Target + POPSUGAR Fit New Year Box Giveaway (Spoiler Alert)!

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Target + POPSUGAR Must Have Box - Full Spoilers!
Target + POPSUGAR Must Have Box – Full Spoilers!

I wanted to make sure my box(es) were actually on the way (*) before I posted this, but it looks like they are so it’s giveaway time! Today I am giving away a POPSUGAR + Target Fit New Year Box!!

The POPSUGAR + Target Fit New Year Box includes:

~Define Bottle Sport Flip Top ($19.99)
~Mission EnduraCool Cooling Microfiber Towel ($14.99)
~Luna Bar Dark Chocolate Hazelnut ($5.79)
~S.W. Basics Organic Lip Balm Flight ($15)
~Skullcandy Method Earbuds ($28.99)
~Pixi by Petra Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth ($10)
~C9 by Champion 3-Pack Headbands ($4.99)
~Simply Balanced Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices ($3.49)
~Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker ($99.99)

This box is sold out (it sold out in just minutes actually), but if you want to win just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here) and make sure to come back everyday to enter.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


(*) I am hearing that some people’s boxes were backordered.

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  1. Annie

    I would like to see how the jawbone compares to the fitbit

    1. Rose D.

      The cooling towel! I have wanted one of those for ages!!

    2. Mary Beth

      I have had both a Jawbone and a Fitbit and I think the Jawbone is a much better product. The bracelet is better looking (doesn’t scream “FITNESS BAND”) the bracelet stays on your wrist better. The app if far superior to fitbit, like a hands down, no doubt winner on the app. The app has reminders and coaching. The Jawbone has an option to buzz you if you are inactive for a certain period of time. The sleep tracker is much much more accurate than the fitbit. The one time I had an issue with the vibration not working customer service was great about it. (And you can reach them by phone!)

      I miss my Jawbone. Had it for 2 years before it quit on me and then decided to give Fitbit Charge a try. The one thing better about the Fitbit is that it has a clock and can display your steps on the band. That is actually a huge pro in my opinion. Also, I’m not much of a social networking type, but there are many more group challenges and such for Fitbit.

  2. Ake

    I have a Fitbit… but I still want the Jawbone!

  3. Sara

    That jawbone looks great – and I love the sleep tracking feature!

  4. Kirsten

    The cooling towel looks awesome! I might just buy one if I don’t win 😉

  5. Ivy

    The Define bottle looks so cool!

  6. Michelle Tichenor

    I like the jawbone.

  7. Kellie

    Man! I wanted this box so bad! I was legit in labor the day it went on sale and STILL tried to buy it and got distracted (lol) and missed it. I so want the fitness tracker, AND the lip balms. You can never have enough lip balms!

  8. Julia S

    I’ve always wanted a jawbone

  9. lisad

    I so need to win this box, thanks for the chance!

  10. Kaye

    Would love to try out the jawbone.

  11. Wanica McNeil


  12. Renee

    You are always so generous with the giveaways! Thank you!!! I really like the entire box, but I would like to see how the jawbone compares to my current Fitbit.

  13. Katie Sparks

    The fitness tracker is my favorite. I would love to try it out!

  14. Sara G

    My favorite item in the box is the Jawbone.

  15. Sarah

    I need a new Jawbone!

  16. terri s

    The jawbone and towel; really want this whole box! thanks.

  17. Kristine

    The Jawbone tracker looks so much cuter than my fitbit

  18. Kerri S

    The Jawbone UP2 looks classy for a fitness tracker ?

  19. Tabitha

    The jawbone does look really classy. Probably lame but I’m excited about the lip balm.

  20. melanie purcell

    I want those chapsticks! i love everything by SW basics!!

  21. Shawn Proksch

    The Jawbone is my favorite item, but I would love the lip balm “flight”, too. Great box!

  22. Cristina

    My favorite item is the fitness tracker. I could really use that right about now 🙂

  23. Gwen

    The jawbone!!

  24. Jennifer Mertell Padgett

    Everything would be so useful but I would really get alot out of the fitness tracker.

  25. Yolanda

    My favorite item is the Jawbone but everything else looks great! ?

  26. Mieke

    I think the Jawbone.. I’m the only person in the US to not own one, I think!

