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Two questions today…

1. Real Tree or Fake Tree?  I have toyed around with getting a fake tree as my “main” tree many times, but I just haven’t been able to do it. I do put up a fake skinny tree and have a nice fake tree, but there’s just something about going to pick out a real tree and the smell cannot be beat!  For the amount of times my real tree has tipped over you’d think I’d make the switch, but it hasn’t happened yet. LOL!

2. Do you prefer to drive or be driven?  When B and I are in the car together he drives.  And I am totally cool with that.  I like to talk to the kids, play on my phone, play with the radio, etc. Plus,  I think it makes him nervous when I drive, but I mean I’m sometimes nervous when he drives too so whatever.

Okay, I lied, three questions! What should I get my Reddit Secret Santa?? He likes food (like he said he really likes food), PC games (Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout Series, Metal Gear Solid 5, Team Fortress 2), the color orange and he has an “adorable” cat.  I know zilch about basically every single one of these things, so I could use some help!  I’d prefer to do a mixture of items from his “likes” so there is a better chance he’ll like something I pick.  Any ideas???


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  1. Turquoise

    1. We have a fake tree. We have two cats and a four year old. Our tree works for now. The lights are built into the tree. That is really convenient because I hate putting lights on a real tree. I do miss having a real tree.
    2. I like to drive. Driver picks the music and I’m not a fan of most of my husbands music. He drives a little too slow for me.
    3. You should look on for your Reddit Santa gift. They may have some cool gaming things. You can search by game. They also have kitchen items. I got my match The Walking Dead edition Monopoly. Hopefully he likes it.

  2. Cindy

    So many cool food catalogs for the holiday and plated meals or gift baskets withe coolest options..I love to send le tienda

  3. marilyn

    1. I just read an article from an arborist on real vs fake and while a real tree is better ecologically, they brought up a 3rd option I’d never heard of before, a potted tree. You are basically renting a tree. Anyone ever heard of that or used the service?
    2. exact same
    3. old navy/gap has orange men’s socks (i just bought some)

  4. Britney

    1. I have a fake one, my dad and sister are allergic to real ones so that’s what I grew up with. I also like the idea of not spending money year after year. However, I’m hoping to find a 9′-12′ unlit tree on sale after Christmas this year. I have 23′ ceilings, why not? 🙂
    2. My husband almost always drives no matter which vehicle we go in. Yesterday he threw me for a loop and asked me to drive since he had driven all week for Thanksgiving.
    3. I have no idea, that’s so hard!!

    1. Jennifer

      I actually got a 10′ lit tree at Target last year for $53. It was 90% off – regular $534 😉

  5. Caitlin

    1. Fake tree all the way. My husband and son have crazy bad allergies and a tree wouldn’t help. Plus I got a fantastic tree last year on clearance for $40 and I like the idea of not spending every year for a tree (we’re a 1 income family)
    2. My husband drives whenever we go anywhere. I have no sense of direction and that drives him crazy.
    3. Maybe get him some cat treats to go along with the present? My MSA secret Santa has pets and i totally forgot to include goodies for her fur babies ?

  6. Kristin P

    1 – Fake tree. With pets, it is just better for us. They can’t drink all the water and I don’t have to worry about them eating the pine needles.

    2 – I am used to driving more when my husband and I are out. One reason is because I drive a hybrid and the other is that because my husband used to travel for work and he has driven far more miles than anyone should have to.

    3 – Do they have a wishlist link on their match page? My match likes so many things that I went to her Amazon list and ordered from there. I usually personalize it with adding something I made or something but went and ordered her a bunch of stuff she wanted instead.

  7. Diana B

    Food – pick an assortment of your favorite snacks or put together a bundle that goes together like bbq sauce and a rub.

    Videogames – Steam gift card. Or maybe funkos from his favorite games

    Cat – cat toys, catnip

    Orange – wrapping paper, orange kitchen utensil that goes with snack, orange cat toys (garfield?)

  8. WendyinCA

    We argue about who will drive. I love to read, look out at passing scenery, finish my makeup, use my phone. I have the old fashioned notion that, like taking out the garbage, it’s his job! lol… (exchange for years of cleaning toilets & doing laundry?)

  9. Kelsey Ellen

    Real tree. I tried a fake tree before and I guess I didn’t fluff it like I should have.. looked at it and threw the biggest toddler tantrum ever…. sooo never again.

    It depends on what car we take or what we’re doing. If there’s any drinking involved I make N drive… if we’re in my car, I drive. I won’t let him drive my car because he’s a terrible driver.

    get him this! well – as part of it
    it’s cute as heck and my cats love it to pieces.

