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Two questions today…

1. Do you have any weird pet peeves or tiny things that drive you absolutely crazy? I have a bunch, but one of my main ones is that I cannot stand having my hair touching my face when I am sleeping. It drives me crazy. B loves to sleep with the fan going FULL SPEED and unless I pull my hair back it blows around like there is a hurricane in my bedroom. It’s so stupid (SO stupid), but it drives me nuts.

2. Halloween! It’s going to be here sooner than we think so I want to hear what everyone (and their kiddos) are going to be this year. L is undecided although he knows he wants to be “something scary” and WB wants to be Batman. We have a bunch of Halloween events so WB will also likely end up reusing one of L’s old costumes and L will get to pick something “less scary” for his school events.


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  1. Kristin

    I can’t eat under a fan. My family understands my weird pet peeve, but hostesses who seat me at a restaurant never quite get it.

    I have two little boys (2 years and 10 months). They are going to be bikers from Sons of Anarchy. I’m going to decorate their wagon like a motorcycle. Haha. BTW, your two are adorable!! Love their pictures!

  2. Britney

    1. I hate it when the toilet paper is not on the roller, it drives me bonkers! It takes all of 5 seconds and I just don’t know why people don’t put it on there.
    2. We don’t have any plans for Halloween, we don’t have any kiddos yet and we don’t like to party so we usually just chill at the house… we’re boring like that!

  3. Stacie Seidman

    1. UGH! I hate when people open something (a cabinet, a door, a gate, whatever) and don’t CLOSE IT! Drives me batty.

    2. I am attending a themed Halloween party, so this year everyone has to dress as a video game character. I saw a cute tetris costume but I’m not sure it actually fits the theme since that’s not a character. So I’m a little uncertain. I’m also running a halloween road race, and I’m going as a beer stein.
    I have no kids, but the dogs are dressing up as minions this year.
    Last year, just for fun I semi-dressed my horses up… one has a lightning bolt shaped star on his forehead, so he went as Harry Potter. My other horse looks similar to that one, so I dressed him up AS the other horse. I thought it was pretty hilarious!

  4. Ragan

    (1) People clipping their nails in public. It started in high school, senior year, when this new kid was in four of my classes and he would either reach for his Bible or his nail clippers when he was done with his in-class work. I was very grateful for the days he reached for his Bible because that was quiet (and non-gross). (It was not a religious school, this kid just happened to be religious.) Since then I have seen it in restaurants, on the T in Boston, and someone in my office does it periodically (there’s no mistaking that sound).

    (2) Not dressing up for Halloween. This is the first year I will probably have kids come by the door (I lived in a condo before, where no kids were allowed, and my doorbell never rang once in 9 years) but now I live in a suburban house. But I am not good around kids so my fiance is going to hand out candy. If I don’t eat it all first. I guess my contribution will be picking up the dog poop out of the yard while it’s still light outside…

  5. Ragan

    P.S. I don’t close cabinets and drawers and I rarely put the toilet paper on the holder.

    1. Britney

      Noo! You’re breaking my heart… Please. Fix. The. Toiler. Paper. 🙂

  6. Sarah

    1. Hmm I feel like I have so many! I can’t stand when someone rinses something out in the sink and then leaves it there–the dishwasher is RIGHT THERE. Or if they finish something and leave the wrapper/bowl/ etc on the coffee table–throw it away!

    2. I don’t have kids, but my husband’s birthday is on Halloween so we’ll probably go to a drive in movie where everyone dresses up–I don’t know what we’ll be yet!

  7. Jen K

    I hate when my husband leaves dishes in the sink. I hate going to bed when my kitchen is dirty!

    Ellie, who is 3, is going to be Grumpy Care Bear for Halloween, abd I’m making the costume. My mom always did it for my brother and me, and I want to do it at least once for her.

  8. Chrissy

    1. Not replacing the toilet paper. Seriously, it takes TWO SECONDS. Also, when my husband leaves his wet towel on the bed.

    2. The hubs and I are dressing up as Frankenstein’s Creature and his Bride. And the dogs are going for a walk as a cowgirl and a spider, lol.

  9. Jayne

    I get irritated by mouth sounds….like being able to hear someone chew gum or their food. I also can’t handle teeth scraping on a fork or spoon. I’m like you with my hair…always have it up/back when I sleep.

    One of my quirks is that I always ask for my pancakes to be on a separate plate from my eggs/bacon. I just hate the thought of syrup getting on my eggs (I mean, I could just eat the other stuff first and then put syrup on, but for some reason I can’t.)

    I won’t be dressing up for Halloween but my daughters will. One event is at church and they are supposed to dress like their Bible hero or a saint. Apparently Elsa and/or Anna from Frozen don’t fall under those categories! So I will be probably have to do 2 costumes for each!

  10. Nicole

    Like you, I have many. I hate sleeping under the fan. My husband does it too, but I almost always wake up with my nostrils bone dry. Some of my other main ones are things like toilet paper sitting on top of an empty roll. I also get annoyed when I notice that the janitors at work switch the direction of the toilet paper roll daily.

    My daughter (who is 4) had me buy her a witch costume at Costco when she saw it. I should have objected because I knew she’d change her mind a billion times, but I didn’t…so I just purchased her second costume (a cat) yesterday. This is the first year my heavy influence is sadly being ignored. My nephew is going to be Harry Potter and after her seeing it at the movies the first time a week ago, I tried to talk her into being Hermione. It didn’t work.

  11. Nicole

    My husband has to have the fan on too, but we’ve compromised and now he keeps it on medium instead of full speed. (It took YEARS to reach the compromise, I might add.) I have a lot of pet peeves also. I can’t stand when someone snaps/cracks their gum constantly – or chews gum with their mouth wide open. Similar to the dishwasher comment someone left, my husband also throws his clothes all over the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS HAMPER. It drives me crazy!!

    As for Halloween, I don’t know my costume yet, but my stepdaughter is going as Mal from Disney’s The Descendants (aka Maleficent’s daughter). I’m learning all about the Descendants from her. She wants me to read “The Isle of the Lost” too, which explains a lot of it.

  12. Jamie

    It drives me insane when people don’t rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. And apparently it drives some people crazy when people rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. My dishwasher isn’t the greatest and it really disturbs me to pull out a dish that is supposed to be “clean” and find it isn’t
    No ideas yet for Halloween… Probably a cat!

    1. Jennifer

      People at your house actually put their own items in the dishwasher? What’s that like? I haven’t figured out how to make that happen here yet!!!!

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