So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I want those hours I spent watching the Lions game on MNF back. What a waste of time that team is.
~I miss the crossword puzzles from the newspaper at MSU. It’s been years since I have seen one, but man, those were the best.
~I still can’t decide if Scream Queens is a joke or what?
~I’m tempted to give Baxter another haircut, but I also don’t want him to look stupid, so…..
~Something sort of energy jolt happens between being exhausted downstairs and getting in my bed upstairs every night. Because I’m beat downstairs, but upstairs? I.cannot.sleep.
~The things L learns from his friends at school crack me up. All these rhymes and songs and chants. So funny!  Who thinks of this stuff?
~I want it to get colder.
~I am still shaking my head that someone paid us with a “gold coin” to get into the M2M sale over the weekend.  What?  Who does that?  Basically you gave us a Chuck E Cheese token!  LOL! At least it gave us a few minutes of entertainment!
~I feel like my laundry is never going to get done this week.
~I set my alarm for PM instead of AM yesterday.  Oops.


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  1. Benita

    I used to work at the MSU newspaper in the early 2000s! I swear most people only picked it up for the crossword puzzles, which I always saw people doing during class. Sadly, I doubt they have them anymore since the paper has since been reduced to maybe four to six pages and went from five days a week to three due to reduced funding just like all newspapers.

    1. Jennifer

      That is so sad!! I swear read some of the articles too. Well some. And yes, I did the crosswords in lectures too!!!!

  2. Carol

    Are you sure it wasn’t a dollar coin? When I put a five in a vending machine it spit out my change in gold dollar coins.

    Just a thought

    1. Jennifer

      We googled it just to double-check!

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