  10. Ragan

    (1) I don’t put up a tree. I have four cats and a clumsy Rottweiler. Some of whom like to eat foreign objects (especially the dog). A tree wouldn’t last 2 minutes so I don’t even bother.

    (2) I hate driving so we usually take my fiance’s car when we go places (Target, grocery shopping, etc.). We only take my car when we go to the vet and I usually drive then. Unfortunately, that is like half our trips out of the house.

    (3) OK, I am REALLY bad at coming up with gift ideas. But some of the other posters here have come up with some excellent ideas!

  11. Carla

    You could get your Reddit person some of that three jerks filet mingnon beef jerky that was on shark tank and a fallout pop vinyl.

  12. laura r

    My boyfriend’s parents always get a real living native tree for Christmas and plant it in their yard after Christmas. It’s neat to see how big our old trees get. They came to our house last year so we bought a Palo Verde for our tree. It’s in our back yard now, soaking up the sun.

    I used to prefer being driven but now I don’t really care. Though I did drive with my parents recently and think I was better as navigator.

    I second thinkgeek.Com they probably have some neat gifts for his favorite games.

  13. Nicole

    I just got a fake tree for the first time in my entire life. I haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m hoping it works for us. I always spend about $100 or more on a flocked tree and I just don’t want to do it anymore. For whatever reason, no matter where I get our tree or how I redirect the heat, it dies before Christmas and looks sad (unless it’s flocked). We shall see…

    As far as driving, he drives if it’s close, but if it’s longer I usually drive since I get car sick easily.

  14. M

    Anyone want to take a shot at my reddit SS? She is a wife, a crochet fiend, baker, cook. She loves to sing, dance, act. She and her husband are introverts with dreams. Border collie puppy is 9 months old, rambunctious, tuxedo kitten is cute.

    She loves weird kinds of chocolate, coffee, tea. anything with butterflies, soft down comforters writing and drinking tea. Candles journals pens Crocheting.

    Help! I’m lost!

    Loves super rich colors teal dark purple green

    She loves card games likes Star Wars.

    1. WendyinCA

      Hi M, Not sure how much you’re spending. I was just in TJ Maxx this morning & they have a zillion coffee/chocolate/gourmet food and other gifts. I’d maybe put together a basket/box of chocolate, cookies, coffee, journal, pens, a candle, butterfly note-cards and like a chew toy for dog and yarn/string thingy (mine’s called a cat dancer) for the kitten (they have lots of pet toys there too!) If ordering online, I would maybe do a food tower from Harry & I’m pretty crafty but crocheting is not my thing so I’d just work around that! Ok… there’s my 2 cents… good luck!

    2. Carla

      Vosges chocolates are weird and my favorites! Usually I pick them up at World Market, but they have an online store and a few boutiques. They also sell a few types at Target for a cheaper price point in the holiday food section under the label Wild Ophelia.

  15. Megan

    1. Fake tree. We have a dog and 2 young boys in the house and they can’t leave the tree alone. I couldnt stand the constant dropping needles so I bought a prelit fake tree at homedepot this year. I love it!

    2. My husband usually drives but I’ve started driving us more and more. I know my way around better than he does. 🙂

    3. I’m terrible at buying gifts for men but my husband likes to cook and is kind of obsessed with specialty salts. Like pink sea salt and what not.

  16. Sarah

    1. Fake tree. A couple of years ago, my boyfriend decided we should cut down our own tree, and it was a stunted, Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree-looking thing that dripped sap over EVERYTHING. I just can’t deal with sap fallout again.

    2. I used to love to drive, but now I prefer to be driven. I have Eye Problems™ that make driving extra stressful. They’re not so bad that I need to stop driving (yet), but I definitely feel like I need to be extra aware of everything going on around me. It stresses me out after a while.

    3. I would second the suggestion to check out ThinkGeek. They have some really cool gifty stuff for geeks and gamers.

  17. Susan

    1) We have a fake tree. I love the smell of a real tree, but with 3 kids and a dog, it’s pretty much out of the question for us. Plus my parents always had a fake tree when I was growing up, so I guess that’s what I’m used to.
    2) Same as you on this one.
    3) I have no idea. Does he have a wish list or something? sounds like a good place to start.

  18. Jill

    Not sure what your price limit is on the secret santa, but have you thought getting him a one time nerd block/loot crate etc.? Maybe send some manly(lol) snacks, and a cat toy. Good luck!

  19. Leana

    Fake Tree. I have an iTwinkle tree. You should youtube it. It’s pretty awesome. I have an app for it. I grew up with real trees but I’m not into them for a variety of reasons.

    I hate driving so my hubby does all the driving.

    I sent my reddit gift out. Hope she (basically he) likes

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