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Two questions today..

1. What are your plans for the holidays? Are you doing any traveling? Hosting the family at your house? Or just laying low? We have a big Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side of the family and then just do Christmas morning at my house with my parents and brother / SIL. And then the rest of the day is spent lounging around in pjs, watching Christmas movies and letting the kids play with their new loot! We sometimes go check out Christmas lights at night. Up-north Christmas is usually sometime between Christmas and New Year’s. I don’t know if we have a set date on that yet, but we’re pretty informal so no big deal!

2. Who is the hardest person to shop for on your list and what’d you get them this year? The toughest person to shop for on my list is probably my Dad. We all never know what to get him because he usually just ends up buying whatever he wants for himself. We surprised him with a fancy watch for his birthday / Father’s Day, but I think that’s just about the best we’ve ever done! LOL!

I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s answers!


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  1. cindy

    What do u do for food on Christmas day..brunch dinner snack it……would so love to get away from formal sit down

  2. Mieke

    We’re doing Christmas at my moms tonight, which should be fun.

    Then Christmas Eve, we normally do at my aunts, but since a lot of people have to work this year, that’s being postponed.. so now another Aunt is doing Christmas Eve, then we’re going to church with my in-laws.

    Christmas morning we open presents here, then we go next door to my grandparents and we all open presents and have french toast for breakfast.. then we’ll hang out here for a (very little) while before we go to my in-laws for dinner and presents and stuff.

    Honestly, it’s an exhausting couple of days 😛 I always feel bad that the girls don’t get to sit and play with their new stuff, but none of us REALLY mind, because.. ugh, family 😛

  3. Jill

    2) I can’t figure out what to get my 3 year old nephew!! Please anyone have any ideas????

  4. Jennifer

    3 yr old boys usually love trucks (especially dump trucks).

  5. Kelsey Ellen

    Oh man. The holidays are a logistical nightmare in my family.
    N’s mom’s birthday is Christmas Day.. so that always adds a little bit of fun into the mix…

    Christmas eve she’s coming over to Melbourne and I guess we’re going out to dinner for her birthday.. she’s going back home to Orlando after (about 1.5 hours away)… we’re having Christmas morning just N, me, and the cats.. then we’re off to her house for presents and cake… then back to our house that night.. then down to my parents’ on Saturday in Boca (2 hours away) for my family Christmas… then back home on Sunday and work at 730am on Monday morning…

    and N.. for sure. He buys everything he wants. He’ll make an Amazon wishlist and then buy stuff off of it leading up to Christmas.. it’s maddening.

    1. Lia

      People buying themselves presents are the worst! I have a late November birthday and don’t buy ANYTHING for myself from September through Christmas.

  6. Alyssa

    2. Every year the hardest ones to shop for are my dad and brother. This year I got my brother 2 shot glasses from vegas and a tattoo themed coloring book for adults. My dad is getting a subscription to teabox since he got really into brewing his own ice tea this year. But I’m most excited for the golden retriever ornaments I got them both in memory of our dog Finnigan we had to put to sleep in August. Thanks to a GMA deal a few months ago one of the ornaments was pretty much free!

  7. Britney

    2. My mom is awful to buy for, she buys everything she wants!

  8. laura r

    We’re visiting my boyfriend’s parents. Trying to get in some snowshoeing but when we tried yesterday, it was still raining everywhere, even the places with plenty of feet of snow on the ground. There’s talk of the 4 of us going to see Star Wars soon too.

    My parents are by far the hardest to shop for. They don’t need or want anything and don’t really do anything or go anywhere. I finally gave up and just got them gift cards- one each for their favorite restaurant, Home Depot and Famous Footwear because I *think* I remember them saying they were looking for better shoes.

  9. Lia

    1) We go to my dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve and mom’s side on Christmas Day. Both are in the LA area (as are we) so it’s not far but the traffic is a mess! We’re not seeing my inlaws until Dec 30th.

    2) It’s weird because we’re very close but I always have a hard time with my favorite cousin. She kind of has everything she needs. She loves reading but she has read everything. Typical girlie things are not her bag. I usually knit her something (she’s always cold) but didn’t have time this year. I ended up just asking her what she wanted. Actually, I asked what I wanted which is an inside joke that developed when her mom would ask what “I” wanted when we were kids but that was her way of looking for clues to what cousin wanted. Anyway, she mentioned a Huffington Post article about awesome books by Latino authors and she didn’t have most of them, so I just picked three off that. She’s getting those and a framed family picture from our wedding (which is what everyone else is getting).

  10. Mrs. L

    Lots of traveling this holiday. Work half a day Thursday, brave the traffic (hopefully only 3 hours but the weather is supposed to be bad) to get to my Aunts (Christmas with Dad and family) for Christmas Eve, Then Christmas Day drive another 3 hours to husbands parents, then Christmas night drive back to possibly have Christmas dinner with friends (love friends but probably going to flake and collapse into bed).

    Anyone on my husbands side of the family is tough (my side we do this fun Thanksgiving list thing so I always have ideas for them). This year we are getting my MIL a subscription to British Vogue. My husband this year was only easy because there was this movie called Star Wars that was released and (as opposed to when we were younger and the first movie came out) there are a gazillion different objects he doesn’t need but will geek over. Oh and I got him the Walking Dead gingerbread kit. Thank God for Pop Culture this year.

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