  27. emiie

    the jawbone!!!

  28. Lorna

    The Jawbone fitness tracker and the Define Sport bottle!

  29. melissa

    The jawbone!

  30. LM

    I love SW Basics lip balm so much but am most excited for the Jawbone!

  31. Amy G

    I had a Jawbone and just recently switched to the Fitbit Charge HR but my college age daughter would love the Jawbone. *I’m* really loving that define bottle since my daughter stole my citrus infuser bottle that we got in a Popsugar box last year lol.

  32. Emily

    Oooh – I’d love to compare the Jawbone with my Fitbit.

  33. Heather

    The whole box is awesome, but favorite item would have to be the jawbone2 fitness tracker. 🙂

  34. Amber

    I LOVE everything about this box!

  35. Jori

    I would love the Jawbone!!!!

  36. Rachael Canfield

    My favorite product is actually the cooking towel.

  37. Liz

    omg! so excited to get this, off to stalk tracking info!!!!

  38. Amber

    The cooling towel! I am prone to getting very hot, red, and sweaty when I work out so that towel would be perfect for me!

  39. Amy Z.

    I like the Skullcandy earbuds!

  40. Janet

    Is it strange that I’m really interested in the lip balm? The whole box looks pretty great.

  41. Cindy

    Jawbone defiantly!

  42. Nicole Gawel

    This looks like such a great special edition box.

  43. Lanie

    Fitness tracker. I don’t have a fit bit, I no longer live in NYC and walk a whole lot less. I need motivation to move!

  44. Debbie S.

    The Jawbone because I’ve been eating Andes chocolate mints like its my last day on earth 🙂

  45. Swati

    I love the jawbone tracker. I would love to try the cooling towel as well!

  46. Bree

    Cooling towel! I plan on wearing my baby in a carrier a lot in the summer, gardening and other outside adventures, and I’ve been reading those cooling towels are great to keep babies from overheating in carriers.

  47. Jen K

    I like the Jawbone.

  48. Linda

    Super excited about the Jawbone!

  49. m.

    Ooh ooh ooh! I’m excited about that jawbone thing! I’ve never tried a tracker, although I am an avid fitness geek. TBH, all of the (actually successful) trainers I know and work with have always advised against them for various reasons. But I’ve always been curious about them, so what a cool way to see what it’s all about!

  50. Mary Rang

    The Jawbone, and that water bottle. I’ve been wanting one of the ones with an infuser for a long time!

  51. Colleen Boudreau

    The Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker!

  52. Nicole

    The jawbone fitness tracker

  53. mbh

    oh a Jawbone would be incredible!

  54. Kelly

    I like the whole box!

  55. Sarah

    I really love all the items. Unfortunately i was not able to get this box, so i am happy i have a chance to win it. Crossing my fingers!

  56. CJC

    The jawbone! My fitbit died and I hate to buy another one, but I miss it.

  57. Erin

    I am so excited about the jawbone tracker!

  58. Cloud

    Thank you for having wonderful giveaways!

  59. Tessa

    Ahhh, the Jawbone looks so sleek! Almost like a bracelet. I am dying to try one!

  60. Jenny

    I’d love the waterbottle. I want to get and try one like this so maybe I’ll drink more water.

  61. Pilar

    Jawbone UP2

  62. Lauren

    The cooling towel!

  63. Amanda

    The jawbone!

  64. Madelyn

    Honestly, probably the cool water bottle!

  65. Steven weber

    this is my favorite item in the box: Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker

  66. Robin Hancock

    I like the cup

  67. JT

    Definitely the Jawbone. I broke my Fitbit 🙁

  68. Laurie

    The cooling towel would be great for workouts, and I could really use a new water bottle!

  69. Angela

    I especially like the fitness tracker and the sport bottle.

  70. Toni

    The up band!

  71. Kristin F

    The Jawbone, though that water bottle intrigues me?

  72. Robyn

    The whole box looks great!

  73. Kristen

    I love the Jawbone!

  74. Nicole

    That jawbone!! I was going to buy this box but i hesitated because of other boxes, but it’s totally worth that 75 bucks.

  75. galatea

    The fitbit

  76. Ashlee

    I would love that jawbone! Ahh! So excited about this. Thank you!!

