Allure Beauty Box Red Carpet Beauty Box Reveal

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Allure Beauty Box Red Carpet Beauty Box Reveal
Yesterday I posted about the free box Allure Beauty Box is sending to subscribers this month and today we are getting a peek at it!  The Allure Limited Collection of Red Carpet Must-Haves includes:

~Covergirl Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Lip Balm
~Covergirl LashBlast Plumpify Mascara
~Covergirl TruBlend Primer
~SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
~SKI-II Facial Treatment Mask (I think that is what the silver packet is)
~Wella Oil Reflections Anti-Oxidant Smoothing Oil

There may be more hiding in there that I can’t see. The box has a value of $88 which is AMAZING!!!  I can’t wait to get this! It looks like they are giving away 10 boxes as well.  To enter to win post your favorite red carpet look on Instagram with #GetThatGlam #AllureSweepstakes or head here!
ETA: It’s not clear if subscribers will receive all of the contents in the box or just a handful. I’ll update when I learn more. From the sounds of @jennarosenstein’s Instagram (she’s the Senior Beauty Editor at Allure) subscribers who received the e-mail about the Red Carpet gift will be receiving this FULLL box full of goodies!  You can check out her unboxing video here.
Note: I am hearing some people didn’t get the e-mail about this free box and also didn’t get the freebies that Allure sent last month.  It appears that it has to do with who you are being billed by.  If you are being billed by BeautyBar (who used to handle the Sample Society Box which has since turned into the Allure Beauty Box) it sounds like you aren’t getting these freebies (I have no idea why). If you are being billed by Allure Beauty Box, you are getting them.  Let me know if this is the case for you!  If you are signed up under BeautyBar still it might not hurt to cancel and resubscribe through Allure??

What is Allure Beauty Box?
The Allure Beauty Box ($15/month) includes five or more deluxe sized beauty products every month. Boxes are curated by the editors of Allure magazine and also include a special-edition “mini magazine” chock full of the most trusted product reviews you’ve come to expect from Allure.

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  1. Heather

    I’m so blown away that they are sending these boxes.
    I did get the email, but dismissed it. Now Im so excited to get this.

  2. Jayne

    So, I didn’t get the freebie from the last email and let it go. If this one doesn’t show up I’m definitely calling…I WANT this box…LOL

    1. Jennifer

      Did you get the e-mail for this one? Are you still being billed through BeautyBar?

      1. Jayne

        I did get the email for this one. I am billed through Allure (hadn’t been with Beauty Bar in eons, so when I subbed again it was Allure).

  3. Em

    I did not get the freebies from last month and did not get this email either. And Yes, I am still being billed by BeautyBar

  4. Britney

    I’m wondering, if I resubscribe today will I get this or would I have to have been subscribed already? Decision, decisions!

    1. Jennifer

      I *think* you would need to already be subscribed.

  5. Michelle

    I just had a chat online with the Allure Beauty Box people. My subscription was through Beauty Bar. I didn’t get last month’s freebies, and I didn’t get the email for this month. I’m so bummed – especially since I’ve been subscribed forever! I just resubscribed through Allure, and I’m in the process of cancelling my subscription through Beauty Bar. The girl at Allure basically told me that I’m sh*t out of luck. She was not very helpful at all. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      That sucks! My credit expired expired right around the time of the switchover and my BeautyBar account got canceled so I had to resubscribe through Allure. You wouldn’t think it would make a difference though? I actually thought they had switched people over, but I guess not???

  6. Gina

    Some on My Subscription Addiction are saying that people will get one or two special items but not the entire box. You can sign up to win the box with everything.

  7. Ananya

    HI Jennifer,

    Did you received any of them….I receive the emails…but nothing in actual. They said email was send to me in error…

    1. Jennifer

      I received the freebies they sent out last month but this box hasn’t arrived yet. I just got the e-mail yesterday though. Where did you hear it was an error?

      1. Ananya

        I chatted with a representative and she said it was send to me by error…was not meant for me…

        1. Jennifer

          I’m confused. Which e-mail wasn’t meant for you? Do you subscribe through BeautyBar or Allure?

  8. Ananya

    Yes I am a subscriber before the beautybar allure split….
    Last month I received email that a gift is coming…the new year extra sample gift they send in jan. but nothing actually came. So I mailed them that I received email but no gift….I was assured that they have send it again…but still nothing.

    Couple of days back I again received email that red carpet box is coming…It looked like again nothing will actually come to me.
    So I had a chat today…nd the representative told that I m receiving these extra gift box mails out of error…and those gifts were not actually meant to be send to me.

    I am not sure why she answered like this…how do I know it was some error or not….I have no words to describe all this.

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