfast. It was delicious!

    I can’t find the exact recipe I used (which called for evaporated milk), but here is one that looks similar without the milk

    2 cups steel cut oats
    7-8 cups water (depending on how thick you like it)
    1? cups pumpkin puree
    1 T pumpkin pie spice
    1 T vanilla extract
    ? tsp salt

    You add all that in the crockpot and cook on low overnight. The house smells like pie in the morning.

    1. cindy

      Breakfast burritos found on a camping site also yesterdays kitchen episode lots of to go ideas

  2. Sara

    We used to have a Bath and Body Works/White Barn store, but they eventually took the White Barn side out of all the Bath and Body Works, I didn’t know they were still around. I love Bath and Body Works Mahogany Teakwood candle though, it’s my favorite.

  3. Wanica

    I am sure you have said it, but what is a Mom 2 Mom sale? I don’t have little ones, so no PTA, but I read you everyday and I am curious.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s kind of like a yard sale, but for moms selling baby / kids clothes. They are mainly at schools and churches around here and moms (or whoever) rent tables to sell their stuff. Shoppers pay a small entry fee (usually $1 or $2) to get in. It’s a huge money maker for schools!

  4. heidi

    I got the Kloverbox back to school box today, super disappointed

    1. Jennifer

      Tell me more!

  5. Amber

    Oh, Heidi…mine is on the way today, too. I’ve been super disappointed at the 2 boxes I’ve received in my subscription so far. If this one is a stinker I’m certainly unsubscribing.

  6. Swati

    I’m loving that it’s boots and scarf season again! 🙂

  7. heidi

    I hope you like it! It was nowhere near “worth” it to me. I do not sub monthly to them but this guarantees that I never will!

  8. Amanda

    i have been looking at Instagram for a pic of the kloverbox back to school. Man for $50 I hope it is good.

  9. Amy

    You will have to post your kloverbox kids box. I’m curious to know what you think of it. Maybe it is just me but I was expecting so much more.

  10. Amy

    Oops. Didn’t read all the posts before me. It was really bad and not worth the $50. I was so excited to get it today and I was going to give it to my kids for a surprise but I decided against it. Let me know if you want details

    1. Jennifer

      I want details!!!

  11. heidi

    spoiler alert for Kloverbox back to school Box posted below*****************
    2 snackpuppets as previously spoiled
    .6 ounce Breathe balm
    one day sample of smartypants vitamins
    1.25 inch round waterproof labels with your child’s name on it. We cannot use these for school as you’re not allowed to have your child’s name displayed on items
    a plain grey pencil bag by the company state. My kids already started school August 19th and already have pencil cases but even if they did not they would not haveused to these. School to very specific now and what kind of supplies that can have. At least ours are
    a pair of kids sunglasses. Buy real Kids Fun essentials. Way way way too tiny for my 6 year old and doesn’t fit the theme what so ever.
    that’s everything not sure what I was expecting but it sure as heck wasn’t this

    1. Amber

      Its a bit shocking that we received the same thing, and I have a 3yro son. I was unimpressed, and even more so that there was no information card. According to the response on Facebook, she intends to send the information via email tomorrow.

      The sub boxes ship starting tomorrow. I plan on unsubscribing once mine ships – simply because I’ve paid a month ahead of time and I don’t want to lose the money if they decide not to ship after I’ve cancelled.

  12. heidi

    Amber I would do the same as you!

  13. Amy

    I received the same from Kloverbox kids and I got two of them one for my 6 year old girl and 1 for my 4 year old boy. What a ware of money. And I agree about the glassess.

  14. Maddy

    I found out that the Macy’s near me is the holiday beauty test store. I went by chance today and found so many deals. It was like Christmas in September!

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