  77. Beth W.

    The Jawbone would definitely motivate me to be more active. Hope I win it!!

  78. Rebecca Carr

    The Jawbone UP2 for sure! I miss this box, because I didn’t check my email in time! However, I’ve been needing a new fitness tracker. This one would do the trick! Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway!

  79. Hayley

    Definitely the Jawbone!

  80. Julie

    My favorite is the Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker. What an awesome thing to include!

  81. anna

    I love the look of the jawbone fitness band. This is a great box–I would use everything!

  82. Elizabeth Williams

    I am most excited about the Jawbone tracker. Fighting to stick to my weight loss goals this year ?

  83. lana

    I like the ear cubs

  84. Breanne McCarthy

    The Jawbone UP2…I’ve never had a fitness tracker before!

  85. Robin

    Stalked my phone all morning but ended up missing out on the box. I would have loved to try the Jawbone.

  86. Jennifer

    I would love the fitness tracker. Getting healthy this year is my biggest goal. I have so many allergies though that it has proven harder than I thought.

  87. Crystal

    The jawbone for sure! I actually love everything in this box!!!

  88. Judy L

    My favorite item is the Jawbone fitness tracker!

  89. April

    The jawbone!

  90. kelsey ellen

    i’m actually pretty excited about the headphones – I keep losing them.

  91. Mary W

    I didnt even know about this until it was sold out! I would love the jawbone, but the whole box is great!

  92. Debra Brownstein

    The Jawbone Fitness Tracker!

  93. Jenn S

    the Jawbone from Up!!!!

  94. Crystal Dizmang

    I would love this. I’ve always wanted an activity tracker and my daughter needs some new headbands for basketball.

  95. Diane F

    The jawbone fitness tracker and the cooling towel!

  96. Lori

    The fliptop sports bottle is my favorite item in this box.

  97. Karen

    Definitely the jawbone!

  98. Jill

    The Jawbone!

  99. Laura Royal

    I love the Luna bars….so yummy.

  100. Jill

    Love all of it!! Excited about the jawbone. 🙂

  101. Elle

    The Jawbone Up2 tracker.

  102. Liz R.

    Love the Jawbone!

  103. Bonny McDevitt

    I really love the Define Bottle Sport Flip Top! I would use it always!

  104. soon perez

    the fitness tracker for sure

  105. sarah b

    I love that jawbone fitness tracker!

  106. Gina G

    I’m most excited about the Jawbone! Really good box overall – definitely glad I bought one based on the spoilers. Still waiting for mine, but at least I know mine wasn’t backordered – I got tracking info.

  107. Nicole Midgley

    The jawbone fitness tracker!! ??

  108. Erin

    Boy, I’d love that Jawbone fitness tracker. I don’t own anything like that yet, and am sure that it would up my fitness game enormously! 😉 Those strawberries sound excellent as well!! Great giveaway!

  109. Turquoise

    The Jawbone, and the water bottle are my favorite things in this box. I love water bottles for some reason. I would love to compare jawbone to Fitbit.

  110. Brittany

    The jawbone!

  111. Cass

    My favorite item is the jawbone, but I’m also a sucker for freeze dried strawberries!

  112. gary

    I like the water bottle

  113. miranda

    i am interested in the Jawbone. I have a fitbit, but it’s always fun to try something new

  114. Natalie R

    I actually really like the towel the best. I think it’s so cool!

  115. Judy

    The fitness tracker!

  116. Kelly s

    The jawbone and the water bottle.

  117. Lori

    Probably the fitness tracker!

  118. Lori

    Fitness tracker

  119. Steph

    The Jawbone!!!

  120. Melissa S

    The jawbone fitness tracker is my favorite thing in this box. All of the items are great though, I could use every single item.

  121. Cera

    I love everything in this box !

  122. AngelaR

    Thank you for doing the giveaway. The earbuds

  123. Caroline

    The jawbone for sure!!

  124. Hilary A.

    I lost my fitbit, so I would love to get a new fitness tracker!

  125. Lauren

    I love he jawbone. I have a Fb but want this soooooo darn badly!!

  126. Candice

    Between the Luna bars and sw flight both would make me smile. But I would love the jawbone to give to my mom for her birthday in a few weeks!

