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~Good morning! It’s a totally normal week around here and that’s okay. I think B is traveling next week so a normal week will be nice. Hopefully WB can shake off his nighttime cough so our sleep schedules can return to normal too. Poor guy.

~So we volunteered to host a trunk for Trunk-or-Treating at L’s school and I am at a loss for what theme to do for a trunk? We did a Michigan State trunk last year (last second idea), but I want to do something different this year.  Maybe a farm theme?  Or a luau theme?  Help!


~It’s shaping up to be quite a subscription box week around here. I am expecting Citrus Lane, POPSUGAR, Phone Case of the Month, Sun of a Chic, The Bride Box, Loot Crate, Beauty Box 5, Orange Glad, Joyful Jordan, Quilty Box, Good Shave, SnackSack, Splendies and Scentbird for sure. I would love to get word that the Nina Garcia Quarterly Box has shipped, but I am not holding my breathe for that.

~In case you haven’t heard, Birchbox is ending their Upgraded Beta Box option.  That was where you paid an additional $20 and got two full-sized cosmetics.  I am really hoping this means they are going to try something else out, like offering a lifestyle add-on option every month!  I mean, they sort of do with the Birchbox Plus, but I would love to see more of a discount and have it be a surprise.

~Okay, so I am seeing / hearing about this Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter everywhere, so I gotta know, is it really all that?

Pumpkin Body Butter
Pumpkin Body Butter

That’s all from here!  What do you have going on today /  this week? What subscription boxes are you expecting?

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  1. heidi

    Trunk theme ideas what about Star Wars since the new movie is coming out? Or maybe Minions? Someone did a farm theme trunk at our church’s trunk-or-treat and instead of giving out candy they let the kids pick between tiny pumpkins or gourds. My kids were so excited they were happier about that than any candy they got!

  2. vicki

    Don’t know about the TJ Pumpkin Butter, but if they are still around in your TJ (they sold-out in my store,) try the Pumpkin Biscotti. Yum, and a little lower calorie, sugar than other flavors.

  3. Nichelle

    Jen, Trunk or Treat ideas: trains(Thomas The Tank Engine), California Dreaming, Legos, ohh children’s card or board games, candy, costumes, tinker toys from the 50’s 60’s or 70’s or a whole 80’s theme, candy theme from the 70’s 80’s, NFL theme, Goosebumps theme since te movie came out based on the RL Stine’s book(I think I got the name right). Hope this helps.

  4. Lauren

    So I read this while I was on my way out to go to trader Joe so of course I had to pick some up can I say obsessed with the pumpkin body butter. I am bossed!!!! I wish I would have bought more than one because I’m pretty sure my whole family is going to use. Rochester had quite a few FYI at least until I get there ?

  5. Wanica

    Vicks Vapor will get rid of the cough. Two ways, if you put Vicks vapor rub on the soles of his feet with a pair of socks. You just have to wipe their feet off first in the morning to close pores. Or you can get Vicks vapor liquid with cough suppressant for his humidifier. Both of those are 2 old country ways, but they work.

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