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~Good morning!! It’s always rough getting back in the swing of things after a holiday weekend. B is back to work after a week off and has some traveling to do this week and I don’t think either one of the kids is too excited to be back at school! They had a fabulous weekend (well half a weekend) up-north and I am so proud of WB for doing great up there. It was his first trip up there with my parents and L (and not us) and he had a ball. There’s basically no chance of L getting up there again without him. Sorry L!

Up-North Kids
Up-North Kids

~I’m not even sure what all subscription boxes are arriving this week. I think I am getting Julep, GLOSSYBOX (it’s coming early to review), Wantable (Intimates and Fitness) and I think Bookworm Box.

~I will be posting about subscription box Cyber Monday coupon codes and deals throughout the day, but make sure you check the “Cyber Monday” tab above as well.  I was really hoping that POPSUGAR would have a coupon code, but it’s kinda looking like they are just doing the TODAY Show Box and the Stocking Stuffer Bundles this year.

POPSUGAR Stocking Stuffer Bundles!
POPSUGAR Stocking Stuffer Bundles!

~90 Day Fiance did not disappoint last night. I cannot believe that Nikki signed that prenup.  NIKKI!  Get out of there. I think Mark is getting creepier by the week.  Noon looked gorgeous at her wedding and I still think that her and Kyle are adorable.  Devar and Melanie were fairly boring last night, but I thought that Devar and Melanie’s son were super sweet getting ready together.  Loren and Alexei had tons of drama, but I was a bit bored by them too.  Now Fernando and Carolina were interesting.  His mom!  Geez!  Cut the girl a break and stop telling her she’s cleaning like a baby. What does that even mean? Oh and Josh and Aleksandra looked very happy and in love at their wedding.  Next week is the season finale and I am already thinking about how much I will miss that show.

~We haven’t gotten our real tree yet (maybe this week), but I did put a “skinny” tree up in the living room and I have most of my other decorations up.  Also, our Elf on the Shelf (Fred) arrived last night.  Fred stressed me out a bit (he sometimes forgets to move and that never goes over well in the morning), but man do the kids love him.

Skinny Tree
Skinny Tree

That’s all from here!  What do you have going on today /  this week? What subscription boxes are you expecting?

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  1. Wanica McNeil

    I have gone on elfster and it says I am not part of a gift extchange. I have sent a message on the secret Santa face book site and I just don’t see a person that I’m matched with. I don’t care about me, I just don’t want to screw up someone else’s experience. Can you help me find my match?

  2. laura r

    Yay, I just dropped off my secret santa gift at the post office & added tracking info to elfster. 15 down, 6 to go and then I’m all done with Christmas presents! Though I think I might make little treat bags for work.

  3. Cindy

    Yea got my secret Santa gift out to arrive tomorrow and came home from an awful day at work to a secret Santa gift from Georgia on my porch…so excited …so adorable..loved it all..each wrapped individually with a note…and in an adorable box…thank you Kelly!!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Jenny

    So when our Elf (named Elf) forgets to move its because he has such a great place he wants to stay there for another day. 😉 Ours will be coming tonight for the morning so let the fun begin.

  5. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Finale next week makes me so sad! Were you ever able to watch season one yet? It was a good season as well… Sundays episode:

    Loren & Alexei: I realize her friend is in town and wanted to give her an awesome party…but it was the one thing that Alexei asked her not to do… I’m sure she had already told her friend that but she went ahead and planned it there anyway.. not nice.. He gave up his whole life in Israel for her…I do see why he was upset…I think the whole no talking thing though can be more damaging…they are just starting out they need to talk it out.. The silent game gets you nowhere in a relationship…

    Josh & Aleksandra: She looked beautiful and I thought it was very sweet for them to have the ceremony in Russian for her parents. The preview next week says that we found a couple is expecting..from the rumors I’ve seen it’s Josh & Aleksandra already…they just got married in August…! lol

    Devar & Melanie: Didn’t really see much of them this time… loved seeing Devar helping Hunter get dressed.. and again I say that I do hope for Hunter’s sake that it’s genuine. He seems to already have such a great bond with Devar.

    Fernando & Carolina: “you clean like a baby!”… I don’t know what that means either…lol and then slamming her finger in the shower door..”you are trying to kill me!”…lol and what the &%$^ is with Fernando keeping an exes panties?! that’s just weird!! I did feel bad for Carolina, I know that isolation feeling all too well from when I moved to Canada (from Las Vegas) to be with my Canadian husband. In the beginning it’s a very lonely time until you are able to work and get out there and make friends. I like her more than I thought I would..and hope the best for her… I still want to see all these ladies Fernando says he has dated! lol

    Mark & Nikki… Don’t even know what to say! Can’t believe she signed but what else is she gonna do? I do hope that there was something in there that says if it doesn’t work that he will at least pay for her transportation home and some money to go home with… and yes he just gets creepier and creepier…

    Kyle & Noon…. Noon looked beautiful…and again I love that she was able to get married in the Thai temple…and to have the Thai ladies help her get dressed since her family couldn’t be there… I felt so bad for Kyle..first to see that his mom couldn’t even stay sober long enough to see him after 10 years and to meet Noon. I think Noon better understands the situation and knows why Kyle has kept his distance and that he wasn’t purposely hiding her away from his family. Even as bad as the reunion went you could see how hurt he was that his mom didn’t come to the wedding. Good on his aunt & uncle for being there for him. There was no way from the first episode of this season that I would have thought that Kyle & Noon would end up being my favorite couple. I wish them the best…and maybe his mom will watch the show and see how much he loves her and how she has hurt him and seek help..

    1. Jennifer

      No, I haven’t been able to find it yet. I guess I should check Netflix.

      I also cannot believe Noon and Kyle are my favorites. They went from that nasty apartment to being the cutest couple ever. He totally won me over when he set up that skydiving proposal.

      I like Carolina too. Mama Fernando? Not so much. I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult for her to make some friends? She should buddy up with the Columbia neighbors that Mama Fernando hates! Seriously, where were those panties hidden? How long had they been there? I assume they were unwashed? Gross.

      I think it’s them that are pregnant too! That is so quick!

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