  127. Caroline mei

    I know The Jawbone is a wonderful item and I will use it, but I like the lip balms most.

  128. Kam


  129. mbh

    surely the jawbone! but also the luna bars and SW basics lip balm 🙂

  130. Emily

    I’d love to try the jawbone. I’m convinced I’m not sleeping restfully.

  131. Sarah Nutter

    The jawbone! And the lip balm :). Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!!!

  132. Nikki

    The Jawbone Up! I’m interested in comparing it to the fitbit.

  133. Lauren

    My favorite item is the jawbone. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the jawbone and I need something to motivate me to move more!

  134. Alice H

    The jawbone.

  135. Sher

    I think the Jawbone looks pretty impressive.

  136. Katherine

    The Jawbone!

  137. Jenn Dockins

    I was too afraid to buy this since I just received a FitGear for Christmas and didn’t want two trackers, but now I really want the box! I can always use better ear buds and I like that towel. Plus I love S.W. Basics!

  138. Kara

    Definitely the Jawbone tracker!

  139. Kim Miller

    I have a older jawbone, wonder how the newer one compares?

  140. Kristin

    I really want to try the socks and cooling towel. I’m a sucker for a good water bottle too!

  141. Kali

    What an awesome box! Sad I missed it- thank you for this giveaway :)!

  142. Marie

    I love the cooling towel and am interested to try out the jawbone. It looks really pretty.

  143. Alejandra Becerra

    My favorite item in this box has to be the water bottle. Been wanting an infused type water bottle lately!

  144. Rebecca

    Jawbone for sure!

  145. Melissa Huth

    Absolutely the Jawbone!!

  146. Ellie C.

    The skull candy ear buds!

  147. Tammy Davis

    I LOVE those strawberries. I keep them in the car for an on the go snack. My favorite item would be the lip balms. The flavors intrigue me esp the cinnamon.

  148. Emily H

    I would love to try out the Define bottle! I’m a huge fan of making my own infused water.

  149. Tina W


  150. Nich

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, I would love to try the design bottle sport flip top, lip balm and facial wipes, great items for this box. The bottle sport flip top would be great addition to my resolution to drink more water.

  151. Steisy

    The earbuds!

  152. Erica

    I’m really excited about that cooling towel! I would love it for hot yoga!

  153. Iris

    The earphones! 😀 I can never have too many.

  154. Linda

    I’d be thrilled to get that Jawbone UP!

  155. Lulubelle

    The Jawbone fitness tracker! I can’t find the charger for my fitbit….

  156. Stephanie

    The jawbone looks awesome!! I love the sleekness (is that a word?) and how it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker. Thank you so much for this opportunity!! I have been eagerly waiting to see what is in this box and it looks awesome!

  157. Shiree Shaffer

    I personally like the lip balm the best although the jawbone is definitely a close second.

  158. Miriam

    I love the workout towel!!!!

  159. Maritza

    My favorite item is the waterbottle.

  160. Megan

    Love this whole box! Especially the fitness tracker!!

  161. jordan alice

    melting cleansing cloths!

  162. Enrica H

    The Jawbone and the headphones…oh and the towel.

  163. Lynda

    The Jawbone!

  164. Christine Fortes

    Oh I really hope I win this box. I want that jawbone so bad!

  165. Emily lane

    I would love the Chapstick the water bottle the earbuds the towel and jawbone

  166. Amanda G

    I would love to try the Jawbone!

  167. Christine Fortes

    Really crossing my fingers on this one! I’ve been wanting to get fit (doctors orders) and need this in my life

  168. Tara

    So I have an Apple Watch that I love but I would like to try the jawbone the sleeping app is intriguing

  169. faith

    The fitness tracker and now I want the Luna bars, just noticed they have hazelnut in them. I’ll be going to Target in a bit.

  170. Amber

    Was a winner ever drawn for this?? Usually the Rafflecopter displays the winner after they are chosen.

    1. Jennifer

      It was. I am sorry, I didn’t update it until you mentioned it! Believe it or not the first winner I drew never responded! I e-mailed and e-mailed and never got a response so I had to repick!

      1. Amber

        They missed out!

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